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Sean Davis 30 November 2021
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Best Startup Tools and Resources You Should Use in 2022

Technology can be your lifesaver when your startup is struggling. There are tools available for every problem in the market. Here is the list of the best startup tools and resources that you can use in 2022

Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard. However, that doesn’t stop young entrepreneurs from going out into the world to pursue their dreams of a successful startup.

Sadly, statistics show that about 90% of startups fail in the first year for various reasons. Some of them include lack of sufficient funding, misunderstanding of market demands, and poor marketing techniques.

Technology can come to your rescue when you are struggling with your startup. There is a tool nowadays for every problem you face. Whether it is your marketing strategies, finances, or employee management, there is software or tools out there to help you. 

However, choosing the right software or tool is essential for success. 

Here are a few tips on choosing the best tools and a list of some fantastic tools that we have hand-picked for you to help you kick start your business.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Tool for your Business

Analyze your Needs

There are tools for anything and everything. That doesn’t mean you need to have them all. You should be selective about the tools you add to your business and identify what purpose they would fulfill in your business. 

Research Thoroughly

You can find many software and tools with similar features and prices, and it can often confuse you to choose the right one. The best way to identify the right one is to research all the options and compare them by making a list of pros and cons. 

Customization and Integration

Ensure that the tools you choose can be customized easily as per your company’s specifications. Also, go for tools that you can integrate easily with your existing software and resources.

Keep these tips in mind while choosing new tools for your startup, and check out our list of ultimate tools you should use in 2022:

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one tool that every business must have, regardless of whether it's a startup or a well-established one. It is an analytic tool developed by Google that tracks traffic on your website and gives you insights into your website’s performance.

It can help you determine your audience’s wants and shape your digital marketing strategies according to the data and reports delivered by Google Analytics. This dynamic tool is especially beneficial for startups since you need all the insights you can get on your customer preferences to stand in the industry.

2. Canva

Everyone knows how hard it is to create graphics for every social media post, blog post, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads for your business accounts. And it can be very time-consuming to make new graphics for every campaign.

Canva is an innovative graphic design tool that can help you with all your designs. It has a user-friendly interface and unique features to create some fantastic graphics for your marketing campaigns.

3. InvoiceBerry

No matter the type of business you run, invoices are a crucial element of your finances. However, it takes a lot of time to generate invoices. And the time taken to create those invoices puts a hold on your cash flow.

InvoiceBerry is one tool that you can use to auto-generate your invoices. It comes with multiple templates in different formats and also helps you keep track of invoices that are not paid. It is one tool to have if you want to have smooth invoice tracking and management. 

4. DashClicks

DashClicks is one tool to have in your arsenal if you struggle with your digital marketing strategies and are looking for a one-stop solution. This ultimate white label platform can cover all your digital marketing requirements, such as Facebook Ads, SEO, PPC campaigns, and blog posts.

If your startup is a digital marketing agency, you can also resell their services to scale your business. Adding cherry to the top are the three innovative tools that come with the DashClicks platform specifically designed for small agencies scaling their business.

5. Slack

Having a communication channel where your entire team can share ideas with the clients and each other easily is crucial for the success of your business.

Slack gives you multiple channels that you can integrate into your business to make communication smooth. Slack also allows you to create special channels for each client so you can make things a lot quicker and straightforward rather than sending emails back and forth for each query.

6. Hootsuite

Social media has become an integral part of every business strategy, but there are too many channels, and it can get complicated and stressful to handle. Hootsuite is one tool that can help you here.

With Hootsuite, you can manage all your social media channels from a single platform, saving you a lot of time and complexity. Also, it gives you a holistic approach on every channel, allowing you to track your campaigns in real-time.

7. CRM by Hubspot

Managing your online reputation is crucial in the early stages of your business since it has the potential to make or break it.

CRM by HubSpot is an exceptional tool that you can use to manage your relationship with your customers. It can help you manage your data entries, social media views, tracking, and much more with this incredible CRM tool.

8. Unsplash

Visuals such as videos and texts are more appealing to your audience than texts since the human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than texts.

Unsplash is one tool you can use to access some high-stock images for your marketing campaigns. Unsplash has a grand library of more than one million images on every subject you can think of that you can use without violating copyrights and trademarks.

9. Hemingway

Just because visuals take center stage doesn’t mean texts have no value. If you need to rank high on Google, you need to have high-quality written content on your website.

