Priya Kumari
Priya Kumari 14 June 2021

Top 10 Types of Content for Optimized Audience Engagement and Conversions

Creating content is the prime responsibility of content marketers. However, the content that has to be created must be engaging and must attract traction.

Also, an important function of the content should be to facilitate link-building.

So, if you’re struggling with content ideas that can help you convert your content here are few content ideas that might actually help you drive engagement:

1. Authority Content

Authority content is a specific type of content that focuses on building your brand's credentials in the industry. This credibility is sometimes referred to as a topical authority and otherwise known as the perception that you know what you're talking about.

Authority content helps in driving traffic, engagement as well as building high-quality backlinks. Authority content is preferred by Google when it comes to improving the rankings on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

People write authority content if they:

  1. Link to scientific studies or other ultra-credible sources
  2. Delve into great detail on a topic and link to subtopics throughout the piece (authority content often comprises of content pillars)
  3. Providing specialized knowledge that is otherwise difficult to find elsewhere

2. Ebooks

According to Statista, the entire ebook market is expected to grow at between $15 to $18 billion.

Ebooks are on the top when it comes to the types of content used for marketing. Ebooks, however, are not prioritized often by the marketers in their marketing strategies and don't really get as much attention as they deserve.

3. Documents Reflecting Subject-Matter-Expertise

Standout opinion pieces matter for marketers. Being in the industry everybody wants to learn from the industry experts themselves. Platforms like Medium and Huffington Post are the preferred platforms for thought leaders to share their ideas. Publishing on these platforms also enables marketers to benefit from the domain credibility and allows them to share the spotlight with a large audience.

Subject-matter-directed standout opinion pieces are also a great way for marketers to share their ideas with their peers and can be published on various syndication platforms. Also, getting quality backlinks means that your omnichannel brand reputation will be consolidated and your brand will stand out in the marketplace.

4. How-to Content

Tutorials and how-to content are amongst the most common form of content. They are fantastic to inspire the readers and to compel them to take actions to take your brand to the next level.

How-to content not just helps readers learn about your brand but also helps them solve their specific problems and meet their specific demands.

There’s no specific format of the how-to content. People can create videos, blogs, infographics, and more.

5. Original Research Pieces

What’s better than well-researched original pieces of content, well just nothing. Most of today's content is modeled after yet another piece of content. Original research can be the original driver that fetches you quality leads, engagement, and backlinks.

Moreover, the originally written pieces of content are amongst the most shared pieces of content. Such content is valuable for the audience because it is intricately original and can’t be found elsewhere.

Original research pieces can be published in many forms:

  • Investigation journalism
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Experiments
  • Interviews

6. Trending Content

Every content marketer wishes to go viral. However, getting content to go viral is a mystical secret. Virality first cropped up in social media and thereafter transcended to the blogging ecosphere. There is no definite recipe for creating a viral art form; however, some tricks might work:

  • Keep abreast with your industry and publicize your content on social media so that it spreads fast
  • Viral content is supposed to spread fast; just like fire in the forest. So, the content marketers should share the content at the right time
  • Also, assign a call-to-action with your content and make your content unique and show-stopping
  • Always try and evoke an emotion with your writing – be it a sense of aww or otherwise

7. Videos

Videos are gaining precedence as one of the best channels for marketing purposes. Videos continue to dominate 2021 in the wake of the next normal, and marketers are figuring out ways to make video marketing work in 2021. Videos are great because they:

  • Leverage visual and audio content
  • Bolster text and other static content
  • Provide SEO support via transcripts
  • Can be uploaded and shared to other platforms
  • Invite engagement in the form of content or shares

8. Invest in High ROI Content  

The market is full of ideas for creating high-quality content that bolsters engagement, links, and conversion. No matter what content you create, please ensure that you're doing it right. There are a specific set of rules that the marketers can create to ensure their success:

  • Stay Specific on Topic

Try to keep it neat. You needn’t tell a thousand stories at one time but just need to tell one story effectively. Do some research about one specific topic and highlight its various aspects.

  • Hire Professionals

80% of  business leaders in the industry have professional writers working for them, claims research by Content Marketing Institute. So, it is advisable for marketers to invest in good writers.

  • Be Transparent

Rome wasn’t built in a day. In order to build a successful brand, marketers need to keep their long-term goals in mind. To be able to achieve long-term success, marketers need to practice patience and reflect on a transparent culture. The better you are at flaunting your company culture and making your target audience understand why you do what you do, the easier it gets for you to reap long-term rewards.

  • Write for Your Target Audience

Content marketers should be willing to adjust their approach as per the needs of their target audience groups. They must critically analyze the expectations of their target audience groups and must accordingly adjust their course of action.

  • Play with Diverse Content Formats

Saturation is boring. The same goes for content formats. As a content marketer, one relentlessly needs to create multiple forms of content and deliver something valuable for their target audience groups all the time.

To play with different content formats, one needs to start with the right approach at the right time and create an invincible content strategy. It involves content repurposing and presenting the content in diverse formats to the target audience groups.

9. Assimilate Modern SEO Practices

SEO is an ever-evolving field and marketers should abide by the best SEO practices to make their content visible to a wider audience group.

10. High ROI Content is a Long-Term Game

Long-form, reasonable, and SEO-optimized content is something that never goes out of fashion. Such content reflects on your subject-matter expertise, provides precise resolution to the pain points of the customers, and helps marketers accomplish their ROI goals.

Wrap up

The role of modern content marketers is to create content not just for the heck of it but one that helps businesses attract maximal conversions and optimize their bottom-line goals. Creating the following types of content will help marketers capture as many eyeballs as possible and win over an optimal number of audiences.

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