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Mirza Ali Raza 2 February 2022
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The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing 2022

Marketing automation is the need of the present, not the future! The modern world, where minimal calculations are made in competitive analysis, almost obliges brands to target maximum efficiency in every field. Home to advanced analysis tools, artificial intelligence promises brands a wide range of freedom.

The digital marketing industry was somewhat reluctant to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into their strategies or business models a few years ago.

But today, where AI is delivering extraordinary results, marketers no longer hesitate to embrace it. Because the uncertainty about what artificial intelligence can provide to the digital marketing industry has decreased even more. As smart vehicles continue to evolve, they are reaching a point where they can surpass humans in some ways.

But what is the purpose of AI in digital marketing, you might ask. Well, artificial intelligence is changing the whole face of digital marketing today and has a tremendous impact on employment, within the scope of the fields it will carry and serve in the future. Let' s discuss the major reasons of using AI to enhance digital marketing strategy and make it worthwhile.

Purpose of using AI in Digital Marketing

With ever-increasing customer knowledge and developing machine learning, more effective and accurate experiences can be created for marketers and customers. You can use artificial intelligence solutions to increase the power of digital marketing and turn target audience interaction into a successful organization.

You can see the Big Picture using Digital Marketing

With developing artificial intelligence technologies, marketers no longer have to do a job that takes a large part of their time, such as analysis and reporting. With the help of artificial intelligence, they use the time they spend for analysis and reporting to determine the content and strategies of the campaign they create.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, marketers can now see the big picture and determine their strategies accordingly.

With increasing data and user experience, artificial intelligence will definitely take the marketing world to a different dimension in the future. With ever-increasing user knowledge, which creates new opportunities, they will create more accurate campaigns and even products.

Automated Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Studies show that artificial intelligence can be used for SEO because artificial intelligence does not follow linear rules. Artificial intelligence can process all the data at once and enable interpretation of content much faster than a human could. Let me explain how:

Well, if you ask which artificial intelligence systems are actively used today, artificial neural networks, visual recognition, speech recognition and natural language processing are artificial intelligence systems that are actively used in digital marketing today.

These systems are also progressing and being produced day by day. You hear the term next-generation artificial intelligence all the time. Yes, it is constantly being developed.

Next generation artificial intelligence technologies will shape digital marketing activities even more strongly - especially artificial neural networks that make it possible to find complex transactions, decision trees that enable autonomous decision making by machines without human participation.

Digital Advertising Opportunities

The use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing is also actively used in advertising and promotional activities. Moreover, advertising and promotional activities are the field of digital marketing where artificial intelligence has been used most effectively for a while. As with Google and other search engines, it is possible for artificial intelligence to construct some kind of advertising model.

According to this advertising model, advertisers achieve the highest level of efficiency with minimum amounts. Analyzing user behaviors, artificial intelligence determines which user should be brought together with which type of ads. At the same time, artificial intelligence makes the advertising model sustainable by processing demographic structure, geography, interests and similar data.


Many brands have started communicating with consumers through communicating apps. Consumers are already using these apps to chat with their friends and colleagues. Chatbots provide a practical way for people to find the product or service they are looking for. It automates answers to potential buyers' frequently asked questions.

A chatbot powered by artificial intelligence can also answer open questions. Whether you build your brand  or run you online store where you sell your products, chatbots always provide a healthy user experience as these bots use natural learning processes to find the right answer.

Content Creation and Curation

Content marketing offers great return on investment. However, it can also be resource intensive. Artificial intelligence not only plays an active role in the creation process of the content, but also provides important data in terms of improvement. The impact of artificial intelligence on content is much more magnificent than anticipated.

Although it is not very well known among the capabilities of artificial intelligence today, there are basic skills like creating content and even writing articles or news. Moreover, while artificial intelligence creates such content, it even considers sectoral evaluations, various analyzes, user experience and user demands.

In addition, artificial intelligence promises the ability to check the relevance of the content using various tools and revise it according to the requested criteria. Content improvement, called curation, ensures a satisfaction relationship between the users who visit the website and the site. It provides a more effective user experience and guides users according to their needs.

Professional Web Designs

Although professional web design may seem like a work mostly done by experts, artificial intelligence support can enable you to have a completely professional website. The professional website, which is completely user-centered and built by artificial intelligence, can meet all the standards you desire.

Moreover, apart from the standards, it can design the content of the website completely according to the user experience and demands.

Voice Search Engine Searches

Voice search engine searches were the first products of a revolutionary start in the digital world. With the widespread use of this feature in huge volume search engines like Google, many perspectives, including SEO rules, had to be revised. Artificial intelligence, which comes into play at this point, is equipped with the feature of sorting with voice commands.

Today, voice searches made on Google are listed with the support of artificial intelligence according to the most appropriate results. Therefore, it is possible for websites that are suitable for voice commands to come to the fore in voice searches.

Sum up

There is still a lot to learn about artificial intelligence and digital marketing. However, while you have the opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors with the campaigns you prepare with the current artificial intelligence technologies, your evaluation will be the strongest investment you can make for your brand for the future.

Artificial intelligence provides a chance to step into the future now to expand the boundaries of the campaigns you create, to offer more effective user experiences to your customers and to strengthen your brand career.

Artificial intelligence is an innovation that will continue to be in our lives, although it has been popular lately. We don't have superpowers, but right now it has a basis like futuristic science fiction.

If many people are already using AI technologies for marketing purposes with great success, it is not possible to predict what will happen in the future. But the use of artificial intelligence in social media and digital marketing will create intense competition in the future, and reaching more people will reveal more product and service diversity.

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