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Virtual Event: Best Practices and Tools

A comprehensive Virtual Event Platform provides you with all the event data from beginning to end. Not just the data but, you also get useful reports and analytics about your virtual event. So, make use of this data to analyze the efficacy of your event strategies and activities. This practice will not only help you determine the success of your event but also guide you during the planning and execution process of your future virtual events.

Over the last few months, we have observed a dynamic shift in the paradigm of events. Things have drastically changed in the industry as an adverse consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. The world is now moving online and so is the events industry.

After enduring countless difficulties, the event planning experts came up with the concept of event technology to combat the hardships created by a global pandemic. Be it the notable conferences, meetings, and summits of your organization or events like award shows, exhibitions, and product launches, every type of event is now possible over advanced virtual event platforms.

Although this whole concept might sound bizarre, the fact is, organizers and hosts have witnessed an unmatched upsurge in the event registrations ever since the events shifted to virtual.

However, this blend of event and technology is gaining prevalence for so many reasons. And one primary reason is, you can instantly attract a global audience by hosting virtual events unlike, in the case of physical events.

The virtual shift of the event industry has its own pros and cons, but the innovative tools and practices introduced by virtual event platforms are striving to resist all the possible intricacies in the most efficient manner.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the best practices and tools to ensure the success of your virtual event. Prior to that, let's comprehend the essence of a Virtual Event.

What is a Virtual Event?

A Virtual Event is simply the replication of an on-site event represented over a virtual venue with the help of various technological advancements. Your participants can attend the event virtually with their remote locations, without you having to arrange any resources and facilities that were requisite in a physical event.

A comprehensive virtual event platform enables you to set up an immersive virtual event with various tools and elements. From interactive and engaging features to efficient networking and sponsorship tools, everything is made available to you and your attendees with the help of a virtual venue.

Virtual Events have enhanced immensely in the last few years and are only going to grow. Therefore, it is significant to understand the most important practices that can take your virtual event to the next level.

Best Practices and Tools to Host a Successful Virtual Event

Follow the following practices to organize and execute an efficient virtual event.

1. Define Your Goal and Purpose

Predefine your goal and purpose behind planning a virtual event. Along with deciding the fundamental goal of your event, also furcate it into different minute ones.

Following this practice will not only help you in understanding various aspects of your event but also ensure its smooth flow and execution. Refer to the following example questions to gain a better perception of your goals:

  • Why do you want to host this event?

  • What do you wish to achieve from this event?

  • What is your target audience?

  • What are the marketing and promotional strategies you wish to include in the virtual event?

  • What are the engagement tools you want to use in the event?

  • Which speakers do you aim to include in your event sessions?

Asking yourself the following questions will help you further arrange the resources and elements required to host the virtual event.

2. Decide the Type of Your Virtual Event

A Virtual Event is a very broad term that includes various event forms and formats. Therefore, choose the most suitable type of virtual event based on your goals and purpose behind hosting the event.

For example, if your goal is to bring all your employees together to discuss important decisions or company policies, you should host a Virtual AGM, or if you want to launch a new product, you should host a Virtual Product Launch.

However, an excellent virtual event platform can host all types of virtual events, be it a virtual trade fair, virtual expo, virtual conference, virtual meeting, or any other format.

3. Choose the Right Virtual Event Platform

You have to be very thoughtful while opting for a virtual venue provider for your online event. An advanced virtual event platform can provide you with all the innovative facilities to ensure the success of your virtual event.

A top-grade virtual venue provider like Dreamcast is well-resourced with the following tools. So, make sure your virtual event platform renders you all these services.

  • Excellent customization facilities

  • Top-notch branding designs

  • Efficient sponsorship opportunities

  • Innovative networking tools

  • Fun gamification

  • Valuable event data collection and analytics

  • Dynamic device support

  • Proper backend support

  • Effective engagement tools

  • Powerful navigation

  • Brilliant user experience

  • And a lot more!

4. Be Smart While Choosing the Timeline

Choosing the right timeline for your online event plays a huge role in ensuring its success. It includes everything like the date, time, schedule, and agenda of your event sessions.

