Araz Guidanian
Araz Guidanian 13 April 2021

Tricks Every B2B Consultant Needs to Know to Get More Sales

B2B marketing is taking the ecommerce industry by storm, which means that going digital is fundamental if you want to succeed. Almost 50% of B2B consumers are millennials and that puts a huge change in the b2b buying process.

Of this process, around 40% of salespeople say that prospecting is the most challenging part, followed by closing at 36% and qualifying at 22%. It goes to show that selling to other businesses is not as easy as it seems. 

Not everyone can take up to the task of connecting with leads and effectively converting them into customers. But with a superior strategy, excellent research, and the right tricks, you can sell smarter and get more sales than you did before.

Keep an Excellent Online Presence 

Email marketing, social media, and multichannel marketing are among the strategies you can employ to generate leads and sales. Social media is especially helpful for a small business that needs to get the word out. 

74.5% of small and medium businesses utilize social media to promote their business. Utilize social media by keeping a profile highlighting your credibility and use social media analytics tools to ensure your job is done efficiently. Although, being overly sales-y when prospecting through social media is not a good idea.

Research shows 50% of prospects think salespeople are pushy while only 17% of them feel this way, which shows why it isn’t helpful. Instead, share informative content and engage with them regularly while allowing considerable time in between.

Have a Diplomatic Approach 

Taking a diplomatic approach is one of the tricks that can help you improve relationships, build respect, and close deals that will lead to sales. In business, diplomacy is about letting your prospect have your way. 

It is not about what you have to say, but how you say it. The key is to be empathetic and find common ground where you can have a mutual understanding. Learn about the right words and the proper phrasing of your message.

Adopting a diplomatic approach includes using the right words when sending email to a prospect, ensuring they will open it and give it a second glance. Here are some of the right words to include in the title of your email:

  • Apply
  • Opportunity 
  • Connect 
  • Demo
  • Payments

Use of personalized words is also crucial, as it helps you to build a rapport with clients. Avoid using “worst words” such as “show you how” and “we provide” over 4x in a conversation, which indicates a drop of 13% and 22% drop in conversion rate, respectively.

Make Your Own Targeted Email List

Email marketing is king in digital marketing given its proven effectiveness and 4400% ROI. But just sending emails is not enough. B2B marketing automation systems is crucial, having reportedly already increased revenue by 60%.

Besides email automation, 74% of marketers say that sending personalized emails help increase customer engagement. You can significantly increase your sales if you take the time to send targeted emails to your prospects through a tactic called segmenting. 

In segmenting, you break your email list into groups of customers based on specific characteristics. You can then write personal emails with hyper-relevant content to each group, which will likely lead to a significant impact in revenue. 

Keep in mind to protect your domain and email before proceeding to bulk email activities. Make sure your emails do not end up in the spam folder and your domain doesn't get in the hands of cybercriminals for impersonation and phishing. Use DKIM, DMAC and SPF record check tools to make sure you are well protected from risks and danger.

Become a Product Specialist

If you cannot adequately show to your customers how your product will address his or her needs, selling it to them is next to impossible. You need to know your products inside and out to the point of being able to demo it like a professional.

Don’t just master everything about your product, but also how to demo it in the way your prospect intends to use it. By becoming a product specialist, you can strengthen your communication skills, boost enthusiasm to your product, and grow your confidence.

You will have an easier time to counter doubts when you are well-versed not only in your products but your competitors as well. You can generate significant credibility that helps to grow your reputation and close deals effectively. 

Join and Actively Participate in Serviceable Groups

Over 70% of sales professionals utilize social selling tools like Facebook and LinkedIn. But you can also use these platforms to build influential relationships. In those platforms, you can spend quality time, add value, and have engaging conversations. 

One of the serviceable groups you can achieve this is LinkedIn Groups. You can make the most of your social media engagement here not by pitching your product. Rather, provide relevant insights that can help and benefit the members of the group. 

Building influence within these groups further contributes to your credibility and builds trust among your prospects. It enables you to generate more connections to obtain more sales and boost your bottom line.

Follow Your Competitors on Social Media 

A survey says that in every 10 salespeople, four are said to receive 2 to 3 deals directly from social media. Thus, it makes sense to leverage social media in boosting sales and keeping updated on what’s happening in the industry. 

It will help you understand the common issues that the customers of your competitors are facing and learn from your competitors as well. It can provide you with actionable insight to make yourself standout and deal with the same problems more efficiently.

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