Hemingway is a tool that can help you enhance the quality of your content by increasing its readability. It also grades your content to help you know where you stand and make improvements.

10. Gusto

Taking care of employees can be a full-time job, and as a startup, you may not have enough budget to set up an HR department. And that’s when you can benefit from a tool like Gusto. Gusto can help you take care of your employee payrolls, insurance, grievance handling, and other things that require the expertise of HR personnel.

11. Shopify

Ecommerce is a venture that is becoming quite popular, and with a pandemic increasing its success changes, more startups are venturing into it. And if you are into it, Shopify is an essential tool that you can have for your startup.

It helps you set up your ecommerce website quickly. You can customize your ecommerce website that can help you give the boost required to boost your online sales.

12. Penji

Putting your business out there in the online world can be tricky. You need to show your customers and clients what you are and what you can do through visuals. However, having a team of graphic designers or even using a designing tool can be expensive and challenging.

You should opt for Penji for all your designing needs. What makes this tool special is that it offers a team of expert designers at your service at a monthly fee to communicate your ideas efficiently.

13. MindMeister

The planning stage of any new ideas lays a good foundation for success. If your plans have flaws, the execution will surely fail.

MindMeister is an excellent cloud-based mind mapping tool you can use to visualize your ideas and make enhancements before you get down to the execution part. Another benefit is that you can also collaborate with your team in real-time to get everyone’s opinions during the planning sessions.

14. Clarity

Running a startup isn’t an easy feat, and you can feel a bit lost. Having a place to get a piece of actionable advice from someone reliable can be constructive.

Clarity is a tool that can help you get that advice from world-class industry experts. You can talk to a global leader in your business and get an idea of what to do in any situation, such as raising funds, finding investors, making a new division, or any other problem in your startup.

15. RescueTime

Managing employee productivity is a pain area for many startups. Tracking and monitoring each activity and productive level of every individual isn’t an easy task.

RescueTime is one tool that you can use to track the productivity of your team efficiently. It also gives you suggestions on how to improve your productivity levels. It also helps you set up and manage all your schedules efficiently.

16. Foundersuite

One of the major pain areas for every business is the capital required to survive lean months and grow. However, finding the money isn’t easy. It takes months to find potential investors and convince them to invest in your business, and the most challenging part is finding the investors interested in what you do.

Foundersuite is one such platform that can help you raise the capital you need for your business. It also provides a CRM tool to take care of your investor funnel and venture capitalist database.

17. inDinero

Managing the accounts is crucial for any startup since it helps you manage your cash flow vital for your business’s survival. Using accounting software to manage your finances can help you significantly.

inDinero is one such tool that can help you take care of your accounting and taxpaying requirements. It also provides CFOs on demand to help you deliver financial advice when you feel stuck.

18. MailChimp

Email marketing has gained popularity in the past few years, as it is one of the most effective and cost-efficient forms of marketing. The ROI on email marketing is 42 times.

However, managing all your emails can become catastrophic quickly. Therefore, most businesses rely on email automation tools to manage their email marketing. MailChimp is one such tool you can use to automate all your marketing emails easily. The best thing is you get about 2000 subscribers with their free plan.

19. Github

Mobile apps and personalized software for your business are becoming more and more common. However, hiring a personal team of software developers can threaten your annual budget. Github is a software development tool that you can use to build your software cost-efficiently.

20. Crunchbase

Crunchbase is another tool that you can use in an early stage of business to get like-minded people to invest in your business. It gives you access to a colossal database that has information about any startup, investors, and funding avenues so that you can find the best investment and growth options for your startup.

Crunchbase also has a premium version named Crunchbase Pro with advanced analytical features to help you find investors and interact with them to sell your business ideas.

21. WordPress

If you are among those who like to build yourself, WordPress is an indispensable tool you should have for your business.

This innovative CMS tool lets you create your website the way you want it. With unlimited plugins and themes that you can use, and a user-friendly interface will help you build an ultimate business website for your startup.

Wrapping up

Everyone struggles when venturing into something new and unknown, and the best way to come out of it successfully is to give you the resources available in innovative ways.

These tools can help provide the anchor you need to stabilize your startup and think about growth and expansion. Choose the tools that benefit your business without aggravating your expenses, and always consider the opportunity cost before making a final decision.

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