Kenny Tripura
Kenny Tripura 17 June 2021

Why it's Worth Investing in Address Verification

Address database management is needed by a wide range of companies and businesses. Time and money are the two main assets for any business. Not having the right details for the shipment of a package can result in the waste of both assets.

Smart enterprises always rely on address verification software for precise delivery of the package and shipment. Whether you want to reach out to customers for the promotion of a company or any other purpose, an accurate mailing database is crucial. SMEs cannot afford to hire complete teams to process the mailing addresses so they turn to APIs and smart programs for faster processing.

Good things come with a price but these online APIs seem almost free as compared to the practicality and benefits. The manual processing of mailing addresses is not the most frustrating part because things get complicated when the package is returned to an invalid address by the recipient. These packages can cost a lot because the business will have to bear the shipment cost in every case.

Address Verification for Businesses

Shipment costs are high for both local and internal deliveries. Correct and valid addresses are compulsory for the successful delivery of the package. Special in times of pandemics, businesses cannot afford the cost of invalid or incorrect mailing addresses. Startups and organizations don’t realize the impact of invalid addresses until they run out of budget.

Address validation and verification processes need high-speed data processing tools and address verification API offers the desired processing power and features. Address validation services are booming because higher costs of shipment are scaring the business community.

Address Verification API and Services

The demand for address verification APIs and service is booming as these solutions not only reduce manual labor but also delivery costs. The integration of address verification software is an investment that is going to offer the highest ROI beyond your expectations. Instead of using the services of any address validation company, companies can integrate these APIs into their existing infrastructure.

The processing of API is simple but effective. The requested mailing addresses are compared against the official database provided by authorities. In case of any mismatch, the invalid addresses are highlighted. This simple step can help you to reduce the returned packages due to invalid or incorrect addresses.

Benefits of Using Address Validation APIs

Accurate and timely delivery of the package and shipment is the ultimate goal of every business. Late or rejected deliveries due to an invalid address not only cost money but reputation too.

Usually, customers don’t realize mistakes in the address so they tend to blame the company. Businesses cannot blame the customer either. The best strategy is to eliminate the chances of dispatching the shipment to an invalid address for the very start of the process.

Having a database of the mailing addresses is not enough. Millions of citizens change their mailing addresses every year so the importance of address validation API still remains intact. The aim is to have the updated databases with accurate validation too. Here are some practical benefits of integrating address verification software for your business:

1. Reduced Returned Mails

The confirmation of a valid address before the shipment can reduce the returned mails. Instead of bearing the cost of undeliverable mails, the business can easily get rid of invalid or incorrect addresses. If frequent mailing is needed, the address validation API can lead to significant savings.

2. Improved Quality of Deliveries

Customers expect timely deliveries and they are not concerned whether you have the correct address or not. Failing to deliver the order on time means they will blame your services. To avoid these complications, companies are suggested to integrate the address verification APIs. The accurate organization of the mailing address database supports business growth on different fronts.

3. Improved Communication with Consumers

At some point, the business has to communicate with its customers through some sort of printed materials. Sending personalized postcards and printed promotional material is common practice. Not having an accurate mailing address database will lead to failed communication and no business can afford this setback.

APIs play a significant role to enhance the quality of customer care and customer relationships. Organizations and companies with API integration are found to have better customer relationships and more effective communication channels.

4. Reduce Mailing Costs

3rd party service providers cost a lot when it comes to addressing validation. Instead of bearing these high costs, invest in APIs. The integration of API is easy and fast. Using the services from any other company may expose your confidential data.

As the APIs are secured with advanced technologies, there is no chance of data breach. Using APIs reduce the additional costs so the business gets to enjoy affordable mailing services.

5. Enhanced Delivery Speed

Address validation APIs validate the address according to the standards. As the exact address included street number, house number, and all other credentials, the delivery is made at a faster pace.

Imagine delivering the package to the address with no street number or Zipcode. The use of smart technologies offers faster completion of the job. Delivery speed is the main concern in several fields so businesses cannot afford invalid addresses.

6. No Hardware Cost

Software and APIs are meant to offer speed and accuracy without any type of hardware changes. APIs can be integrated with your existing IT infrastructure without any extra equipment. As there are no hardware costs involved, companies find these APIs very lucrative. Web-based services can be controlled and accessed from anywhere right from your mobile or laptop.

Should Businesses Invest in Address Validation APIs?

Any organization that deals with the mailing address database must consider address verification software. The one-time investment can help you to reduce the mailing costs along with the said benefits.

In competitive business environments, companies cannot make mistakes. Smart solutions reduce the chances of mistakes with proactive analysis of the databases. No matter what the line of your business is, at some point, you will have to deal with mailing addresses. Having address validation API is worthy of your investment.

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