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Best Fonts For Email Marketing Campaigns

Choosing the right fonts is crucial for any digital marketing campaign, and it’s also one of the most important things to consider when designing your email template. And not just the right font weight, height, color, spacing, lining, and width; everything matters.

Do Email Fonts Really Matter a Lot?

Damn YES!

Fonts come in various sizes, styles, shapes, and spaces, which can impact your reader significantly. Font style and size can significantly affect how the audience will perceive your brand. Your font can match a specific theme, set a perfect tone for your brand’s personality, and capture your audience.

The fonts you pick can make or break your campaign’s marketing success. 70 percent of viewers will delete an email within 3 secs if it’s not formatted correctly. Fonts can affect the overall look of your email. Like colors, fonts have personality attributes as well. And your brand can maintain its persona and value through the fonts you use.

The Best Fonts for Email You can Use

Today, there are over 200k fonts available, and most of them are categorized into four font families based on similar designs.

1. Sans Serif

2. Serif

3. Times New Roman

4. Open Sans

5. Lato

6. Georgia

7. Helvetica

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Font

Before choosing your email font, you should answer a few things first.

1. Why should we care to use the best fonts in email?

Font size, style, and type can make a significant difference in how you promote your brand and spread your message via email. Font choice majorly represents your brand voice and can create or ruin your first impression with your audience.

2. What type of message are you trying to spread?

Is your email marketing campaign something exciting and fun? Or does it have a more authoritative and formal tone? It would help if you considered all of this before choosing your font style.

3. How many fonts will you use?

Are you looking to keep your email template uniform or a tad dramatic? As per the best design practices, you should not use over 2 or 3 fonts to avoid confusion and going way overboard.

4. What color will you use?

Thinking about the background color is crucial to ensure readers don’t have trouble reading your content. Keep your brand aesthetics in mind while choosing your email template color scheme.

5. Should you use HTML or plain text emails?

HTML lets you include custom fonts, hyperlinks, and other design elements that are usually the best for supporting ad campaigns and driving click-through rates.


Always remember that fonts play a huge role in your email marketing campaign and can help you stand out. Hence, ensure you use the correct font style to create a powerful impact on your target audience.

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