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Interactive Content Strategy - A Guide to Engaging Your Customers

Digital marketing has completely changed the landscape of product and service promotions. What once was a time of billboards, bulletins, and newspaper ads is now replaced by online ads, banner ads, social media campaigns, and SEO optimization.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get high rankings through promotional efforts as potential customers are bombarded with all types of ads daily. So you might wonder, how does one stand out among a virtual sea of competitors?

The answer is: with interactive content, of course!

It is one thing to make a static ad and post it across all platforms, but it is another thing to make unique promotions that customers can not only see, but interact with as well.

The more interactions customers have with your content, the more likely they are to retain your message. In this article, we will discuss a few techniques you can use to engage your customers better with interactive content!

Keep Your Customers Engaged with an Interactive Content Strategy

Many of us have come across interactive content at some point or another, be it an online quiz testing our personality type, or even a vehicle article with a 360-degree view of upcoming cars in the market.

These small strategies can result in the biggest impacts down the road and make your brand stand out in the minds of your target customers.

Now that you know what interactive content can do for your business, let’s take a look at how you can implement an interactive content strategy to boost your business online.

1. Start Simple

If you’re just starting out, it’s best to try out some basic interactive promotions to see how they perform before investing in big-budget campaigns. Most social media platforms have some type of ready-to-use interactive feature that you can use.

Think about Facebook polls or Instagram story Q&A sessions. You can also use live video features to host real-time Q&A sessions with your customers online, or present your products and answer queries directly.

Giveaways are also an excellent example of interacting with your customers. Little things like these make your customers feel valued as you’re actively asking for input from them.

2. Make Content Relevant

It’s easy to get carried away with interactive content plans and forget the main goal, i.e. engaging your target audience.

Let’s say you currently own an electronics store where you sell laptops. It would make sense for you to make content that focuses on things like upcoming laptop models or ways to take care of your laptop rather than doing personality quizzes!

As a business owner, you would want to focus all your attention on what you have to offer. This will not only be an effective marketing tool to promote your business but also help build on your company’s credibility online.

3. Enlist Supporting Campaigns

Alongside interactive content, you should focus on similar strategies that strengthen interaction with your customers. Conversational commerce and experiential marketing are two popular strategies in recent years.

Conversational commerce is a tactic to sell products via engaging conversations with customers - this method focuses on building friendly relationships before making a sale.

Experiential marketing is a unique approach used by global giants like Samsung and Google. In this strategy, companies aim to sell an ‘experience’ rather than a product.

In Summation

Overall, the goal of any business is to keep their customers engaged so that they remain loyal to the brand. Interacting with customers boosts sales in the future and helps convert potential customers into actual ones.

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