5 of the Best Startup Promo Videos of all Time

We've selected 5 of our favourite promo videos from startups across the world to inspire you and see the potential of promotional video content.

1. Warby Parker

Warby Parker is an American, cost-effective glasses company. This promo had all the right elements to it. It was fun, they introduced the product straight away and were very direct with their audience. The best thing about this project is, it probably won’t cost much at all, with an estimated value of $10,000…not bad.

2. Squatty Potty

Fun, quirky and guaranteed to catch your eye. This promo tackles the audience through humour and ridiculous theatrics, using a medieval man and a unicorn that poops rainbow coloured ice cream. Funnily enough, even though this promo is completely whacky, it correlates with the product rather well.

Squatty Potty is a company that provides support for people on the toilet to help them release their bowels more comfortably. Through the use of props, 2D and 3D animation, this promo video has proven to be complex and committed to the message they are sending. The estimated value of this promo is at $40,000, making it one of the more pricey promos on this list.

3. Yova

Yova is an application that helps small businesses manage their costs and stock better. With a clean animation and a wonderful delivery, Yova has allowed business owners to sit back and think “hmm maybe this could work”. With a beautiful voice over and a stunning animation, this project will probably range between $1,500- $6,000.

4. Dissolve - This is a Generic Brand Video

This is a Generic Brand Video, by Dissolve is mostly composed of stock footage. When making a promo video of this manner, you only need three things, beautiful shots, an editor and a strong and commanding voice over to tie all these shots together and these guys nailed it!

Using stock footage isn’t always the cheapest route to go down but if you are aiming to avoid complications that come along with filming or animation, this is definitely the right path. Coming in at a price of $5000, it definitely looks like a bargain in comparison to the rest of this blog.

5. Square Stand

Square Stand was a startup that aims to replace the common cash register by using an application via iPad instead. Square Stand capitalised on this by using classic cash registers as a table, coat hanger, decorations and dumbells etc. and did so in a very sophisticated manner. A project like this would probably cost around $10,000.

Whilst all of these videos are great and have served their respected companies well. Video marketing can be expensive, but here at VidOps, our sole aim is to help businesses grow.

With that in mind, we can be very flexible to suit your needs because we know that we can give you the best value for your budget.

Don’t be afraid of videos. Embrace them

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