Hemanth Yamjala
Hemanth Yamjala 30 September 2021

How Digital Transformation Services Help Clients Transform Their Business

Digital transformation can deliver a range of benefits for business enterprises, such as increased productivity, efficiency, profitability, better collaboration among departments, generating better customer insights, and ensuring better resource management, among others.

With digital technologies spreading their wings far and wide and reshaping the industry and business landscape, companies are embracing them to derive a host of benefits.

These include streamlining their workflows, establishing better connections with their customers and delivering value, drawing insights and business intelligence from real-time data, reducing the cost of operations, and improving competitiveness, among others.

In other words, they are transforming their businesses by incorporating digital technologies and redrawing their footprints. For example, if earlier, the only way to interact with a business enterprise was by sending mail or physically landing at its gates, today, the scenario is different.

You may reach out to an enterprise having a digital footprint through a number of touchpoints - website, social media, or mobile app, and get your query resolved. Digital transformation solutions make fundamental changes to business operations and make them more productive, efficient, and profitable.

According to Statista, the pace of digital transformation would mean global spending on it is likely to touch 2.4 trillion dollars. Also, digitally transformed enterprises are expected to contribute more than half of the global GDP by 2023.

In fact, it has been observed that business enterprises utilizing digital transformation services have been less impacted by the pandemic compared to traditional ones.  

What is Digital Transformation and Why is it Important? 

Digital transformation is about integrating digital technology into the workflow of an organization and changing the way it operates. It can bring about synergy among departments and individuals and allow a seamless flow of data and information across the business landscape.

Digital transformation services can help enterprises to map their customers’ journey and draw suitable insights. These insights can be later leveraged to deliver a better customer experience across digital touchpoints. Digital transformation solutions can augment the capabilities of an organization and make it more productive, efficient, and profitable.  

Benefits of Digital Transformation Implementation

Any enterprise digital transformation can deliver a host of benefits. However, these can be obtained by using the right digital transformation strategy as mentioned below:

  • Define the strategy to identify opportunities and harness their potential
  • Reimagine the customer journey
  • Build a flexible and agile IT environment
  • Personalize CX and add value to every customer interaction
  • Provide a multi-channel experience

The benefits to be gained from leveraging a digital transformation framework include:

Better Resource Management

Digital transformation solutions bring together a vast array of company resources into one repository, which can then be accessed by designated individuals or groups. To cite an example, a typical business enterprise may use a total of 900 applications, which can create bottlenecks in providing a consistent experience.

However, digital transformation services can help businesses integrate such applications, software, and databases and place them in a central repository, mainly in the cloud, and use them to generate business intelligence. Since the process encompasses every functional unit of a business, it can drive operational excellence as well.

Data-Driven Insights on Customers

Ultimately, the customer experience helps any business enterprise derive success and be competitive. With digital transformation implementation, data generated from customer interactions (through websites, mobile apps, search engines, or social media) can be collated and analyzed to unlock customer insights.

Whether structured or otherwise, data can be leveraged to create a customer-centric strategy and drive business growth.

Better and More Personalized Customer Experience

Today’s digitally-savvy customers have gotten used to endless choices and seamless and fast delivery of services at low prices. According to Gartner, two-thirds of enterprises compete only on customer experience, making it the single most important attribute for success. This calls for improving the CX scores by streamlining the delivery of services through digital transformation testing.

Better Collaboration

By implementing Agile-DevOps, enterprises can ensure better collaboration among departments and remove bottlenecks, thereby adopting CI strategies and accelerating the development and delivery of software applications.

Also, team members cutting across departments and processes can leverage the right tools suitable for their work. This enforces a digital culture where optimization of available resources becomes the norm and wastage is minimized or eliminated.

Increased Profits

Business enterprises hiring digital transformation services can expect better efficiency, productivity, and profitability. As per a study by the SAP center for business insights, 80% of enterprises have reported increased profits after undergoing digital transformation, 85% have reportedly improved their market share, and 23% have shown higher growth.  


Software testing in digital transformation executed by digital transformation services can identify procedural bottlenecks, software glitches, and other workflow issues for business enterprises. It helps companies to secure their IT infrastructure and sensitive data, comply with regulatory standards, enhance the quality of products and services, and achieve success.

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