Aashna Khanna
Aashna Khanna 18 October 2021

Real Estate CRM: A Tool for Bolstering Business Strategies

In order to make even one sale, a realtor needs to interact with lots of potential clients. And when the market is booming and new clients come and go frequently then you need software that can handle such dynamic information.

Maintaining all this data in a spreadsheet is not even an alternative because it will get confusing and chaotic. So the best and the only option left is a real estate CRM, software like this is capable of taking your business to a whole new level. Let us tell you, it’s a lot more than an online database for customer data management. Without further ado let’s learn more about the CRM vertical for the real estate industry.

What is CRM for Real Estate?

In general, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is the centralized database for all the information related to contacts, leads, potential clients, and customers. This platform allows you to access data easily and thus empower you to make the data-driven decision for your company.

The final objective is to nurture and establish firm relationships with your customers. Now you know about the CRM and the time is to check out special features of a real estate CRM.

  1. It helps you in organizing the client’s and customer’s data in the most systematic way possible. So whenever you are in need of information about a particular person you can find it right away.

  2. Suppose someone made a special query about a property then you can respond to it instantly. You will no longer be required to crawl into the spreadsheet to check the customer information.

  3. In Real Estate CRM, you will get a sales pipeline that will allow you to see the current stage of the customer in the buyer’s journey.

  4. Through the CRM system, the user is also capable of running an email campaign either by using the in-built functionality or using third-party marketing automation tools. In addition to this, you can also track the progress of email campaigns like open rates, engagement rate, etc.

  5. Open houses are a very common strategy used by the realtor to showcase the property to the clients and attract them. But in order to do so, you first have to reach them. This can be done by email follow-ups and drip campaigns in CRM.

Top Benefits of Real Estate CRM

Efficient and Effective Lead Management

A CRM allows you to automate lead generation and capturing process and furthermore, you can also track their status in the sales pipelines in real-time. There are some parameters like lead qualifications and lead scoring that will assist you in prioritizing the leads at the given stage.

Get the Most Out of Your Employees

In the real estate industry, miscommunication between fellow realtors can lead to time-wasting and sometimes even worse i.e. customer churn. In this scenario, a CRM can come very handy as it creates an easy-to-access customer database for the employees which provides seamless communication.

Data is Remotely Accessible

The mobile application of CRM for android as well as iOS is quite common these days and the reasons are obvious as well. It provides the updated information to real estate agents no matter where they are like showing properties to clients, having lunch, in meetings, etc.

Till now, it is crystal clear that maintaining and organizing real estate is not the piece of cake. In order to do it effectively, you must be equipped with advanced technology like CRM software. Because most of the time, clients’ information can be overwhelming and you can’t afford to lose any one of them at any cost. So it makes sense to invest in software that can help you grow.

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