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Sukhdev Singh 25 October 2021
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Let’s Phygitalize Your Brand: Ramp up Your Customer Experience

We now live in a world where going digital is the norm. As a result, our way of life has evolved. Since digitalization, almost all of our transactions are being made online, which is an incredible convenience for prospective customers. With their smart devices, buyers can browse many items online and shop without leaving their homes.

Even though customers were able to make their multiple purchases online, something was still lacking. The feeling of being unable to touch the product before buying, to understand its quality, size, and other attributes was missing.

Digital transformation has enabled phygital shopping, which offers a 360-degree view of the product. Phygital is a word that covers both online and offline platforms. Its objective is to integrate physical stores with digital technologies to deliver shopping experiences into a smarter and more buyer-specific environment.

How are Brands Phygitalizing Shopping Experiences?

Ever since the pandemic hit, it brought about a complete change in our lives. When it became impossible for the public to leave their homes, phygital simplified the purchasing procedure. In addition, businesses offer a 360-degree product viewing experience to their customers by leveraging Augmented Reality. This is one of the most successful weapons of phygital vs commerce.

When demonstrating the product through a demo, it is important to ensure optimal lighting, with neither too low nor too high illumination levels. The customer’s eyes should not be strained when seeing the product; instead, they should be at ease throughout the presentation. High-quality HD cameras are utilized to capture good photos and videos of the product. If the watching experience is poor, it can destroy the customer’s motivation to buy.

Brands present their products to a live audience on a digital platform, allowing them to explore items in 360-degrees and engage with them simultaneously. This is known as live stream shopping, which involves combining live video material with two-way interaction between the customer and the seller. It enables viewers to purchase or save offered products without having to leave their homes.

Benefits of Phygital Services for Customers

There are many advantages of utilizing phygital services for both the brand and the customers. For brands, there is reduced labor, higher sales, more involvement of the customer, etc. Customers who shop virtually can examine items on their smartphones and can purchase at their leisure. Let’s take a look at a few more advantages for customers in-depth.

Transforming the Buying Experience to the Next Level

Phygital shopping experience has enhanced the ease of buying for the customer, which was unthinkable a few years ago. The AI-enabled virtual reality platform offers a wide choice of products to customers on their smartphones. They can visit any store and browse any product without stepping out from their homes and at any time of the day.

Before customers shortlist products, they are adequately armed with sufficient knowledge about product features, usage, user reviews, and thus they can make a wise choice. In addition, the 360-degree view provides a near physical picture of the product, which adds an advantage to their buying process. It allows the brands to increase their reach to a more extensive customer base and benefit them in the longer run.

Enabling Customers to Buy Without Stepping out of Their Homes

Traveling to stores, looking for the product, and then standing in queue for making the payment is painstaking. However, with phygital, customers can buy products of their choice while staying indoors and saving their time, money, and energy.

They also get a 360-degree view of the products and can talk to a customer care executive for further information about the product. As a result, it has dramatically enhanced the phygital customer experience by making the buying journey seamless.

Less Physical Contact in Buying

Online shopping was in existence a couple of years ago, but it was not so prevalent. However, the pandemic has forced the urgency for contactless buying. Phygital shopping has facilitated this in a big way, changing the definitions of marketing and the value chain.

Now, brands are spared from blocking their capital to provide for more brick-and-mortar stores and maintain extensive in-house inventories. As a result, it has become possible for brands to give more lucrative offers to customers, thus giving them more value for money.


Phygital marketing is the need of the hour towards enhancing the customer experience of buying. Brands’ survival depends upon customer satisfaction levels. If a brand can provide more value for the customer, the customer will remain committed to the brand for a long time.

The digital transformation has brought about an unprecedented change in marketing strategy, which has reinforced the reality. The customer is the king, and a brands’ survival depends upon the happiness quotient of the customer. Therefore, phygital will improve the brand’s bottom line and usher in a win-win situation for customers and brands.

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