Robert Neumann
Robert Neumann 10 June 2022

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Ecommerce Site for Better Results

It’s a challenge that today’s ecommerce managers face: what can I do to make my site deliver even better results? I challenge you to look at these four areas: product mix, search, cart experience, and continuous improvements. Keep in mind that as you update one area, you can bet that you will need to review that area in about six months as technology improves.

1. Product Mix Beyond Complementary

Managing your data so that complementary products are popping up to help your B2B buyers is only part of the solution. Ensure that your product mix is thinking of what’s ‘next.’ If a contractor is buying roofing material, what’s ‘next’ is flooring material. It’s not just complementary but forward-thinking in terms of an overall project. This allows for not just ‘upselling’ but true project management with your customer.

2. Product Search Equals Better Data

Whether you are using AI predictive search or relying on machine learning to make searches faster and quicker, the next area of growth is ensuring that your data is clean and consistent as new products are brought into your catalog.

Formatting product descriptions, improved product descriptions beyond what it does to show how and why, and consistency in key elements of a product description will all drive better search results

3. The Cart Experience

In B2B, allowing your buyers more time to shop is fundamental. Unlike B2C, B2B buyers tend to take longer to get their cart ready for a closed sale. A buyer with multiple locations will appreciate having simplified carts for locations as well as accounting diversification. The buyer will also appreciate easier accounting setups for PO purchasing, repeated credit card buys, and invoicing processes.

4. Continuous Improvement

Even as we speak, more ecommerce tools are becoming available. Use your IT consulting team to evaluate if these will further strengthen your site. There are tools for operations, inventory visibility, supply chain management, accounting, and marketing – all impacting ecommerce.

The more up-to-date you are, the easier it is to implement continuous small upgrades that deliver on your investments. Through our vendor partners, we are exposed to the newest and latest in technology. Not everything created will benefit your ecommerce. We all need to take into account the opportunity costs as well as the rewards.

About CSS Commerce

When your world depends on ecommerce, depend on us!

At CSS Commerce, we have the B2X ecommerce solutions and services you need for your OmniChannel, including Advanced AI Product Search and Supply Chain visibility. We are expert specialists in building your platform and interconnecting all your business systems. A full commerce value chain approach gives us the perspective and experience needed to deliver the ROI you are looking for in your digital transformation.

Open your world to superior B2X!
By Rob Neumann, Managing Partner

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