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Paula Williams 18 March 2022

Best eSignature Software Solutions of 2022

eSignature solutions offer better user-experience because the users are not averse to technology and find it hard to refuse a digital signature that facilitates doing business online.

eSignature is an electronic means that an individual uses to show that he or she is in agreement with the terms and conditions of what the document stipulates. You can use eSignature solutions to verify the identity of the message creator. Therefore, in such a scenario the digital signatures pass as stamped seals and handwritten signatures.

How to Choose the Best eSignature Software

The use of electronic signature software is the same as confirming a given option and used to sign documents online to show trust in the other party or critical information. If you like speedy workflows shop for an enterprise solution that gives more templates to use for every different occasion.

The following features should give a quick guide on what eSignature solutions should have.


All information passing between two people over a network should have all the protection possible. All the approvals must bear the approval of all privileges and protection policies


In as much as there is a lot of sharing, every person who accesses documents bearing electronic signatures should do so within their access rights.


All eSignature solutions must be compliant with industry policies, laws, and regulations.

Audit Trail

To make sure that the decision to sign documents online is enforceable, the audit trail function is vital.


Most eSignature solutions work with many documents at a time therefore, a digital signature solution should perform this task without slowing down the overall workflow.

eSignature Software Solutions of 2022

1. Adobe Sign

Adobe sign can integrate with most office applications, which adds to their simplicity wide acceptance in a typical office environment. With Adobe signing features, you get added features and functionality available to both the web and mobile users. An authentication feature enables the applicants of those documents to clear some basic compliance to avoid signing wrong documents.

Science and pharmaceuticals firms are some of the firms that Adobe Sign integrates with.

The only downside is that it may turn out to be an expensive investment if not in use.

A monthly plan that features a team of nine users and one for a single user to sign documents online is available. The free eSignature solution is available for 14 days trial.

2. eSignly

If you want the best of performance and security, then eSignly is the best eSignature solution for you. Signing, sending, and managing documents with eSignly is only a matter of a few seconds, which makes the tool truly user-friendly.

eSignly maintains a comprehensive audit trail for all activities so that it’s easy to understand what happened and when. This eSignature tool is perfect for businesses across all industry domains, like healthcare, finance, insurance, real estate, and others.

Additionally, the responsive customer support team of eSignly is always available to help out the users, which means users will always find the support they need.

3. KeepSolid Sign

The good thing about this software is its ability to sign documents online and offline. Supports different platforms and offers free services for signers. The solution offers encryption and security features on any device.

Its usability features include collaboration and annotation tools that work with document tracking. KeepSolid Sign integrates with cloud services such as Google Drive, Box, iCloud, and Dropbox. If you sign documents online using KeepSolid Sign, the documents are under the protection of AES-256 encryption.

Use the 14-day free trial to install your free eSignature before you think of trying the personal, enterprise, or team subscription services.

4. SignEasy

SignEasy proves to be popular in the eSignature solutions industry. You can track progress, sign from anywhere in the world and re-use templates. You can sign documents online from a mobile or web interface.

SignEasy has easy to use features that allow annotations to indicate where the appropriate box for the signature. SignEasy allows for the use of templates on documents that are similar and need the same signature.

Before you buy this for signing documents online, use the free eSignature trial for 14-days. SignEasy is available in packages of small business plans and a full premium plan for a maximum of three users.

5. OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign is desirable for both large and small organizations. The new and upcoming entrepreneurs tend to use it as a starting point. Large companies like BMW, US Army, IBM, etc. use OneSpan Sign to sign documents online.

The user interface is optimized to make it easy to use across all devices and users. Installation is possible on-site or in the cloud with the protection of the documents and organization at its heart.

You can use OneSpan Sign on a monthly billing cycle or try its free eSignature for 30-days.

6. Secured Signing

The best way to handle many documents coming in is to use Secured Signing for digital signatures. It is easy to use and supports common integrations. Both the signer and the signer can use video confirmation for verification when signing the documents.

Easy to access from the cloud location and provides a cost-effective solution for businesses that want to sign documents online. Through the video link, you can negotiate with the other person or invite others to come in and witness the signing before it happens.

The use and support of PDF files alongside giving more spaces for signature fields to accommodate witnesses’ means using Secured Signing maintains a steady workflow. Customization comes in handy when it comes to adding new users for signing.

The team edition has a monthly billing cycle. The more people you get to form a team the cheaper it becomes.

7. DocuSign

DocuSign keeps your business safe and documents secure because of the trust in its encryption method. The company behind DocuSign is a dedicated firm that offers eSignature solutions globally.

The signature solution makes it easy to sign documents online thanks to its numerous integrations with Google, Apple, SalesForce, and Windows. Security of documents is emphasized judging by the encryption technologies and the use of industry best standards and policies.

The pricing model supports single users paying a monthly fee and a standard model for multiple users also paying monthly. If you wish, try the free eSignature available for 30-days in trial edition.


eSignature solutions offer better user-experience because the users are not averse to technology and find it hard to refuse a digital signature that facilitates doing business online. e signature solutions eliminate the need to download, install, scan, and print the document before sending it back.

There is no need to worry about the security of the documents because of the digital evidence with an audit trail is enough evidence to prove authenticity. Most eSignature solutions keep track of who is handling a particular document at a given time.

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