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Vaishali Gopi 2 April 2021
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Benefits of Trigger Options for Lead Generation

Not everyone visits your website with the purpose of buying your products immediately. Some people might want to know more about your business, look at what you offer, and leave. So, how do you make such visitors return and buy from you, particularly if they are interested in your products?

In other words, how do you capture leads and nurture them to increase your sales? We have discussed all this and more below with a special focus on lead generation technologies. 

In marketing and sales parlance, a ‘lead’ refers to a contact who has the potential to turn into a customer. Once such a person moves beyond one-way communication and takes some additional steps to get in touch with your business, he/she is considered to be a ‘prospect’ or a potential customer. So, your marketing teams need to be focused on nurturing leads into prospects so that the salespeople can move them through the pipeline to close a deal. 


Nowadays, this process from lead generation to qualification and conversion is well-structured to suit the needs of the technology-led world. Still, nearly 61% of B2B marketers feel that getting high-quality leads is a big challenge.

You don’t just need to know who has interacted with your company, but you also want to know whether they are the right fit as a customer. You may find some contacts that are nowhere connected to your target audience. Some may not have the readiness to purchase there and then. 

So, the goal here is to identify and qualify leads with the most potential, before they can be nurtured to increase sales. This is how lead generation software can help. 

Read the The State of B2B Lead Generation 2021 report by London Research which explores how companies have adapted their marketing and lead generation activities since the emergence of the Covid-19 crisis, and how they are budgeting accordingly. 

Benefits of Trigger Options for Generating Leads

In today’s competitive business landscape, you need to have a proactive approach to customer engagement. Consumers have too many options to choose from and they can easily shift to another brand. So, you need to put in extra thought and care into finding and reaching your target audience. 

Modern-day lead generation technologies can engage your visitors before they exit your website using triggered messages. These are personalized messages proactively sent to users based on their location, demographics, past activity, etc. You can also collect prospects’ information and transform your sales and customer relationship strategy in keeping with the new insights. Check out the example chat window below.


Now, let’s look at some specific benefits of using trigger options for lead generation. 

1. Increasing Awareness

Realistically, not all website visitors convert into paying customers on their first visit. But herein lies a unique marketing opportunity: While people are checking out your site, you can send automated messages to ask some general questions to know more about them and their interests.

You can also direct them to specific product pages and apprise them of certain offers. This way, they will leave with at least some information about your business even if they don’t buy from you that instant. 

You can deploy technologies like live chat and chatbots to streamline the triggering process and go a step further to customize these tools. Set business hours and select a particular frequency for your messages. You can choose to trigger more than once or go the non-spammy route of triggering only once. Another practice is to opt for trigger options within business hours and during ongoing chats. 

2. Targeting Desired Customers

While generating a high volume of contacts is a good thing for your business, it’s quite possible that a large section won’t translate into revenue. Even if you get a lot of traffic on your site, only a small percentage of leads would be sales-ready. And this may create a need for tweaking your customer acquisition strategy. 

In this scenario, it’s best to emphasize quality leads over the number. A solution that lets you use default conditions, custom events and trigger visitors based on your needs is ideal for segmenting and targeting customers. You can also consider integrating your lead generation software with other platforms and software. A combination of live chat, CRM system, and helpdesk software can work wonders for capturing and utilizing valid contact information, buyer persona, etc. 

3. Offering Omnichannel Experience

Once you have established a proper structure for attracting the right leads, spend some time visualizing how the execution would play out. Live chat solutions typically let you personalize your trigger messages as you can alter the content to fit your brand and target audience. You can then use it consistently across different communication channels. 


We recommend going for a live chat and help desk combo as it allows for unification of customer conversations across multiple channels, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, email, and more. You can also make use of rich media like images, PDFs, emojis, strikers, videos, etc. to make conversations more engaging and relevant. In those cases when the lead drops off suddenly, customer messaging software makes it easy to follow up through automatic email notifications. 

4. Improving Sales and Profit Ratios

Deploying a chatbot with artificial intelligence capabilities is like having a 24/7 sales wingman on your site. You can use bots to generate quality leads when your agents are offline or when you want your teams to focus on more high-impact stuff. The marketing and sales teams can later auto-upload the lead data into the CRM and analyze which customers need a human touch.

Bot flows can be easily customized to facilitate conversation handovers to agents, especially when visitors have complicated queries. Due to the reasons mentioned above, nearly 80% of marketers use automation software to step up their customer acquisition and lead conversion game. 

For running successful triggered campaigns, communicate a clear call-to-action (CTA) in your messages, informing visitors about specific offers. Include links to product pages where they can view the latest deals and help them with navigation and purchase procedures. Poundit, a leading ecommerce player in the Philippines, applied this strategy to achieve a 50% increase in visitor response and another 50% boost in sales

5. Getting Campaign Insights

One of the most prominent benefits of using customer messaging software for lead generation is that it makes the process data-driven and improvement focused. While talking to a potential customer, you can get the context and intel into the team inbox instead of scattered and irrelevant information.

Modern lead generation systems can also give a view of metrics like navigation history, message seen, sent, reply rates, navigation etc. With plug-in bots and other integration capabilities with other external apps, you can have smart conversations that lead to conversions.

The following image shows the sales pipeline in the context of the online world. The right software tools can take care of a significant portion of this pipeline while streamlining the process and delivering satisfaction. 


To summarize, integrated lead generation solutions can be useful for:

  • Reducing page drop-offs
  • Announcing offers to specific visitors
  • Preventing cart abandonments
  • Nurturing prospects and delivering customer value
  • Increasing sales revenue 

We hope you use these insights to boost your conversation rates and become a champion of customer acquisition.

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