Priya Kumari
Priya Kumari 1 April 2021

5 Secret Tips to Help You Fuel Your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Plan

These unprecedented times require you to plan and go big. But what more can you do to thrive during unprecedented times and make a difference to the business fraternity across the globe?

We bring you the secret formulae from the experts here at Valasys Media to help you succeed with your ABM initiatives. Forrester defines ABM as a strategy that allows marketing and sales to jointly obsess over how to pursue, establish and mature in the long run to fetch high engagement and revenue relationships with specific customer accounts. Marketing & sales alignment is elementary to your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) plan.

ABM focuses on high-value customers and on accounts that require strategic planning and proper orchestration of resources to communicate value and leverage the value proposition of goods or services at disposal to win-over the high-value customers.

Below are five strategies to help you grow with your ABM initiatives, to not just sustain, and thrive but outlast the competition in the marketplace:

1. Segment Your Market & Proceed Ahead With Personalized Contact

Merely knowing your target audience groups isn’t enough. That’s something we all do in the industry. The right trick lies in the correct segmentation. You need to identify the proper clusters you can bifurcate and place your target audience groups into.

Once you have segmented your target audience groups into clusters, you should approach them with hyper-personalized pieces of content. For user-engagement highly valuable and snackable pieces of content are necessary. At the same time, the content also needs to be curated to users' areas of interest and should provide them with some sort of information or solution that they have been researching about.

Each person in the target audience group needs to be provided with a specific personalized set of experiences so that he or she can engage with the experiences being provided and can optimize the experiences.

Each person or stakeholder in the sales process falls under one of the following roles: a) Decision-makers – marketing VP, users – marketing team, influencers – sales team and purchaser – CFOs and each of them needs to be provided with personalized pieces of content to effectively drive and boost the conversions.

By understanding the differences in their roles, marketers can appropriately communicate to each individual and can work effectively to drive the conversions.

2. Get Your Research Right

Marketers need to do their research right, the seasonal trends need to be gauzed, measured, and optimized and the buying motivations of the target audience groups need to be tracked and measured.

Marketers need to understand what would be the best timing to promote the content. Not only the appropriate timing for promoting the content but also the appropriate timing for content optimization needs to be figured out and worked on.

3. Relevant Messaging

Marketers need to include the information that is compelling for each persona. Marketers need to understand not only their target market but also the daily charges involved.

4. Communicate

The right communication lies at the heart of winning over the customers and is central to the personalized multi-channel realm not only to demonstrate the capabilities but to provide meaningful content at the right time and in the right place for each stakeholder.

5. Evaluate and Measure

ABM programs need to be well-orchestrated to support and back up the sales team. Like all the strategic processes, marketers need to evaluate, measure, and adjust their marketing strategies.

The Goal of ABM Campaigns

The end goal of ABM campaigns is to skyrocket your revenue goals. Therefore, marketers need to evaluate, measure, and adjust their marketing mixes and focus on the end-result of skyrocketing the revenue goals.

The focus of brands needs to be centered on finding out the right customers for your brand and how they can engage with more stakeholders in the target audience groups. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a new strategic sales and marketing strategy that would equip marketers to win-over new accounts and expand their business profiles.

Marketers need to support their sales teams with the hyper-targeted strategy for their account-based initiatives to be materialized to full fruition.

Enterprise account-based initiatives materialize to their grandest when blended with support from sales and marketing teams and with sales and marketing integration.

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