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Using Blog Images in Wordpress - Everything You Need to Know

There are things to be mindful of when adding images to your blogs. This guide will help you learn a better and more accurate use of images in your blog and why you should use beautiful, high-res photos of black and brown people to improve the representation of diversity in media.

Blog images.

For many bloggers, these are two words that give them pain. It's a million little things like figuring out where to find photographs that look great, are high quality, and are appropriate to be used in your blog. What can you do with them to make your site better? What should I do with them? How many people should you invite? What size do you think is ideal?

Nappy has compiled best practices for blog images based on years of observation, and now we present…….

Ultimate Guide to Wordpress Blog Images

Generally experts recommend including photos in blog posts to attract the target audience, boost authenticity, and improve overall engagement with your contents, as every WordPress blogger knows.

And you're going to need it: So far, WordPress has hosted 76.5 billion blogs! You'll need every visual assistance you can get to shine out in this crowded setting. Your saviour? Images!


Whenever it comes to incorporating photos in your blog, there are numerous factors to consider. And we deal with each and every one of them. Dive right in!

1. Using High Resolution Black and White Photos

Many photographers appreciate black and white photography, which is frequently regarded as a more affluent form of photography. It is, after all, the fundamental foundation of contemporary photography, and it has the ability to make a content appear classical and more refined. Using them will help engage with the audience from the start.

Check the website of Nappy if you are looking for free download black and white photos.  

2. How Many Images Must be Added Per Blog

Everyone has their own tastes, but when it comes to cold hard truths, data analysis and results, excess of a good thing may be disastrous. It's just as awful to include too many photographs in your blog posts as it is to use none at all.

So, what do you think the optimal number is? It depends on what type of article you're writing. If you adhere to the "short and to the point" philosophy, a prominent image and perhaps one photo in the body of the content may be plenty. One image for each 350 words is a fair ratio if you're writing longer, more in-depth essays.

3. When it Comes to Blog Images, What Size Should They be?

Size of the image isn't only about how they seem, but also about how quickly they load and how that impacts the user experience. No-one really wants small photographs with insufficient detail, but everyone despises having to wait a few moments for an image to load.

Make sure that the images you use should be no wider than the width of your blog content area. This will make the alignment look proper and also the load speed will not be troublesome.


Hopefully you will find this guide to using blog images in WordPress helpful and it inspires you to improve your blog images and use high resolution black photos to make an impact in users mind.

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