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Ritesh Kumar 9 August 2022
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Top 7 User-Generated Content Platforms to Maximize Your Sales

User-generated content platforms are an efficient and current marketing strategy that can yield results to your advantage. UGC platforms let you harness the power of content created by users. These platforms allow you to establish trust with your customers and increase your return on investment.

In general, user-generated content is any kind of content created by customers or users. UGC could be written pictures, text, videos reviews, etc.

Based on an everyonesocial article, millennials trust UGC 50% more than original content created by brands that assist them to make buying decisions.

You can benefit from this UGC by making use of the appropriate UGC platforms. User-generated content platforms enable you to display and collect UGC as well as social proofs from a variety of social media platforms together in one place.

The 7 Best User-Generated Content Platforms

Selecting the most user-generated content is always a difficult task. There is a lot of marketing research needed to select the most effective one. Therefore, here's this list of the top UGC platforms to help you increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Let's take an overview of each.

1. Idukki

Idukki can be described as an extremely reliable and trusted UGC platform that lets users search collect and curate, moderate and show user-generated content to their viewers in a highly user-friendly and interactive manner.

Idukki provides you with total control and lets you be in the driving seat and identify the content created by users that you really need. It's a great tool to demonstrate evidence of social media to a target audience and increase trust of users in your business.

2. Onstipe

Onstipe is the most impressive UGC aggregater as well as a display system. It combines user-generated content as well as brand-generated content to promote your brand from various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

You will get incredible curation and moderation tools which allow you to block irrelevant content from being displayed.

The features that allow customization enable you to increase the aesthetics and appearance the collected UGC feeds. It is possible to embed it on your site or show it in real-time during the events. This will allow you the ability to show live content created by users to your target audience and gain their trust.

Other features such as autoplay videos on cards can help make an UGC feed more appealing and interesting. Onstipe is the ideal UGC platform to leverage UGC more effectively.

3. Bazaarvoice 

Bazaarvoice is an online platform for visual content that lets you help your online business prosper and expand. It helps you social and helps you to increase sales via social media.

Bazaarvoice allows you to create your online store by giving users to embed shoppable blog posts making use of the power of user-generated content. Brands are able to easily collect their UGC and integrate it into the site to increase conversion.

If you're an ecommerce platform, Bazaarvoice might be the best fit for you.

4. Yotpo 

Yotpo is an online cloud-based solution for commerce marketing that provides the most sophisticated solution to gain from customer reviews and make money from your digital marketing strategy.

Its powerful AI technology lets you gather customer reviews and questions across all channels of marketing. Yotpo is able to collect all types of UGC and assists you to build galleries that are shoppable on your web pages to enhance the customer journey.

Yotpo offers you the ability to create on-brand loyalty and referral programs, as well as display customer pictures and videos.

5. Olapic

Olapic is an extremely engaging and interactive visual commerce platform that allows you to make use of user-generated content on multiple sites on social media to create a highly effective visual content that is designed for each interaction.

Olapic assists you in turning your content generated by users into a business. Additionally, with the help of the short-form video feature, you can convert the UGC images into captivating motion videos.

6. Pixlee

Pixlee will be a UGC advertising platform. It allows you to make shopping more enjoyable and builds confidence. It allows you to put your customers' experiences at the heart of your marketing plan. It also offers you the capability to organize and improve the effectiveness of your content.

Pixlee is a complete search engine powered by AI filters. It also offers an analytics feature that lets you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing.

7. Tintup

Tintup is an online platform for user-generated content that publishes and creates UGC campaigns through various marketing channels.

It's a great platform for building trust in your brand to increase engagement with users and sales. Tintup allows you to gather all the social feeds you have into one location. It lets you measure the effectiveness of your UGC via analytics and help make UGC more effective.

Select your UGC platform

With these UGC tools you can integrate UGC in your advertising plan.

We suggest you use Idukki as the most effective device to use your consumers' content. Idukki is a trusted and powerful tool that is affordable plans. What do you have to lose? Take a look at the mentioned top platforms for user-generated content and elevate your marketing into the new realm.

Davy Laudet
Davy Laudet

Thank you for this great article! I would also add our platform Flowbox to the list!

Flowbox offers a customer marketing platform that enables brands to reuse customers’ social media content to create engaging marketing and increased sales. Flowbox was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Stockholm with regional offices in Amsterdam and Barcelona. You can learn more about us at

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