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David Jhon 25 March 2022
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5 Working LinkedIn Automation Tools You Should Use Now to Generate Hot Leads

With more than 810 million like-minded experts under the same roof, LinkedIn is the largest social network for professionals. That’s why for organizations, it is the perfect platform to achieve business goals.

To get exceptional results, it's necessary to maintain your business presence 24/7. Whether it is growing a network, posting, content, or even striking conversations by sending messages, these all engage users.

But being online around the clock is not possible. In such a situation, LinkedIn automation tools come to help. With automation on LinkedIn, businesses can automate the process, without missing any chance of potential customer interaction. Organizations can achieve LinkedIn lead generation by the strategic implementation of these automation tools.

What LinkedIn Automation Tools Do

The automation tools for LinkedIn are designed to mimic the behavior of a human. They not only save time for businesses, but also provide benefits such as:

  • Help in running successful personalized campaigns.
  • Collects useful data that can be used to create better and more meaningful business campaigns.
  • Can easily integrate with other tools to benefit in creating effective omnichannel marketing opportunities.

Is LinkedIn Automated Messaging Possible?

With LinkedIn automation tools, automated messages are also possible. However, doing it right is important. The core goal of messaging is to start a meaningful conversation that can lead to a lead generation opportunity.

With LinkedIn automated messaging, businesses can effortlessly connect with thousands of prospective leads. However, it's necessary to send these messages at an interval to mimic human behavior. Bulk messaging can be easily detected by LinkedIn, which will suspend your account. Therefore, automation can save you and humanely send messages.

Top 5 LinkedIn Automation Tools for Generating Hot Leads

There are many LinkedIn automation tools available on the market. But not every tool is good and offers balance. Whereas, some tools can be detected by LinkedIn easily. So, here are the top 5 automation tools that can work great on LinkedIn.

1. Expandi

Expandi is a safe cloud based LinkedIn automation tool. It can be combined with a CRM tool as well, helping businesses connect with potential leads. To ensure human behavior, Expandi mimics the random delay strategy between every activity. With its advance personalization feature, businesses can outreach potential consumers by building trust.

Star features:

  • Can create multiple outreach campaigns under one account.
  • Comes with an auto warmup feature that smartly increases daily limits.
  • Provides personalized GIFs and images for better engagement.
  • Has a dedicated country IP address, helping in increasing profile views and visibility.
  • Easily integrated with other marketing tools, enhancing overall results.


  • Shares the server with different low-ranked websites.
  • A bit pricey for some businesses.


$99 per month with 7 days of free trial

2. Phantombuster

One of the oldest LinkedIn automation tools that can automate almost every social media platform. It has a data scraping feature, that can provide valuable data, beneficial when running a campaign. With Hyperise integration, Phantombuster can provide better results and personalized solutions.

Star features:

  • Scrapes LinkedIn to extract meaningful data.
  • Easy to integrate with multiple tools.
  • Has a free forever plan.
  • Can auto endorse skills of your connections.


  • Working with APIs is challenging and not everyone can do it.
  • Technical support from the platform is mediocre.


Phantombuster has 5 pricing models, where the range starts from $0 per month to $900 a month.

3. TexAu

Being a growth automation platform, TexAu allows businesses to grow their presence amazingly on LinkedIn. It has a no-code extraction facility with an automated messaging feature. The data scraping feature provides valuable insights, helping businesses better connect with potential leads.

Star features:

  • Has in-built email verifier and finder.
  • Easy to use for businesses with knowledge of automation.
  • Can connect with multiple platforms, creating omnichannel campaigns.
  • Comes in both, desktop application as well as cloud based LinkedIn automation tool.


  • Adding proxy is required which can be difficult for non-technical users.
  • Doesn’t support a dedicated IP address which can make LinkedIn suspicious of automation.
  • The desktop version can be detected by the LinkedIn algorithm.


For the cloud solution, the price ranges from $29 a month to $199 per month. However, the desktop solution ranges from $10 a month to $99 per month.

4. Dux-Soup

One of the most popular LinkedIn automation tools comes as a chrome extension. Due to its super easy interface, anyone can use it without a problem. Even new marketers on LinkedIn can automate the process conveniently. It has a LinkedIn drip campaign system that stops working as soon as a prospect responds.

Star features:

  • Exceptional customer support.
  • Multiple integrations make it an omnichannel platform for campaigns.
  • Easy to manage the prospects and send new connection requests.
  • Automatically endorse connections skills.


  • Do work 24/7 and run only when the marketer is online.
  • A chrome extension that may get detected by LinkedIn.


Comes with three pricing models where there is a free version, $11.25 a month for professionals and $41.25 per month for turbo.

5. LinkedCamp

LinkedCamp is a cloud based LinkedIn automation tool that offers random delay between the actions to mimic human actions. With its multichannel campaign feature, businesses can ensure personalization without a problem. With third-party integrations, LinkedCamp offers higher chances of generating a steady stream of revenue.

Star features:

  • Dedicated IP address eliminating the need for a proxy.
  • The smart limit option offers businesses to manage their weekly limit smartly.
  • Auto warmup feature that gradually increases the daily limit, mimicking human behavior.
  • Provides personalized messaging service for better engaging opportunities.


$69 per month with 14 days of a free trial.


With LinkedIn automation tools, businesses can easily supercharge their presence on LinkedIn. These tools help in leveraging the full potential of the platform, allowing businesses to grow and expand.

Since LinkedIn is a tricky place and it restricts automation, therefore, choosing the right third-party automation tool needs smart work. Pick the right one before your automation leads to the suspension of your LinkedIn business account.

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