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Promodome Communications 15 November 2021

Digital Marketing Tools You Need in 2022 to Achieve Success

Digital marketers these days are expected to be active everywhere at once to level up their marketing game. It has become more difficult than ever for businesses to succeed without moving forward with digital marketing.

Brands are bound to have a solid web presence, and they spend a lot of money on different digital marketing tactics to achieve that. And, it is needless to say that brands also expect significant returns on their investments.

Fortunately, this has now become possible. By hiring a reputed digital marketing agency, any business can make the most out of its marketing campaigns.

When we all were expecting 2021 to be a better year, it has turned out to be more unpredictable than 2020 ever was. The challenges keep coming with sudden spikes of Coronavirus.

In all this, businesses, brands, and marketers are no exceptions. Business owners and digital marketers are dealing with plenty of struggles while maintaining their brand’s presence during this pandemic. 

The best method to ensure that your business has a consistent flow of sales and leads is utilising digital marketing tools. You might have an excellent digital marketing strategy, but it would be a disastrous recipe without the right tools.

Whether it is about fine-tuning your web presence, diving deeper into data insights, or monitoring the performance of campaigns, the internet offers tons of digital marketing tools for every purpose.

Here we will present you with a list of digital marketing tools that are essential for every marketer in 2021. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small start-up or large-scale enterprise; this all-inclusive list will benefit you. 

Let’s dive deeper!

Table Of Contents

 List of Best Digital Marketing Tools you Should be Using in 2022

  • #1: Google Analytics for efficient predictive analysis
  • #2: Buffer for effective social media management
  • #3: HubSpot for comprehensive customer relationship management
  • #4: SEMRush For improved SEO strategy
  • #5: SentiOne for automated social listening
  • #6: MailChimp for seamless email marketing
  • #7: Site Kit by Google

List of Best Digital Marketing Tools you Should be Using in 2022

#1: Google Analytics for Efficient Predictive Analysis

This is one of the most obvious options for anyone who belongs to the digital marketing world. Google Analytics, if used to its full capabilities, can do wonders for any campaign.

It offers tons of valuable insights into how your campaigns are performing, how users engage with your website, and what needs to be improved.

Since we all have learned this year, there can be an unexpected turn of events and unpredictable things. This is plausible to the digital marketing realm as well.

With the Google Analytics tool, you can gain insights into the future with predictive analysis. It shows the outcome of how well your campaigns are likely to perform.

All in all, Google Analytics is one of the best tools for those who need detailed insights about customer demographics, traffic volume, user engagement, and many more.

#2: Buffer for Effective Social Media Management

This is another tool that has been on the list of digital marketers for years. As one of the best options for effective social media management, Buffer has so much to offer.

This can be your go-to tool for analysis, early planning and scheduling of social media posts, and management of multiple social media accounts from a single site. 

Buffer comes with a simple UX to provide a seamless experience to first-time users. It allows you to have comprehensive analytics reports for making intelligent decisions with content planning.

In addition to all this, it has the option to add several people from your team to manage your social networks with superior access levels.

#3: HubSpot for Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management

Businesses need to be customer-centered by maintaining healthy relationships with them. So, what else could be a better tool than HubSpot CRM for this?

Ask the successful marketers of any digital marketing agency and they would tell you about the importance of customer relationship management. 

As one of the popular CRM and inbound marketing tools, HubSpot allows you to accomplish your marketing goals with maximum efficiency. With HubSpot, you can not only find leads but also allows you to engage and nurture leads for optimum results. So, if your focus is to deliver a great experience to the customers, HubSpot CRM is best for you.

#4: SEMRush For Improved SEO Strategy

Another name on the list is SEMRush. It comes with tons of built-in digital marketing tools that have the potential to improve your SEO strategy.

This is one of the most preferred tools of digital marketers as it offers help in conducting extensive keyword research, SEO tracking, finding potential backlink opportunities, and much more. 

With the help of SEMRush, you can conduct a thorough audit of your SEO campaign. This has both free and paid versions.

The latest update of this tool has enhanced advertising, content marketing, and social media management tools for complete competitive analysis.

If you aren’t that familiar with the SEO landscape, then hire an SEO agency.

#5: SentiOne for Automated Social Listening

This is one AI-based social listening automation tool that can manage the work of tracking the online conversations taking place in your industry.

The brand must keep track of everything that is being said about its industry in the digital world. 

Sentient does not just give analyzed responses to the online conversations but also keeps the right track of them.

Marketers can leverage SentiOne for social listening and analytics and offer online automated customer service to deliver a better experience. 

#6: MailChimp for Seamless Email Marketing

Email marketing is an unavoidable part of digital marketing, which means that it needs to be done perfectly.

Since emails are the most personalized way to reach your target audience with a clear brand message, there is a need for a tool like MailChimp that can make the process hassle-free.

The best part about MailChimp is its usability. You can use this tool for creating and sending out branded and professional emails for gaining maximum conversions.

If you’re new to digital marketing tools or email marketing, consider hiring professionals.

#7:Site Kit by Google

Site kit is an official WordPress plugin that is developed by Google and provides a one-stop solution to manage site verification through search console, Analytics, Adsense, Tag manager, Pagespeed, and more.

Which One of These Would you Like to Add to your Personalized Toolkit?

Now that you are familiar with the significant tools that can be the maker of your digital marketing campaigns, you might be eager to try some of these. 

Of course, there are many other tools out there, but these are the selected ones on our list. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

Moreover, if you have been struggling to choose the right tools for the best performance of your campaigns, then look no further and reach out to experts at Promodome.

As a prominent digital marketing agency in India, we acknowledge for rendering optimum solutions to our clients. Contact us today if you are planning to make 2022 a growth year for your company!

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