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Top Ecommerce Analytics Tools For 2023

These ecommerce analytics tools can help you grow your business and also there are many other tools available on the market.

Data is critical when you are running an ecommerce business.

It is proven to be very helpful in gaining insights into not just your business but also into your customers’ preferences and buying behaviors.

You will gain all this precious data with the help of analytics tools. It is like a narrator who will tell you the story of your customer as to where they come from, how they engage with your site, and many more tales of their adventures on your site.

You can put it all to very good use if you have an ecommerce development company to guide you through your way. With such a tech partner, your business growth might skyrocket in no time.

Now, these analytics tools also ought to help you grow your business and there are many such tools available on the market. Choosing the right one to track your site analytics is of utmost importance. Hence, here, we discuss the most popular ecommerce analytics tools for 2023. 

Top 7 Ecommerce Analytics to Use 

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track the traffic of your websites for free. It is one of the most widely used tools, in fact, over 4 million people already use this tool to analyze the metrics of their websites. 

This analytics tool allows you to know everything about your visitors, from where they came, how, what they are seeing on your site, and many more things you want to keep tabs on. This tool also allows you to categorize your data in certain factors such as demographics and types of devices used. 

Google Analytics helps you see where your visitors come from, how they got to your site, what pages they are engaging with, and much more. You can also use this tool to segment the data by device type, demographics, and other relevant factors.

Google Analytics offers a variety of different reports that can help you optimize your site for better results. The goal of Google Analytics is to help you understand where your visitors are coming from and what they’re doing on your site so you can make improvements where needed.


Kissmetrics is a tool that helps you to track your website traffic, sales, and engagement. All the data related to customer engagement and much more can be known and taken into consideration when making important decisions through these tools.

It also provides insights into the performance of your campaigns, including A/B testing, conversion rate optimization, and more. 

You can also use Kissmetrics on a free trial basis for 14 days after which time you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee. Kissmetrics also has a free plan where you can get access to all basic tools without having any limit on the number of conversions or the number of users who can access the tool at one time.


Optimizely is a tool for testing and optimizing your websites, apps, and campaigns. It enables you to design, measure, and optimize user experiences across your website or mobile app. You can create A/B tests for any element of your website or mobile app, including landing pages and CTAs.

Optimizely offers a suite of tools that help you test anything from an Instagram ad to a Facebook post or sweepstakes entry form. It also has an in-app testing tool that allows you to test different versions of your app without having to log into another browser or device.


Woopra is designed to help you optimize your ecommerce store, boost conversion rates, and improve customer engagement.

Woopra gives you the tools you need to understand customer behavior and make adjustments to promote better sales. With Woopra Data Center, you can analyze customer data from your site in real-time so that you can improve conversion rates and boost revenue.

The Woopra Dashboard lets you view your analytics in one place and get instant insights on what’s working and what isn’t. You can also use Woopra's predictive analytics tools to identify patterns to improve your business as a whole.


Hotjar is a tool that allows website owners to understand how their visitors interact with their site, and what they find most valuable. The tool enables users to see how visitors move through their website, what they click on, and what they do not.

The Hotjar team compiles data from various sources such as Chrome, Firefox, and IE browsers, but it also tracks mouse movements and gestures like scrolling or hovering. It also tracks clicks on links within the page. is an analytics platform that helps you track your customers, analyze performance, and make smart decisions based on data. is a cloud-based web application that allows you to create custom reports and dashboards for your website or app. You can choose from hundreds of prebuilt reports or create your own. also makes it easy to add in third-party data sources like Google Analytics and Kissmetrics, as well as integrate with email marketing platforms like MailChimp and Mandrill (more on this later).


Matomo is a powerful ecommerce analytics platform that can help you gain insights into your store's performance. It offers a wide range of powerful features and integrations, making it the most feature-rich ecommerce solution on the market.

One of Matomo's unique features is its ability to track visitors across all devices, including mobile and desktop devices. 

Matomo also allows you to segment your users based on their behaviors, providing a clearer picture of what works and what doesn't in your store. For example, you can use segments to analyze sales data by country or state level, allowing you to see which countries are performing well and which aren't.

Final Words 

Every ecommerce business is unique so each one ought to have distinctive requirements to track down its KPIs. The list of 7 ecommerce analytics tools might seem a bit longer if you are going to pick just one tool but it seems too small when you look at the options available in the market.

At last, it all boils down to what kind of metrics you have to track for the betterment of your business.

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