Justyna Lesniakiewicz
Justyna Lesniakiewicz 7 June 2021

4 Simple Ways to Boost Your Online Business with Conversational Marketing

Marketing is all about the customers. With conversational marketing, analyzing clients' needs is easier than you think. Conversational marketing is one of the most powerful trends that triggered changes in how brands communicate with their clients. It allows you to plan marketing activities carefully, personalize offers, and verify the target group. Let's see what conversational marketing is and how you can use it to boost your online businesses!

What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing is a website marketing method that engages with online visitors and converts leads with dialogue-driven activities. It enables online businesses to build relationships and create authentic experiences with their clients. Giving the visitors a real-time conversation experience is one of the fastest ways to lead customers through sales funnels and improve the overall customer experience

Thanks to conversational marketing, brands can offer authentic and immediate interaction with their customers. Instead of letting the clients wait hours or even days for responses, conversational marketing engages visitors as soon as they visit the website and quickly addresses all issues. 

Conversational marketing tools such as live chats or chatbots have an extensive range of possibilities. Don't limit yourself to a classic one-to-one conversation. Let's check how a few simple conversational marketing tricks can help you boost your online businesses.

Engage your Customer with a Conversational Landing Page 

Conversational landing pages are web pages that offer each visitor personalized content and take potential clients directly to a live chat with your customer service team or a chatbot-driven interaction. It allows you to provide real-time support and guide your potential customers to take specific action. 

Conversational landing pages lack any unnecessary distractions - they usually have very little text, allowing a chatbot to present relevant content and having visitors focus on the conversation. 

With conversational landing pages, you can capture leads during online events, ask for data for webinar registrations, share helpful content, collect newsletter subscriptions, personalize products, and many more. By offering tailored content, conversational landing pages save time and give clients exactly what they want.

Reduce Abandoned Cart Rates with Chatbots

The worldwide shopping cart abandonment rate is quite shocking. According to the SaleCycle 2018 Report, it is as high as 75%! Reducing it is a way to stand out among other ecommerce businesses and win the competition.

The top strategy to reduce cart abandonment that outperforms the others is chatbots. Every time your clients abandon their carts, chatbots react immediately, enticing the customer back to their shopping, offering a discount, and supporting them with completing their purchase.

We see it as doing our customer’s a small favor - they don’t have to repeat the browsing process and put items in their cart all over again. Bots can also encourage your hesitating customers to purchase with timely 'last item' or 'best offer' notifications or a temporary discount code. 

With the chatbot's help, you can reduce the abandoned cart rate, increase your conversion rate, and collect feedback on how to improve your store.  

Tag your Customers for Extra Personalization

Chatbots can automatically tag customers who mentioned a phrase, performed a specific action, or visited a particular product's website. As a result, tagged customers will receive unique messages tailored to their needs and preferences. It is one of the best ways to provide a personalized customer service experience.

For example, if a customer purchased several expensive products, you can add a VIP tag to their profile. Next time a VIP customer visits your website, your chatbot will greet the customer with a personalized message and propose some special offers. Customers love that kind of individual approach. 

Power your Customer Service with AI

Available 24/7 and fast live chat support can become one of the most valuable assets of every ecommerce business. About 60% of customers believe that they're more likely to return to an ecommerce website that offers a real-time customer service supporting tool. To give your customers the highest quality experience, use a live chat powered by chatbots.

During the one-to-one live chat conversation with clients, customer service agents can easily switch to chatbot mode and use ready-made messages to minimize the time needed to answer individual responses. Moreover, chatbots can do most repetitive tasks for them, including:

  • Collecting the necessary data.
  • Guiding clients step by step through the ordering process. 
  • Providing the documents needed.

Customer Service powered by AI is a tremendous time-saver that increases the productivity of your customer service agents. Speeding up your responses will help you solve more queries and, in the process, boost your conversion.

It enables you to serve a much larger number of customers visiting your website at the same time and offer them the most exceptional customer service experience: a real human interaction plus smart chatbots to step in and take over the repetitive tasks when needed. With a human-chatbots duo, you can take care of your customers' needs without compromising your service quality. 

Final Words

Conversational marketing is priceless when it comes to offering personalized approaches and building a solid and reliable brand. Thanks to a real-time, one-to-one conversation, customers can get exactly what they need - an immediate solution to their problems.

However, to make most of the conversational marketing, you should base it on natural and straightforward communication. After all, live chat and chatbots are just tools that assist you in developing a trustworthy brand. They will not replace the human touch, which is invaluable in building long-term relationships with customers.

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