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The Beginner’s Guide to Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce designing and development is an intricate process. As the internet world is changing and taking new shapes every day, organizations are trying hard to cope with the demands of the internet world. New technologies are introduced to give more power to the ecommerce website. Moreover, advanced web designing and development strategies are being adopted to provide the audience with a more superior experience. The entire internet world is moulding fast to deliver a better project experience.

Before you start designing and developing a site, you should be aware of the nitty-gritty of website design. Website design is an intricate process, and a designer should follow specific guidelines to make the site stand out. The most fundamental thing of website design is user experience; without seamless UX, Google might penalize your site, and you are likely to get more bounce rate.

So what makes a website designing compelling? In this blog, you will get complete details of website design and why is it essential to choose the right platform and method. If you can follow the guidelines, you will experience better results in the near future.

95% of all shopping will be facilitated by ecommerce by the end of 2040. It means there is no doubt that ecommerce is not a contemporary trend; instead, it is the future of the market. Traditional merchants nowadays are shifting their business goals by taking online decisions.

This blog is ideally suited for merchants who are planning to shift their business onto a website. 

what makes an ecommerce platform stand out? The most important thing of any online business are the process of designing and development. If you can offer seamless web design and robust development, the platform is likely to give you other important aspects. 

In this blog, you will get a comprehensive ecommerce UX design guide to create an excellent ecommerce website.

Guide to Ecommerce Website Design

In terms of ecommerce website design, you need to consider a few things to grab the attention of the audience.

Trust and Security


Security comes first; when a customer visits your site, the foremost thing they think is, is the website trustworthy? It is very crucial to design a website that shoppers feel trusted. If they are concerned about the security of their personal data, secure transaction, they might not end up shopping with you.

Therefore, the design should include: 

  • General information of the brand 
  • Photographs of real people behind the business 
  • Contact information 
  • Links of social media 
  • FAQ pages 
  • Shipping and returns policy 
  • Return process 
  • Easy access of privacy policy

Thus, to secure the credibility of your ecommerce business, you should write in simple language and avoid technical jargon. 

Share Product Reviews

It is essential to include product reviews from other customers that can provide great ecommerce UX. You can also add additional information about the reviewers to add authenticity of the reviews. This step is very crucial and can add more value to your business. 

Use a Secure Server

SSL certificates establish a secured identity of the website and encrypt data that requires to remain safe. You must assure all data is protected by implementing SSL and showcasing SSL certificate badges. It is a very important sign to indicates checkouts are secure and the data is protected. 

Add Recognized Trust Seals

You can use recognized trust seals to assure your potential shoppers a secured transaction process and increase sales by providing them with better ecommerce UX. 

Attention to Small Details

Make your website look legitimate and avoid typos, broken links, 404 error, missing images. With this trust seal, you can verify the legitimacy and security of your website.

Seamless Site Navigation

How will the customers find your website? It depends on how flawless your site navigation is. On the other hand, frictionless navigation also suggests how easy it is for your shoppers to move around your website and find what they are searching for on your site.

It also determines the final decision they take on your site. Ecommerce site experience has to be seamless, and shoppers should easily find their desired product.

UI Design Considerations


Follow the brand identity: branding should be the center of attraction throughout the website. Therefore, the designer should choose a color that reflects the brand and set a unique style. You must ensure the brand experience is consistent throughout the page. 

With a solid brand identity, you can build better customer relationships. 

Visual Hierarchy

The most important content must be displayed above the fold. You can also use less white space to bring together the items. 

Avoid Over Design

If the text looks like graphics, it might be mistaken for an advertisement. Therefore, use high contrast text and background colors and try to keep the content as clear as possible. 

Use Known Symbols

In terms of design, it is better not to be too ambitious. Because customers are acquainted with certain symbols and their positioning on the page, it is better to use the known symbol in popular spaces. 

Avoid Pop-Up Windows

Don’t distract your customers with pop-up windows. Even though you add important information there, customers are more likely to dismiss it immediately.

