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Mia Emma 22 October 2021
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Tips to Write Engaging Content for a Social Media Campaign

Every marketer dreams of getting more clicks and more conversions that may promote their business. But what if the dream turns out to be a nightmare? It's going to be super frustrating and can give you sleepless nights unless you curate an out-of-the-box strategy.

It seems that your social media campaign has gone out of whack. Fortunately, I have the reasons why your content is not getting enough likes, comments, and shares.

More than 90% of marketers are using social media in the US. It’s a great number and a great number means great competition. Among a great many posts, yours will simply get ignored.

 Do you still think of selling on social media as a piece of cake? It’s not that easy nowadays. With that said, there is one single remedy for all ills. And that is engaging content.

Without further ado, let’s first understand what it means.

Importance of Content Engagement on Social Media

Let’s get started with the environment and the inner-workings of social media. Do you know the number of people on social media?

Interestingly it has become the most popular medium of getting online. 9 out of 10 internet users use social media monthly, amounting to 4.48 billion people. 

You have to fight on two fronts to turn an ordinary person into a prospective customer. On the one side, you have to outperform the bulk of competitors’ posts. On the other hand, you have to grab the attention of your audience to set aside their personal priorities and click on your post.

Nevertheless, content engagement is the one thing that saves you on both of these fronts. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. With that said, the content that does not engage your readers is good for nothing, let alone promote your products and generate revenue. A typical reader would perceive it as a piece written in gibberish and meant to be ignored. Surely, you didn’t write it to lumped in with other glossed-over posts.

Most of the content on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms comprises of written sales copy along with infographics, and videos. Let’s see how you can leverage your sales through content engagement with these content types.

Tips to Form an Engaging Content Strategy

Write a Killer Headline

An enticing headline is just like the mouth-watering dessert you long for. For this purpose, you have to know who your audience is and what are they looking for. This helps you develop the buyer’s persona of your ideal buyer. In this way, you may develop a headline that directly hits their needs.

Psychologists say that people are constantly aspiring for different stages of needs and they ascribe to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In other words, people search to fulfill what they need. If you calibrate the headline based on these needs, you may easily engage your audience. They may tend to click on your post to read what you are offering.

You can write an engaging headline by following these steps:

  1. Add attention-grabbing words and use numbers to give scalability like “4 best tips to create a content strategy.”
  2. Apply the 4C method to check your headline. These 4 Cs are Concise, Compelling, Clear, and Credible.

Trends show only 20% of people will like to go through your headline and see what your content says. So you have to be very meticulous while writing your content headline to make it clickable.

Use Images

Average Facebook and Instagram users give 34 minutes of their daily time to these platforms. Now your goal is to get a few seconds of their time to read your sales copy or advertisement. It's not difficult for you to grab their attention! 

You have to create graphics and visuals describing your services to cope with this time issue. No money can get you great customers in the same way a comprehensive infographic can. Moreover, graphics and colors are considered vital for better engagement than simple content. Actually, you are optimizing your content through these techniques and adding ease to the readers.

Your readers feel relieved of the hectic task of reading bland words jumbled together. They simply take a glance at the infographic and get an idea of your content. Studies show that 90% of the decisions about a product are made based on colors alone. So add graphics together with the text to increase your content engagement.

Write Unique Content

The thing the comes from deep inside has a great impact outside. If you conceive something out-of-the-box, you can connect with readers for a long time. Sometimes, you craft a stellar headline that invokes interest in your post but the reader clicks on your post only to see the same run-of-the-mill content.

They simply surpass your whole post and consider it as clickbait. Click baits are worthless, as they may generate clicks but in the long run, they can’t generate leads. Moreover, they are hateful and annoying because people think they could find the right information but see irrelevant or old information which is useless to them.

It’s high time to sharpen your creative arsenal. Either you think inventively or copy a top marketer's strategy. It sounds absurd but you can learn the art of copywriting by analyzing the experts. Another way to create such content is through a paraphrasing tool that rephrases the text to add uniqueness to it.

Use Stories to Attract Readers

Storytelling is the most vital technique to jolt the imagination of readers. Certain brain functions think in images, so story narration creates a scene in our mind and we get hooked while reading.

Moreover, personal stories create sympathy and a sense of catharsis to the readers. As they sometimes get inspired by reading success stories. So you can create your content by narrating a story of a character who faced a problem. Eventually, the character solves the issue through the service or the product you are selling. 

In this way, the reader tends to buy your product/service because they get a sense of validity in the form of the character.


Apply the most sought out tips to produce an engaging post, a sales copy, or a promotional article for your product on social media. The above-mentioned strategy saves your time and resources by giving you easy-to-use insights for your social media campaigns.

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