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5 Reliable Software to Create Your Website with Zero-Coding

Building a sophisticated, feature rich website can be an expensive and tedious affair. While there are many software programs to help you create a website without coding, it can be tricky to pick the reliable option. So, in this post we have compiled a list of highly efficient web designing packages that enable you to create a professional website without coding.

Building your own website allows you to build your unique digital identity on the World Wide Web. While it is quite inexpensive and quick to buy domains and hosting packages, the process of designing and development can get expensive.

You just can’t stick a few stock images on your site with generic layout and expect to get a good response from the audience or buyers.

What you need is a well-structured, professionally designed website with versatile functionality, user-friendly interface, easy navigation, aesthetic elegance and key functionalities to engage the visitors. An easy solution is to delegate the task to a good web developer but not everyone can afford their services. 

If that’s the case with you then this article can offer you some practical tips to create an appealing, professional website at zero or negligible costs. 

WordPress for the Most Reliable Site Building and Content Management Experience

WordPress enjoys a distinct position when it comes to website designing. What makes it enjoy the cutting edge is a perfect combination of all the key factors needed for developing a professional, appealing website equipped with advanced capabilities.

You can choose the best wordpress theme for your site from a massive collection. You just need to place your branded content in the relevant placeholders to instantly personalize the theme as per your brand and business.

Alternatively, if you need more creative freedom then make use of a feature-rich editor that allows you to customize the overall looks of your site. Besides, you can also add extra functionalities through WordPress plugins - available in both free and premium versions. 

Ease of use, high potential, and seamless scalability make WordPress the most popular option for beginners and seasoned developers to create websites.

Salient features:

•    A wide collection of free and premium themes
•    Add required capabilities with WordPress plugins
•    Sophisticated add-ons like Woocommerce to build digital store 
•    Frequent updates and security patches
•    A huge, helpful and knowledgeable community 

Joomla (Free and Paid)

Joomla offers an intuitive GUI with a wide variety of attractive layouts and interactive features. The software supports command-line applications to design your website or build web applications.

Salient features:

•    Sophisticated publishing and editing buttons/tool
•    Optimized fields with categories
•    WYSIWYGG editor with media management capabilities
•    CMS management for better control

Bootstrap (Free and Open Source Web Design Software)

If you are looking for creating websites with a unique style quotient that delivers an awesome visual experience across different devices then Bootstrap is the right choice for you.

The wide assortment of styles and colors allows you to add a distinct creative touch to your website while responsive designing features help retain the core design objectives regardless of screen size or device. The UI and UX get instantly adjusted to offer an intuitive user experience to all the users.   

It also offers you several additional features to enjoy a clear edge above ordinary websites. By wisely using tooltips, popovers, pagination, and glyph icons you can prep up your website confidently without struggling with complex coding exercises.

Salient features:

•    A decent variety of layout elements to choose from
•    Efficient jQuery plugins to enhance capabilities
•    Advanced Styling capabilities
•    Prebuilt libraries to speed up development tasks


Mobirise is another web designing software for building sites with a distinct touch of creativity. A wide array of highly appealing templates saves you from just being “another site in the crowd”.

These templates are meticulously designed to instantly leave a deep impression and build curiosity. Several website blocks empower you to offer a distinct creative proposition to your site.

It enables you to build beautiful sites with bespoke features without breaking a sweat. Due to its aesthetic capabilities, Mobirise can also be used for building landing pages for specific digital campaigns. 

Salient features:

•    Sophisticated site blocks
•    Image sliders
•    Advanced popup builders
•    Form builders

openElement (Free Web Design Software)

If you come in the bracket of people who love the ease of WYSIWYG site builders but at the same time understand the value of conventional coding then openElement is the software for you.

With some quick inputs through GU, the software intuitively produces the code required forth the accurate display and functioning of your website. 

Salient features:

•    Custom CSS
•    Streamlined database management
•    High performing SEO-focused editor

Wix (Free and Paid)

Wix is counted in the top bracket when it comes to non-WP site builders. This design software is carefully designed and stocked with sophisticated capabilities to help users build awe-inspiring websites with minimal effort.

You would love the guided tour it provides to new users. It also offers a comfortable menu of the right visual combinations to suit different businesses and brands. 

It also offers you a wide variety of web hosting solutions to choose from thus allowing you to enjoy an exclusive appeal in the digital world. Based on your requirements and budget you can choose from a wide variety of hosting packages.

Salient features:

•    Logo maker with decent capabilities
•    Option for SSL certificate and custom domains
•    Detailed analytics for visitors’ stats
•    Site enhancement capabilities


Having your own website gives a unique character to your digital business. However, building premium looking websites can get quite costly and tedious - not to mention the to and fro communication with designers and developers to make them understand what you exactly need.

In this article we presented to you a list of free software for building your website from scratch without coding. Readers are advised to carefully read the latest reviews of any software mentioned in this post and use their discretion to pick the ones that are most relevant for their business and branding goals. 

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