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Rémi Dubreuil 8 November 2021

How Video Can Support Your Sales Enablement Strategy

Sales enablement revolves around giving your salespeople the essential knowledge and tools that would enable them to sell more effectively. Videos could prove to be a great sales enablement tool for meeting sales goals. If utilized to its best potential, a video for sales enablement can equip your sales reps to engage buyers and close sales easily.

The term sales enablement is obscure to many. Let us look at the definition Gartner has given:

“The activities, systems, processes, and information that support and promote knowledge-based sales interactions with clients and prospects.” 

In simple words, sales enablement is any activity a business performs to equip its salespeople with better skills to connect with buyers and crack deals. Sales are considered to be the vital spark of any business. Thus, an effective sales enablement strategy becomes crucial. 

Why is Sales Enablement so Important?

According to IDC, one out of every three sales is lost due to poor sales preparation. 52% of sales organizations that have a focused sales enablement strategy claim 29% higher sales training effectiveness than those that don’t.

With stats and figures on the desk, it's no wonder organizations have started investing more in their sales enablement strategies than ever before.

How to Make Video Platforms a Pillar of your Sales Enablement Strategy

1. Video  helps to onboard new salespeople effectively

Hiring a new salesperson means another cycle of sales rep training. It is obvious that new hires would take time to be familiar enough with your company environment and strategies to sell effectively.

Employers unspokenly expect their senior and experienced staff to familiarize new recruits with the company culture, sales strategy, and products and services, and much more. But, this can actually affect the sales performance of the senior employees due to diverged attention.

For this reason, businesses can send new employees to offsite training classes but this could be an expensive affair for the company. 

To ensure onboarding stays steady and cost-effective, a company can use videos for sales enablement. With a pile of structured, high-quality training videos, a new salesperson can imbibe the A to Zs of your products and services without engaging any senior sales staff.

Video learning lets the new staff learn at their own pace. They can rewatch the video content at any time, any place, and as many times as they want. With the data that states that an average employee forgets 35% of their training within a month – and up to 90% in six months – the value of video library is much felt. 

2. Videos make training more accessible

Video is a great way to disseminate knowledge among your entire sales team. It is more engaging, more convenient, and more effective. According to the Forrester Research poll, 75% of the employees prefer a training video rather than a document, email, or online article conveying the same information.

No points for guessing, videos add a pinch of fun to the work which helps in employee engagement. 

Videos prove to be the most effective sales enablement tool. It enables the employees to boost their knowledge at their own pace. It certainly gives a more real-time microlearning experience which is far more effective than normal classroom training. 

With a proper video enablement strategy, an organization can align with its short and long-term goals and go a long way. 

3. Videos help to improve remote collaboration 

Sales is not a one-sided affair. It involved a lot of people, communication, collaboration, and more. A proper sales enablement strategy must ensure that the sales personnel are well equipped with tools and techniques that accelerate the sales process.

Keeping up with communication when your sales team is scattered can be a daunting task. Calls and text messages are always open, but structured video can really have a long-lasting effect on the brain that cannot be matched with texts or calls. 

Companies can use videos to promote collaboration in many ways. Most video content management systems let employees shoot, trim, edit and upload instructional videos. This helps in improving remote collaboration and sharing relevant information.

4. Encourage collaboration and engagement within your team

Videos can be really effective in bringing engagement. It can enhance communications with peers, potential customers, or clients. When a salesperson sends an email or text message to a prospective customer, chances are that it would go unnoticed.

Adding a personalized video to your message may end up attracting the attention of the receiver. Data proves it, embedding a video in an email can augment click rates by 300 percent, if not more. 

The same rule could be applied to all the processes involved in sales. Sales reps can send personalized video messages to follow up with a customer or client. This personal touch can help retain the existing customers by taking their valuable feedback. 

5. Decrease training costs

Hiring new sales representatives can be an expensive affair, especially when it comes down to training. Training a new salesperson can burn your pocket. As per a 2015 report, companies spend up to $20 billion a year on sales training. 

Recording essential parts of your training presentations and sharing them with your new onboards allows new employees to learn on their own without hindering the productivity of your sales experts.

6. Information available on-demand

On an average, as few as 47% of salespeople believe that they are provided with relevant content. Some of them even don’t know what’s available, maybe due to a lack of proper training to investigate well. On the other hand, some don’t have enough time or resources to seek relevant information.

Market intelligence firm, IDC states that salespeople spend over 7 hours per week searching content to prepare for the sales encounter. Now you can make searches effective by using an online video platform that enables the sales reps to search videos on the organization’s video library.

The video libraries contain all the information regarding the company which can be used by the salesperson to search for specific information in no time. 

7. Engage sales calls to close more deals

Sales cover a wide spectrum of activities. In this global market, spread from everywhere to everywhere, it is just impossible for sales teams to meet every potential customer or client in person.

Video becomes the perfect choice of action. With the aid of video, sellers can interact with their prospects effectively. It also becomes a great medium to run sales demos remotely, which becomes impossible with phone calls or text messages.

Case studies and tutorials in video form can prove to be a great asset for sales teams. Data states that customers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video on it. Live video is another effective tool for sales enablement and three-fold more engaging than specific on-demand video content.


Companies are ever finding new ways to boost their sales and pitch more customers to their business. There's no better way to do this besides sales enablement. Sales enablement videos are the most effective tool one can employ to drive sales.

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