Shaifali Parihar
Shaifali Parihar 25 November 2021

How to Accelerate Your B2B Business Growth with Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is the concept of machines mimicking the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind. In simple terms, it is the way of machines thinking like humans. This exciting technological advancement is making a significant impact on our everyday lives. There are many ways in which Artificial Intelligence can make our B2B businesses more productive, but let's talk about a few ways to help marketers transform business growth with the help of AI.

Artificial Intelligence is having a massive impact on the business world. Some researchers claim that by the year 2035, Artificial Intelligence will enable businesses to increase their productivity by 50%.

Artificial Intelligence can help businesses of any size scale up their sales, marketing, and overall growth by creating more engaging and meaningful customer experiences from small businesses to multinationals. It is an exciting time to be a marketer for a B2B business.

Many B2B businesses still don't use AI, but the number is swiftly increasing. Whether you are yet to adopt AI or just curious about this incredible technological advancement, here are four ways how B2B businesses are accelerating growth with Artificial Intelligence.

1. AI Can Help in Predicting and Improving Lead quality

Every business is interested in generating more relevant leads. AI plays a crucial role here to help B2B marketers identify the prospects that are most likely to convert. Using AI in the lead scoring process allows businesses to account for behavior across various stakeholders.

Predictive analytics makes it easier to close the gap between vast amounts of customer data and deciding what to do with it. Artificial Intelligence helps monitor trends and patterns, which makes it easier for B2B marketers to focus on efforts that generate real Business.

2. AI Gives Actionable Customer Insights

Artificial Intelligence helps to gather information about customers and visitors and analyzes that information to engage with them.

When someone takes action around your brand or company, whether online or offline, AI can start exploring and computing strategies to provide personalized content and offers that will ultimately lead the customer or prospect to take the next step with your business.

The strategies can include promotional offers for a first-time user, special pricing for a loyal customer, or promotional discounts for value-conscious buyers, free samples, etc. It will not only help the marketers to personalize the customer journey but also will help in driving business.

3. Having AI to Automate Customer Interactions

With this approach, AI improves the efficiency and performance of repetitive tasks. Marketers can automate customer interactions through social media and messaging apps. These are some of the excellent tools of AI.

4. Measuring and Optimizing Campaign Performance

Artificial Intelligence gives marketers insights about running campaigns, allowing them to optimize them for better performance and engage with new audiences. With this beneficial AI technology of tracking performance, marketers can immediately know which campaigns were most successful in achieving the end goal.

In Conclusion

Artificial Intelligence can help B2B marketers bridge the gap between online and offline customer experiences, segmentation of the audiences, personalized customer journey, and so much more. These use cases suggest that AI and machine learning can help business people and marketers efficiently manage the vast terabytes of data to create better predictions, efficiently and effectively engage with customers, and help the businesses gain a competitive advantage in the market that will ultimately boost the revenue.

There is absolutely no reason not to take advantage of AI for your business in today's world.

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