Make sure that the event date or week you decide does not clash with any other essential event as if it does, your target audience might get divided and, so will their attention. Choosing an effective timeline also means deciding the right point to market and promote your virtual event to gather as many registrations as possible, based on your event type.

5. Implement Extensive Marketing and Promotional Strategies

Begin promoting your virtual event through different strategies and make use of as many channels as possible. Social Media Marketing is increasingly gaining prevalence in the sphere of marketing strategies as almost all of your target audience is present over these platforms.

You can run social media contests to promote your virtual event and create buzz before the big day comes. However, don't forget the efficacy of tools like email marketing and word-of-mouth.

6. Ensure Excellent Engagement Tools

With the shift to virtual event platforms, we get the opportunity to make use of countless engagement tools that effectively ensures the quality of your attendees' event experience.

There are dynamic ways through which you can captivate your participants' attention and keep them engaged throughout your virtual event. Following are some of the best engagement tools provided by Dreamcast:

  • Games like virtual scavenger hunts, virtual escape room, virtual crossword, tic-tac-toe, etc.

  • Interactive elements like 1:1 audio, video, and text chat, group discussions

  • Engaging breakout rooms

  • Sponsorship elements like sponsored meals, coffee, swag bags, entertainment breaks, etc.

  • Immersive 3D experience

  • Digital media tools like the social walls, signature walls, photo booths, etc.

  • Audio effects like clapping and hooting sound

  • Reactions like thumbs up, emoticons, claps, raised hands, etc.

  • More interactive facilities like live polls, Q&A sessions, contests, quizzes, trivia, etc.

  • HD images, documents, and videos at virtual booths for your attendees to inform themselves

  • Notification pop-ups to keep them updated about the agenda

  • Social media contests and integration

  • And many more!

7. Make all the Significant Content Available

Your attendees would expect access to all the significant content of your virtual event. Therefore, ensure that your attendees are provided with all the vital data and information over the virtual event platform.

For example, facilitate your participants with a proper document for the event schedule and agenda, presentations, participant's business cards, brochures to product details, etc.

8. Provide Relevant Networking Opportunities

Any virtual participant of your online event would certainly expect to increase their reach and generate helpful leads, be it the sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, or the audience. An important fact to note is, your attendees' satisfaction is a valuable factor in the outcome and performance of your virtual event.

Therefore, make sure that you provide your attendees with proper networking opportunities. This practice will not only keep them engaged but also elevate the value of your virtual event. Following are some of the top networking tools rendered by virtual event platforms:

  • Virtual networking lounge

  • Virtual breakout rooms

  • AI matchmaking

  • Advanced search filters

  • B2B meeting schedulers

  • Virtual coffee breaks

  • Networking tables

  • 1:1 interaction and group discussions

  • and much more

9. Bring Valuable Sponsors on Board

Incorporating excellent sponsorship elements can not only increase your virtual event's value but also enhance your participants' event experience. Including efficient sponsorships works excellently for both the parties be it the sponsors or the organizers.

Therefore, bring valuable sponsors on board and provide them with a worthy value at your online event. Following are some of the best sponsorship ideas to intensify your virtual event:

  • Sponsored jam sessions

  • Sponsored meals

  • Sponsored swags

  • Sponsored games

  • Sponsored photo booth

  • Sponsored happy hour

  • Sponsored entertainment breaks

  • Sponsored coffee

  • Sponsored contests

  • Sponsored webinars and group discussions

10. Collect Attendees' Feedback

Understanding your attendees' experience and perspective is very significant to comprehend the efficacy of your virtual event. Also, collecting audience feedback and insight has become easier than ever as everything is available in a digital format.

You can provide them with feedback forms at the platform itself and attain the aim to collect valuable data. Hence, don't forget to accumulate your attendees' feedback after the event.

A Bonus Point!

A comprehensive Virtual Event Platform provides you with all the event data from beginning to end. Not just the data but, you also get useful reports and analytics about your Virtual Event.

So, make use of these provided data to analyze the efficacy of your event strategies and activities. This practice will not only help you determine the success of your event but also guide you during the planning and execution process of your future Virtual Events.

Looking for a one-stop solution to host a successful virtual event? Dreamcast has got your back! Contact us and book a demo now.

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