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Nancy Yates 4 October 2021
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Top 10 Fastest Growing B2B Ecommerce Startups

We recently released our list of the world's 500 fastest growing startups (see Among them are plenty of well-known consumer focused companies like Uber, Airbnb and Snapchat. But what about B2B?

If you're looking for fast movers in enterprise software, consulting or business services there are definitely some big names on the list too. Some are well known public companies like Salesforce, Workday and OpenText while others are less familiar but equally interesting private businesses like ChinaCache , SocialWire and SilkRoad Technology

Based on this year's 500 list we picked out the top 10 fastest growing B2B companies to share here with you. You can see the complete 500 list at

1. eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is a leading provider of international trade solutions that helps businesses across the globe with importing and exporting. eWorldTrade's mission is to grow global trade by providing import and export management solutions to its members. They also offer consulting services, OEM customization, bulk data preparation and warehousing logistics. Growing over 7,000% in four years, eWorldTrade is a B2B company.

2. ChinaCache International

ChinaCache is the global leader in providing hybrid cloud-based acceleration and mobile security solutions to enterprises and developers globally. They support more than 35 international root servers for DNS across the globe with 24/7 service availability and performance optimization with intelligent caching for high speed delivery of Internet content and services.

A Nasdaq listed company since 2002, this company has grown over 10,200 percent since 2010 with revenues growing from $1 million in 2010 to $28 million in 2014.

3. SocialWire

SocialWire  is a B2B company with a mission to make sense of social media data for companies by providing big data services. They generate new insights from the vast volumes of information available on social media sites and deliver them as high-quality, sophisticated reports tailored to customer needs.

In addition to their new insights, SocialWire also provides customized software development and custom analytics. They have grown over 8,250% since 2010 with revenues going from $1 million in 2010 to $8 million in 2014. ​

4. BigMachines

BigMachines is a software company that offers the first fully-integrated platform for designing, configuring, deploying, and managing cloud software. And unlike any other cloud management solution, they are the only one to offer instant compatibility with all public clouds including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Offering cross-platform support with flexible deployment options spanning physical servers to full service PaaS deployments, BigMachines has grown over 9,200% since 2010 with revenues going from $1 million in 2010 to $27 million in 2014.

5. Datawatch Corporation

Datawatch Corporation is a provider of enterprise analytics and business intelligence solutions for corporate and government organizations worldwide.

Founded in 1985 by Michael A. Morrison, the company introduced its first data visualization tool for business analysts in 1993 and has since set high standards in helping organizations make sense of big data quickly and easily. Since 2010, Datawatch has grown over 9,000% with revenues going from $1 million in 2010 to $8 million in 2014.

6. SilkRoad Technology

SilkRoad Technology provides global companies with custom software solutions that are engineered to their specific needs. Founded by president, chairman and CEO Jim Altman, who began his career as a systems programmer at IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center, SilkRoad has grown over 8,600 percent since 2013 with revenues growing from $52 thousand in 2011 to nearly $5 million in 2014.

7. Caringo, Inc.

Caringo is a next-generation object storage company that provides industry-leading software for secure and reliable storage of business data in the cloud. Founded by chief executive officer (CEO) Mark Shaw who built his own RAID controller to improve reliability at a previous job, Caringo has grown over 8,100 percent since 2011 with revenues going from $300 thousand in 2010 to $2 million in 2014.

8. FiberHome Technologies Group

FiberHome Technologies Group manufactures high performance optical fiber and copper communication products under they brand name Fiberhome. Their wide range of products include Optical Transceivers, Optical Modules/DuplexersTriplexers, Optical Isolators, Optical Circulators, Hybrid Transceivers, Connectors and Patchcords.

They have grown over 7,700 percent since 2010 with revenues going from $7 thousand in 2009 to $1 million in 2013.

9. ARRIS Group

ARRIS Group provides consumer electronics and business technology solutions for residential and commercial markets around the globe. From high-definition televisions, set top boxes or mobile devices to purpose-built products that support the evolving needs of businesses of all sizes, ARRIS has continued to drive innovation across a wide array of connected devices over the past 20 years.

Their services range from concept development through design, engineering and testing as well as supply chain management and aftermarket technical support for CPE (customer premise equipment) devices. They have grown over 7,600 percent since 2007 with revenues going from $1 million in 2002 to $181 million in 2013.

10. Jelastic, Inc

Jelastic is an open source hosting platform that provides cloud hosting for Java, PHP , Ruby, Node.js , Python , and more. Founded by Ruslan Synytsky who started developing the UcoZ system at his previous company WebHostingPad, Jelastic has had a growth rate of nearly 7,400 percent since 2012 with their first revenue stream coming in 2012 with $0 in revenue.

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