Aashna Khanna
Aashna Khanna 24 January 2022

SMS APIs: The Top Pick for 2021 and How it Can Enrich Your Sales

SMS APIs use protocols to automatically send and receive messages from an application. Businesses prefer this solution because it automates tasks and improves the efficiency of workflows.

The term “SMS APIs” consists of two words, first, we are going to elaborate on the latter. API stands for the Application Programming Interface, its function is to connect two applications in such a way that both of them can interchange data and information.

In general terms, it allows two applications to talk to each other in a seamless and convenient manner.

And when we talk about the SMS API specifically, it narrows down the functionality to the SMS and text messaging only. For example, there are various messaging API providers that can send automatic notifications or shortcodes from other platforms like a website, smartphone application, etc.

However, if you don’t have an SMS API integrated into your system then a user manually needs to log in to the application in order to send a message. And this has to be done every time when you are required to send an SMS. In order to eliminate all these time-consuming steps and automate the process, APIs have been developed.

Top Uses of SMS API

The SMS API-based application is useful for every industry that uses messages as a means of frequent communication with customers, vendors, partners, end-users, etc. Some of the best examples are food delivery apps, cab booking applications, retail and online stores, travel and hospitality companies, etc.

Let’s have a look at the types of messages that you will be able to send through the API.

  1. Engage two-way communication with customers 

  2. Customizing and personalized bulk SMS messages

  3. For sending one-time passwords (OTPs) to users

  4. For the confirmation of appointments or bookings

  5. Sending promotional SMS and codes for increased sales

  6. Running the segmented marketing campaigns

  7. Sending shipment tracking messages

  8. Automating simpler and redundant tasks that allow employees to be more productive

  9. Automatic scheduling time period based messages at set intervals

  10. Two-factor authentication (2FA) for account security

What Benefits Does a Business get after Using the SMS API?

Automation leads to improved efficiency

As we mentioned earlier, SMS APIs automate every task from sending to receiving messages. In addition to this, the workflows you have created can be operated on an optimal level which means comparatively less staff will be needed.

For example, your business requires to send promotional SMS every weekend to customers and leads. Since API is intact, you won’t need to manually log in to the two applications and give the command for sending the message every weekend. The entire process will get done via API protocols in place.

Easily integrate with a bunch of other applications

This is one of the best things about APIs, they work with all kinds of applications and are flexible to a great extent. Whether it’s a website or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, you can integrate the API with them. The one interface makes the data more manageable and accessible across various departments.

Best Pick for the SMS Messaging APIs

If your hunt for the ideal SMS APIs is still going on or you’re not satisfied with the services and features of the current provider then you might want to check our recommendation out.

Twilio SMS

Twilio is a renowned name in the cloud-communication market and ever since its inception Twilio has presented some groundbreaking technologies. As of now, it offers various SMS APIs and some of them are listed below.

  • Programmable messaging API

  • WhatsApp business API

  • Programmable messaging quickstart

  • Messaging services

  • Conversations API

  • Twilio conversations quickstart

  • Conversations + WhatsApp business API

  • Media support in conversations

As per your business needs, you can choose any one of them and get the desired outcome in a relatively short period of time.

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