Rajneesh Kumar
Rajneesh Kumar 22 September 2021

Custom CMS Development Trends and Benefits to Power your Online Project

Read how custom CMS development services can tailor a CMS to give you the requisite functionalities to win in your online project. Also find out the latest trends in custom CMS development.

Content is a quintessential and dynamic element in the modern world. As internet penetration increases, businesses strive for customer attention, through relevant and updated content, directed squarely towards the target audience.

Regular management of content can be tedious and time-consuming. This is where Content Management Systems or CMS come in.

CMS facilitate the efficient and convenient addition or management of content sans any coding expertise. They also bring in multiple benefits that can benefit individuals or organizations.

Using a CMS is one step, but mass-market CMSs come with standard features out of the box which may be redundant or less for the specific needs of organizations.

Customized CMS can be a tailored solution to serve specific needs of businesses driving growth and powering their future by enhancing productivity, increase marketing opportunities and a lot more.

Read ahead to find out the relevance of custom CMS development services in creating results-driven websites and also read about the latest trends in CMSs.

Benefits of Customized CMS


In the growing competitive landscape of the internet, customized CMS provides the necessary tools to gain a competitive edge. Multiple benefits mean increased ROI and catalysis for success. Discussed hereunder are some of the advantages of custom CMS development.

Robust Websites

Custom CMS can help you in creating websites that are prioritized on your needs, making the code tightly bound and compact, resulting in websites that are robust and not a compilation of bits and pieces.


In custom CMS redundant features and code is done away with, making the CMS lightweight improving the performance of custom CMS-built websites. Moreover, using contemporary and appropriate technology stacks and web frameworks can provide better performance to the websites they build.


With the evolution of technology, security challenges continue to pose a bigger threat than ever before, giving businesses an incessant headache that they can’t ignore. Custom CMS development can bolster the security features of a website, enabling it to withstand security challenges of the modern world.

Custom SEO Tools

SEO remains an integral part of internet marketing. Custom SEO tools offered with CMS web development can power your website to better google rankings, opening up a window to multiple marketing opportunities, and bolstering your brand awareness and building a good ROI for the custom CMS.  


Whether it’s ERP solutions to enhance productivity and facilitate collaborative work or analytical tools for better business management, integrations are an integral part of custom CMS development services that assist business owners in multiple ways. 

Organizational Collaboration

Custom CMS can be built to assist a collaborative workflow in an organization. CMS can consolidate the content into a single repository accessible to all concerned within the organization, enhancing productivity and cross-team project development. 

Better User Experience

The look and feel of your website will go a long way in creating a better impression on the user. Custom CMS can be built to accommodate more features to make the website visually appealing and easy-to-use.

Especially in the case of ecommerce websites. The sales conversion hinges largely on the UI/UX of the website. The website has to be tailored to offer a satisfying shopping experience to the buyer.

Contemporary Trends in Custom CMS Development

CMS have been around for a long time. The first instance wherein a CMS was deployed can be traced back to 1985! Although it was nowhere closer to what modern CMS solutions can achieve. The world wide web is transforming at light speed and so are the technologies supporting it. Enlisted below are some of the latest trends in CMS development.

Drag & Drop builder and WYSIWYG Editor

The trend is shifting towards more intuitive CMSs that increase the efficiency and productivity of website creation and management.

Drag & Drop builders made using technologies such as Grape.Js or a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor displays the content in a live preview, exactly the way it would look in the website once it is created, making the process of content creation more intuitive and easier.

Headless CMS

One of the bigger challenges of custom web development is the variety of devices on which a website can be accessed. Desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets et all, all have different screen sizes. Content is a part of the design theme of the website that has to be curated to fit all screen sizes.

Headless CMS is intended to streamline this process. The front-end is done away with while the content is stored in the CMS. The content can then be displayed on devices with the help of a RESTful API. 

Hybrid CMS

Hybrid CMS combines the functionality of headless CMS and marries it with the contextual content addition of traditional CMSs.

Cloud-Based CMS

Scalability, ease of collaborative workflow irrespective of geographical location, business continuity are a few of the many reasons companies are transitioning to cloud computing.

CMS are increasingly getting cloud-based to cash in on these benefits.

Progressive Web Apps

PWAs are installable, secure, discoverable, responsive to different screen sizes, use less storage space and data, and give a user experience that is as good as native apps.

They can be added to the home screen of mobile devices and can be used in offline mode by caching data. Furthermore, they enhance user engagement by push notifications. With benefits such as these, naturally, they are becoming a compelling option for businesses to include in their portfolio.

Unlike native apps, PWAs are based on browser technologies using HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Growing importance of AI

Artificial Intelligence or AI has the potential to significantly enhance user engagement. At the moment AI is limited to chatbots and voice search. But the future beholds increased utilization of AI to increase customer engagement, offer better browsing experiences, and drive better opportunities for the website owners to reduce bounce rates and drive growth. 

Increased Automation in Content Creation

Increased dynamism in the market requires constant addition of fresh and relevant content. For this reason automation in content addition by using links, or using content that is popular and has been last created by you and share across multiple platforms.


A customized CMS developed along the lines of well-understood business needs can provide a robust foundation to the website. Specific functionalities aid not just the creation and editing of content but provide so much more as evident by this blog.

To get a CMS that is built using appropriate technologies and web frameworks with requisite functionalities to give you the necessary tools for your online project get custom CMS development services from an experienced custom CMS web development company.

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