Parham Azimi
Parham Azimi 13 May 2021

Improving the Visibility of Your Message

It’s becoming even more crucial for companies to meaningfully engage with their audience online. As the noise within digital spaces increases and content overload hits us all, organizations need to find more efficient ways to connect with increasingly limited attention spans. This is particularly relevant in the current climate, as many physical interactions have moved online, putting pressure on organizations to deliver engaging output, with a strong emphasis on visual content.

In a competitive environment, visuals are king. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. However, creating quality visual content, particularly video content, can be time consuming. Internal teams with limited resources can find themselves struggling to keep up with demand. 

So how can teams make the most of visual media and manage projects effectively?

Making the Most of your Existing Assets

One of the biggest challenges for any company with an archive of visual content, is managing a large and ever-increasing number of files. It’s often the case that resources are stored in multiple locations both on-prem and in the cloud, which makes them difficult to find. 

Traditionally, only Enterprises had a distinct need to manage a large quantity of media assets. However, there is now a strong trend towards the mid-market sector and SMB’s developing content to support their company’s message too.

Often newer staff aren’t aware of the type of content that’s at their disposal. This can sometimes lead to teams in different locations, actually recreating content that’s already been developed without realizing it. Obviously, this is a huge waste of resources and connecting the dots on the assets available, regardless of where they are stored, needs to be a big priority for all organizations. 

In the current climate, lots of companies are looking at remote storage to help them manage their content. Cloud storage has opened up a wealth of cost-effective options to choose from, but it needs to be approached strategically. If storage isn’t combined with smart media management, you will end up archiving content without ensuring teams can access it intuitively. 

Searchable = Actionable 

Meta-data tagging can take content libraries and make them searchable. An archive can then be used as a jumping off point for new projects. Providing valuable insights into where an organization has come from creatively and where it is headed. But crucially it can also save time on current projects. With everything collated and easily accessible, teams can collaborate more easily, because their workflow isn’t interrupted by trying to source what they need to reference. 

The right algorithms can recognize objects, color, subjects, feelings, and environments. Even identifying frame by frame visuals within video content, or transcribing audio into searchable keywords. By creating many paths to a single asset using AI tagging, valuable visual content can be sourced simply by searching for a few key words.

Time Waits for No-One

Something that is both a challenge and a benefit when it comes to working on visual content, is that there can be a lot of stakeholders involved. Graphics and video don’t just capture an external audience’s imagination. These projects bring in-house attention too, so there’s likely to be a lot of eyeballs from different departments on your project.

Keeping timelines on track is one of the biggest challenges for creative projects, with so many sources of input, it’s easy for revision requests to stack up. The best media management options have built-in collaboration tools that enable teams to share, edit and review collectively. With social distancing set to be with us for the foreseeable future, finding new ways to streamline project management while working remotely will prove vital.

Staying Responsive

Organizations are dealing with audiences that have not only developed extremely high standards when it comes to production value, they also expect significantly more content. Daily interaction with social platforms means that our threshold for visual content has been raised significantly.

Therefore, the key to managing the visibility of your company’s message is staying responsive to an audience. Regularly releasing content that elevates the brand but remains topical and relevant to the consumer’s life is key. 

While this strategy makes a much bigger impact over the long-term, developing content in this way can be extremely time-consuming, not to mention costly. Whether briefing an agency or generating content themselves, organizations need to make use of new tools to maximize what they already have and make the creation of new assets as efficient as possible.

This may sound mechanical but in reality, it cuts out repetitive tasks and allows content teams to focus on their creativity. 

Managing media effectively throughout its lifecycle, speeds up the process of delivering value. Ultimately improving visibility not only for the audience but also for those creating it. Efficiency becomes the window that offers teams a clear view of both their target audience and their creative process. 

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