Shane Barker
Shane Barker 26 July 2022

8 Proven Strategies for TikTok You Should Follow in 2022

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media apps of the last decade. Plenty of brands and businesses are using it to grow brand recognition and social media presence. In this article, we'll look at 8 proven strategies to help you grow your brand awareness with your TikTok account in 2022.

TikTok has been making headlines the past few years, not only for the way it took over from the now-dead Vine app but for how quickly it managed to gain users.

It managed to get over a billion users in a little over 5 years. For comparison, it took Facebook over 7 years to reach a billion subscribers.

So, it is no surprise that people worldwide are looking for ways to monetize such a popular application. 

Over the years TikTok has changed quite a bit, but for the most part, it’s still short-form videos of all genres posted with hashtags to search for trending content, as well as a comment section and share feature.

Today we’ll be looking at 10 proven strategies for TikTok you should follow in 2022.

1. Using Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags are one of, if not the most important strategy to use on TikTok. TikTok’s algorithm uses hashtags to send users your way when they search for certain topics or videos.

It will also use hashtags to recommend and play your video to users who might have recently watched or loved a video with the same hashtag as yours.

It’s important to not use too many hashtags, but a couple of relevant and trending hashtags should get your video higher up on the search results, as well as get it on users’ recommended feed.

If you’re not sure what hashtags are trending you can either use a hashtag generator or go to the discovery tab and see what’s currently trending.

2. Follow Trends

Speaking about trending, following current trends is just as important. Once again, to see what’s trending make your way over to the discovery tab and see what’s currently trending.

It’s important to note though, that doing a trend just for the sake of the trend isn’t always a great idea, especially if you already have more than 100 followers. 

Mainly because not all trends will fit with whatever your channel is about. If your channel is all about digital marketing, doing the latest Fortnite dance on TikTok won’t make any sense, and might lose you some of the followers you have.

3. Look at Other Creators

If you’re just starting, it might be a good idea to look at successful creators that have channels similar to the channel you’re starting.

Look at their videos, and see which videos perform well, and which do not. Look at the comment section, and see what people are saying.

Take notes of those comments, some might even help you get the edge over the competition. If users are asking for certain content related to your channel’s topic, that other creators haven’t done yet, then you should get on it quickly!

4. Set Targets & Objectives

This goes hand in hand with looking at your competitors, before you can start looking at other channels, you should already have your goals and objectives set in stone.

Starting a channel with no goal or purpose is a way to set yourself up for failure. You must identify the purpose of your channel. Ask yourself what void this channel is filling, and what purpose it serves to the people who will be watching. Is it informational, entertaining like drama or comedy, or is it primarily promotional to advertise your products or services?

5. TikTok Ad Manager

TikTok Ad Manager is a paid-for service on TikTok that allows you to run 5 different types of ads.

There are branded effects, top view ads, branded hashtags, brand takeovers, and in-feed ads. There are also three different objectives you can choose from when creating an ad, consideration, conversion, and awareness.

Ads can run anywhere from $20 to $50 daily depending on which type of ad you run and how wide you want the ad to advertise.

6. Being Active in the TikTok Community

Posting content at the right time and being active regularly are extremely important. Depending on your audience demographics, you should decide when the best time is to post your TikTok videos for the optimal amount of engagement.

If most of your viewers are from North America, then you should try to post it either when it’s early morning or late evening Eastern Time zone for optimal viewership.

That goes for every country or continent that you interact with.

It’s also a good idea to comment in your comment section, especially to users who have a lot of followers. It’s also a good idea to comment on other people’s videos.

7. Using TikTok Analytics and Other Tools to Track your Progress

TikTok analytics is only available for pro-TikTok accounts, although it is still free to use. Getting a pro account means you register as a business or creator account.

Once done, you can set up your analytics to find the results you’re looking for. Analytics can offer you plenty of information like engagement and demographics.

If you aren’t too keen on using TikTok’s analytics, and you already have a social media intelligence tool that you’re paying for and supports TikTok, then you can always use that.

8. Research your Audience

Knowing your audience can make or break your channel. It’s important to know what your viewers expect from your channel, and also what more they want from your channel.

It is the viewers who watch your videos in the end, so creating content not just for yourself, but with your viewers in mind is important, especially when you’re only just starting your channel. 

Once you’ve got a larger community, that supports your channel not just for the content, but for you as a content creator, can you branch out of what your audience expects from you.

To find out what your audience wants, you can take a look at the comment section, as well as what your competitors with similar channels are doing.

Get TikTok Ready Today!

Now that we’ve discussed 8 strategies you can use to up your TikTok game, you should be ready to tackle the world of TikTok with ease and start gaining a following in no time!

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