Ecommerce Product Page Design


Source (

A great ecommerce UX refers to a website where customers can successfully find the product they want. Designing a product page is crucial as it can affect the overall performance of the application. You need to consider a few things while designing your product page:

  • Provide high-quality and large product image with white background 
  • Maintain a consistent design on every product page to highlight the product in the first place 
  • You can also use product video with large size images
  • Provide the right amount of space to write product information 
  • It is very important to include engaging and unique designing

Organized Product Categories

From product search to putting them into the cart, customers should have a seamless experience when they are dealing with your products; the top navigation should show a set of categories a site offers. It is perfect to use user-test site navigation for better ecommerce UX.

Make the Search Bar Omnipresent

You need to put the search bar on every single page of your website. The box must be visible, and the search symbol should be there to make it quickly recognizable. 

Use High-Quality, Large Images

You should add adequate design to attach immediate feedback to the shopping page. 

Customer Support

The audience might have some doubts regarding your page; let them ask those questions and be prompt when you answer those questions. It is a good idea to include a simple search query and suggest your shoppers with various functions. 

Allow Filtering Results

Filtering results is crucial to ease the process of product search. It is indeed very troublesome to find a particular product from those huge collections. By adding a filtering search, you can give value to your customers’ choices and facilitate their shopping journey. 

Special Offers

Your shoppers need to feel special when they shop with you. You should provide them ample importance. Make exclusive offers for them add enticing price differences to stimulate their urge to shop with you. 

Product Quick View


The quick view method reduces the time of the shoppers and helps them find the right product, and eliminating unnecessary loading time. Characteristically, the product details are shown in a modal window.

For the quick view method, you don’t need to add all information; instead, add a link to view the entire product details. Don’t forget to add to cart or save as Wishlist button in product quick view method. 

Employ Persuasive Design

There is a tendency to assign a higher value to the objects that are scarce, and a considerable lower value to those that are sufficient as a resource. You need to create a sense of urgency among the shoppers to ignite the sales process. You can show them how many products are left, products that are out of stock, and showcase sale deadlines. This will stimulate your users’ urge to take quick action. 

Ecommerce businesses are conducting psychological research to gauge the users’ psychology and drive more engagement with persuasive ecommerce website design.

Shopping Cart Design


The shopping cart is another essential part of all design. The basic goal of the shopping cart is to lead your customers to the checkout. You can follow the listed tips to make our checkout page more appealing: 

Add a Call-to-Action

The primary CTA on the shopping cart page should be the checkout button. For ecommerce web design, designers should use bright colours, clickables and easy language for making the final button visible. 

Ample Product Description

It is crucial to display details like product name, images, sizes, colours and prices on the final page to assist shoppers in completing the purchase. 

Be Consistent

The design should be fluent and easy to remove mess, save or change the size, colour, or quantity of the product. 

Use a Variety of Images

You can include product images and videos from a different angle for a better understanding of the products. A 360-degree view can ease the customers’ viewing processes and let them zoom into the product to understand the quality. For a better experience, you can add a VR (virtual reality) view method. 

Product Recommendation

As per your customers’ shopping preference and the most trendy purchased product, you can add a product recommendation. This will help the customers to find their choice of product and influence their shopping decision. 

Ecommerce Checkout Design 

A trendy ecommerce website design not only provides great UX success, it also help the shoppers to complete a purchase. Therefore, we should take few things into consideration: 

Various Payment Options

You must offer various payment options for the convenience of the shoppers.

Simple Checkout Page

The checkout page should be simple, do not confuse the buyers with surplus information. 

Optional Registration

You must make the registration page optional so that customers don’t feel compelled to login. 

Keep Customers on Track

If you are using multiple checkout pages, it is better to include a progress bar where all the steps would be shown to complete the purchase. This will help the shoppers stick to their purchase decision and assure them they are on the right track. When the purchase is complete, show them an order confirmation pop-up with a shipment tracking link. 

Offer Support

You must assist the customers with live chat support or by providing them with contact numbers throughout the checkout process. 

To Conclude 

Ecommerce website design is an intricate task that determines the success of your website. With a seamless design, you can offer a better customer experience; eventually, the design complements ecommerce web development. Thanks to technology that can empower your business with potential quality. 

The most intricate decision is to choose the right platform that suits your business niche in terms of development. With the guidelines mentioned above, you will able to stay organized and make better decisions for your online business.

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