Neha Khan
Neha Khan 8 October 2021

Best B2B Platforms for Export Business In 2021

Online business-to-business transactions are increasingly gaining steam. According to Statista, as of 2019, the global B2B ecommerce market was valued at US$12.2 trillion. B2B ecommerce is expected to be the key driver for commercial trade in 2021.

With so many ecommerce websites available today, it is daunting to choose the top B2B Marketplaces to start with. To save you the hassle, we have put together this comprehensive list.

For modern businesses, ecommerce is “larger than life.” Once upon a time online stores were a luxury addition to businesses, but those days are gone, now selling via digital channels is a necessity, regardless of business domains. 

Whether you’re wading into the world of ecommerce for the first time or want to expand your business into an online hybrid, one thing is for sure, you need a B2B Marketplace to rely on. B2B marketplaces have helped countless businesses in achieving global expansion goals.


What are B2B Marketplaces?

B2B ecommerce refers to the online commercial transactions between wholesale businesses. Marketplaces function like ecommerce websites and connect business buyers with wholesale suppliers. Best B2B marketplaces are the ones that have innovative features, a vast list of wholesale buyers and sellers, massive product collection, safe combination options, and excellent customer service.

Why use B2B Platforms?

B2B Platforms offers many distinct benefits to international sellers and buyers, for instance, the ability to reach a whole new subset of customers, move excess inventory, improve the customer experience, and so on.

Who uses B2B Marketplaces?

To make the most out of a business, companies rely on the potential of top B2B websites. Independent contractors, retailers, suppliers, foreign buyers, importers, and multi-vendors usually use B2B marketplaces. Some of the top B2B platforms have the same look and feel as a face-to-face option would. They’re sleek, easy to steer, and provide ample ways to pay for goods.

What are the Top B2B Marketplaces for 2021?


The number of B2B platforms that claim to help businesses excel is countless. Some are inexpensive, some offer basic-level services, some are decent in various aspects, some glisten in terms of their versatility, and others shine with their features. Our cheat sheet for the Best B2B Marketplaces for 2021 is here to guide you:

The top B2B giant. It is safe to say, everyone involved in business must have heard about this ecommerce platform for sure. Founded by Jack Ma, is one of the leading online platforms in the world. The company is based in China and has a massive number of wholesale sellers and buyers associated with it.

It is counted among the ten most valuable companies worldwide with a net income of 140.4 billion yuan. Given the positive trends the company shows, it is one of the best B2B Marketplaces for 2021.


The Good:

  • Extensive international reach
  • Vast numbers of buyers and suppliers present
  • Great user interface

The Bad:

  • Very crowded

Known for its excellent features and innovative techniques, took the B2B industry by storm. Founded in 2003, with its headquarters in Delaware, USA, it took no time to expand its wings across the world. Thousands of wholesalers rely on Tradewheel to enhance their international reach.

Their active online buyers are in the millions and support daily traffic of 110.96M users. Tradewheel is handling more business than any other website. It is the best b2b platform for export business in 2021.


The Good:

  • Substantial daily traffic
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Excellent reputation in global markets
  • Hundreds of offers from genuine customers

The Bad:

  • Free registration is a must to move to the next buy offer page


iOffer was a San Francisco-based online marketplace that supports commercial transactions. The company has developed an interactive interface that allow sellers and buyers to shop or sell their desired products in no time.

Staying true to their Mantra, “A Place to Buy, Sell & Trade,” iOffer is known to help businesses and individuals who are looking for bulk purchases. The company is moving towards a mobile app as well but for now, only the android version is available.


The Good:

  • Reach in global markets
  • A huge number of listings
  • Facilitates bulk purchase

The Bad:

  • The user interface is complicated, just like the other best B2B marketplaces for 2021 is hell-bent on helping businesses network with other businesses for an online trade drive. Wholesale suppliers and manufacturers can easily become a part of Tradeholding regardless of their origin.

One can easily find foreign buyers for export for their business in significantly less time. It is a legit company that has millions of supporters across the world. The company is rapidly growing and building a strong network of worldwide buyers/exporters that can benefit any wholesale business in the long run.13.png

The Good:

  • Millions of buyers and suppliers
  • Quickly developing B2B network
  • Helps to find new customers

The Bad:

  • A limited number of listings


Chinabrands a very well-known global drop shipping giant that is also anticipated to perform well in 2021. Prices here are just as good as any other leading online platform. One of the best things about this website is the emission of repetitive offers.

The website strictly monitors and removes duplicate listings so browsers are always met with fresh content that is relevant to them. It is not crammed with unnecessary posts or offers that makes it way easier for businesses to find new trade opportunities and product ideas since they are not spending time sifting through pages over similar products.12.png

The Good:

  • Only unique listings
  • Reach millions of buyers and sellers
  • Amplified trade opportunities

The Bad:

  • Only promotes Chinese goods


We already know that B2B portals are big hits for wholesale sellers and are guiding them towards achieving maximum profits. They have brought small businesses, individual traders, and large enterprises on the same page, nurturing opportunities for wholesale businesses.

The businesses that used to be extremely reliant on exporters for trade are now self-sufficient and the trend would pass on to 2021 as well. Best B2B marketplaces for 2021 like Alibaba,, iOffer,, and Chinabrands are predicted to show excellent performance with positive trends towards generating greater revenues. 

Although there are many other B2B websites that are doing well and accomplishing great results, these are the best ones. 

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