Vivian Atwater
Vivian Atwater 14 February 2022

White Label DSP is Better Than Self-Serve DSP

Many people often raise the discussion as to what DSP is better, white label, or self-serve. There is also a misconception that these two could actually be basically the same. 

Although they share a lot of similarities, they each pose certain traits that make them differ and ultimately makes one better than the other. Instead of doing a versus and against, we are going to tell you straight up that a white label DSP is better than a self-serve DSP. Next, we are going to explain why.

If you don’t know already, a white label DSP is a demand-side platform that allows businesses to customize and automate ads for sales. Ad networks need white label DSP for a number of reasons. 

Reasons Why Ad Networks Need White Label DSP

Firstly, finding the best ad slots can be completely automated, meaning there is no need for any third party companies or “specialists”. 

The transparency of this process is great, something most companies will benefit from. White label DSP can also save you more money each month. Self-serve DSP can have a high mark up price, whereas white label only comes with the technology fee, which means overall, it is likely to be cheaper.

A self-serve DSP is a platform where media buying can also be automated, based on real-time bidding. This takes place in an auction, so advertisers will all be bidding and like in any auction, the highest bidder will come out on top. The many examples of self-serve ad platforms are ones that you will likely be very familiar with. These types of platforms are offered by huge tech providers.

Social media is a big example. Media buyers will have their own online portal where they can choose what type of ad they would like to run on these platforms. Just to make sure that these companies are targeting the right audience, they can look at certain demographics to find where their audience is the most active and make sure their ads are noticed by them. 

These types of ads may include display, video, audio, etc. Social media platforms that you can see this on include YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and more.

Ecommerce sites are another great example of where self-serve DSPs are beneficial. You will have seen it a lot yourself, whenever you shop online, you see ads for other goods and services appearing on your screen. 

White label DSP is a solution for ad networks that want to offer their customers more than just advertising. They can use this solution to provide them with a platform where they can manage all of their marketing campaigns in one place. 

Ad networks need white label DSP when they want to expand their services and offer more than just advertising.

What About ROI? White-Label DSP vs Self-Serve DSPs

Whilst self-serve DSPs give you a lot of data and transparency, they still don’t provide you with as much information as white-label DSPs. This could affect your business and having the right targeted ads. 

This is not to say that there is no ROI from self-serve DSPs, they are still beneficial for companies, but that extra data could really help your business.

White-Label DSPs are ready made. You can easily customize your DSP once you have built it yourself. With these added benefits, we feel it is better than self-serve. There is nothing that self-serve offers, which white label doesn’t. But there are features that white label DSPs have that are unique. 

If you want to have complete control over your ad performance, then white labels are certainly recommended.

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