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Melissa Mauro 12 July 2022
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5 Tricks to Write an Effective Cold Email with Examples

Email is the fastest way to promote information without needing a prior acquaintance. Moreover, it is relatively cheaper compared to SMM or Google ads. But then, when people contact each other via messenger, they know that slow feedback is not good. On the contrary, letters in the email inbox do not require a fast reply.

Before starting to write, you should decide the purpose of your newsletter. Should you reveal the good you bring potential clients?

Then, set up what reactions you would like to receive from your clients. Your goal is to get as many leads as possible. It may be a meeting, a phone call, or contact information your potential customer leaves. The rest is the job of your sales managers, while your task is to engage new people with your products and services. 

Tip One: Describe Your Ideal User

As long as you plan to deal with new people who have never heard about your company, you may try different strategies. You may send emails to random users, but it is not practical.

Instead, create the Ideal Customer Profile. You may check the data of people who visit your website or social media. You may see their location, gender, age, interests, etc. Thus, you will know what aspects to highlight in your letters. You will write what they would like.

Then, if you dream of cooperating in B2B, you can complete the ICP for every company and dive into its pains deeper.

With different platforms and tools, you can see how much money they raised, what tools they use, what percentage of growth in people, who exactly they hire, what open vacancies they have, and what the product's technical background is.

For example, you may use LinkedIn Navigator. With its full functionality for sales on the company page, you can find all the information mentioned above on business growth, personnel, and some plans.

Readers spend up to 14 seconds looking through brand emails, Statista claims. Thus, a completed valid ICP is crucial. The more detailed description you create, the better.

You may address the company owner or manager adequately. Thus, it will be two different approaches. They have various pains, dreams, and values. Thus, you can suggest ways to improve and troubleshoot. Make them feel secure that you know things!


Your client may be a young person hesitating about which IT branch to choose, a student who never worked, or a parent who wants to change his occupation. Or perhaps you want to suggest a venerable aged person find new inspiration and community.

Thus, to make the right promises and encourage them, you should separate them into four groups. Then, write templates for sending them, addressing them separately.

Besides, when you have good profiles and a vision of what you want to offer, you may delegate the writing to specialists. Experienced writers from different services will complete the task perfectly.

Promote a careful and attentive attitude to potential clients; your letters will never go to the SPAM folder!

Tip Two: Find contacts

There are a few techniques to find contacts of people who might be interested in your services. You may buy a ready-made base or perform email address parsing. It has vast disadvantages.

First, you get the list of people who are not ready to receive info from you or pay for your services at all. Second, many boxes are not valid. This manual search or engaging via landing pages is much better.

You can independently search for contacts using LinkedIn, add the necessary people as friends and start communication. After that, you must ask for a mailbox and create an email campaign. That is how you make very high-quality leads.


That is an off-page job. Yet, it is essential and requires both writing and organizational skills when you create a landing page or select an audience.

Tip Three: Develop Subject Line

Even if the letter's subject consists of two words, it must be a 100% suitable phrase. You may find different tips on how to create it. To personalize, use the recipient's name. Search Google for spam words: free, offer, promotion, and so on. Try to avoid them as much as possible.

Note, if the subject of the letter seems to want to sell you something, change it. People do not like being upsold. So let them want to buy from you instead.


  • "Our call, Monday, 10 am on the 15th of May". It will work if you want to invite your recipient to a meeting.
  • "Regarding {Open Position} at {Company}". We do this if we find an open position on Glassdoor.

Never use tricks and clickbait themes.

An example of such topics:

  • "We are very sorry that…."
  • "We are disappointed."
  • "Bad news for your company."

You will make the first impression you will never get rid of.

Tip Four: Be Straightforward

Create and follow an excellent structure for your letter. It should contain a greeting, opening, main body, and CTA. The optimal length is up to five sentences.


Greetings depend on your mood and how creative you are today. You may write.

  • "Hello"
  • "Hi"
  • "Dear"

The latter is slightly official, but it will do too.

  • "Hope all is well!"
  • "I hope the weather is treating you nicely!"
  • "Hope you have had a great week thus far!"

The beginning of the letter sets the tone of the correspondence. With the opening, people would like to know why you are writing. There is no need to start by introducing yourself, so.

  • "I'm writing regarding…."
  • "Do you have time this week to jump on a quick call to discuss…"
  • "I'm looking for the person in charge of…."

The main body conveys the commercial benefits of the call or further correspondence. Call to action asks you to perform some actions. For example, several good calls to action for the letter, "If you are interested, have a quick call sometime this week," or "Let me know if tomorrow at 10 am or 2 pm is available in your calendar?"

Tip Five: Make your Letter Look Personal

The letter should not be too sophisticated. You can use Gmail, Outlook, or any other service. To increase trust, test the inscription "Sent from my iPhone" (without a signature) at the end of the letter.

For some clients, this approach increases the response rate quite well. Do not add attachments or links that increase the weight of the letter. The principle "the more information I add, the better" does not work.


We get this email:

Subject line: {Company} and Courses for {FirstName},

Do you want to gain a new IT profession at {Company}?

We have already helped thousands of job seekers in {Country} to gain skills and dream jobs. Tending to suggest you {discount} on {course}. Come on {date} and take it to boost your career in the next {duration}. Can you please let me know who I should be speaking with?

many thanks,


Successful cold emails are constantly developed based on audience research, customized for a specific recipient, and focused on delivering value. Therefore, we wish you to get many leads who will adore your company. Good luck!

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