Saanvi Patel
Saanvi Patel 5 April 2022

How to Organize a Virtual Social Event for Your Business

There are numerous ways, tips, tricks, and processes to conduct a virtual event. But what you want is a perfect solution to achieve success in the end. So, without wasting any of your time, here is a complete overview of the brands that can be helpful to host a successful virtual social event for your business in 2022.

9 Steps that can be helpful in hosting a virtual event for your business are as follows:

1. Keep Yourself Organized with a Perfect Schedule for Your Virtual Event

As per the virtual event platform experts, a to-do list and timetable are the two aspects that can make any work easy. So, you can try organizing things with a perfect schedule as well. Additionally, it can help you know the less crucial, important, and urgent things required to do for the virtual event. 

Moreover, you have to create a list of all the tasks needed to do for the event and organize them as per the pending event days. Manage every work in the sense your schedule does not become hectic or something that can be too much to handle in a day. Hence, divide your work with others if you think it is too much.

2. Choose the Right Virtual Event Platform

The most important thing required for a successful virtual social event is the virtual event platform. You have to be specific and clear in your reminder of what kind of features and elements you want for your virtual social event. Moreover, you can use the following features to pick the best virtual event platforms for your social event. 

  • Browser-based solutions
  • Custom environment
  • Dynamic banners functionality
  • DIY booth button icons and names
  • Standard microsite
  • Easy navigation
  • Gamification
  • Leaderboard
  • Networking tables
  • AR photobooth
  • Pop up and notifications
  • Document downloader
  • Seamless networking tools
  • AI matchmaking tool
  • Business card exchange
  • B2B meeting scheduler
  • Engagement in audio via emoticons
  • Whatsapp and Zoom meeting integration
  • Access control and management
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Digital footprinting and data analysis

3. Pick a Perfect Virtual Event Date and Time

The next thing that you have to decide on is the virtual event date and time. As per the hybrid event platform experts, you should consider and finalize the date and time as per the availability of the audience and other stakeholder members. 

So, you should keep in mind the day that you can connect with the attendees easily and the time they can give you to attend your event. Hence, it can be hard to manage the time based on everyone’s convenience. So, you can go for majority votes. 

4. Finalize the Preparations of the Virtual Event

You have to plan and prepare everything, starting from the topics necessary to include to ending with the last see-off message. As per the virtual event platform, you can create a checklist at the start of your event planning, controlling, and including all the aspects that everyone suggested for the virtual event so that you will not forget any. 

Moreover, you can choose the best supervisors for your team and divide the work among them. Managing an event completely alone can be stressful and hard to make it a success. So, you need some potential teammates who can play a good role and help you conduct a successful virtual social event. 

5. Create a Digital Invitation Including all the Necessary Information

The next step is to create an invitation. Every brand has some loyal customers who always come and attend every event. So, you can use the mail ids shared by these audiences and send them graphically outstanding digital invitations. Work on the images, gifs, videos, and other infographics you can send to the audience. 

Also, you can share these invitations on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and various other platforms. You can get great engagement and registrations with these channels that can be helpful to reach and connect with countless people globally. Moreover, you can use the best graphics, create infographics, and write creative content.

6. Be Prepared with Icebreakers to Welcome and Greet Your Guests

As per the virtual event platform experts, icebreakers are very important during welcoming guests. You have to use and implement the best ideas to create a virtual event icebreaker. Here are some ideas for you.

  • Ask questions about trips around the world
  • Ask people to give them a short 'work from home' tour
  • Incorporate some virtual event backgrounds
  • Ask questions around time traveling
  • Ask about the weird sports in the audience’s country
  • Question: What is the most exciting wish in the audience’s bucket list?
  • Ask about the pets and show them on camera
  • Ask what advice will they give to 13-year-old self
  • Host a gift bag reveal session at the starting

7. Offer a Meal or Snacks to be Delivered at Their Respective Places

As per the virtual event platform experts, meals and snacks are the main power of an event. So, you can try to add some snacks to your arrangement. Send the audience amazing and creative snacks and make them a little. Moreover, this can be helpful to promote your brand and brand awareness. Print your brand name on the snack boxes and deliver it to the users’ location. 

8. Add Some Exciting and Fun Activities to Your Virtual Social Event

The experts at the best virtual event platform suggest that adding fun activities to your virtual social event can be beneficial to increase engagement. So, you should add some live performances, comedy shows, singing concerts, dance performances, and various other activities. 

Moreover, you can start some contests at your virtual event platform. Ask the attendees to show their hidden talents or some useless talents. However, It can be anything like dancing, singing, touching your nose with your tongue, or any other magic trick. Such activities can add some fun elements to your virtual event. 

9. End the Party with Follow-ups and Appreciations

You can always take feedback from the attendees. So, be ready with a follow-up pop-up and emails. Also, you can add a social wall with the best virtual event platform on which all the users can write something appreciating your brand or event. 

So, these are the various steps that can be helpful to host a successful virtual event platform for global attendees. Hope, you will find this article beneficial for your next social event. 


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