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Leads Brand Connect 3 August 2021

YouTube SEO: Tactics for Getting More Views and Subscribers

Video marketing means making the use of engaging videos in our marketing campaigns on social and digital channels to attract customers and reach an audience over a new medium. YouTube, the online video-sharing and social media platform, is an essential component for marketers and brand agencies. More than half of all marketers use YouTube as part of their video marketing strategy.

YouTube marketing is the practice of promoting business and products on the YouTube platform on either an individual or a company’s channel. This has proven to be a major game-changing tool in the field of brand advertising. The combination of SEO principles with video can take the game of digital branding by surprise.

Video production, besides creating engaging content, deals with knowing about optimizing our video’s metadata which gives viewers information about our video that includes the video’s title, descriptions, tags, closed captions, thumbnails, subtitles and category. These details assure that our video is properly indexed on YouTube and appears when people are searching for a similar video like ours, thereby increasing our reach.

Creating a new video that catches the user’s attention takes a lot of time and energy. To bring our video to the forefront, YouTube promotion services can prove to be a boon. A YouTube promotion service is a tool for demonstrating the proficiency of our brand, as well as creating brand awareness, promoting events, sharing information and facts and so on.

We have a few tested methods to optimize our content on YouTube which will help us provide more views and increase subscribers. A few of them are discussed below.

Keywords Research: A video with an exceptional amount of views is mostly optimized around a popular keyword. To find the right keywords, we need to make a list of all the keyword ideas that can describe our video. Using YouTube’s “search suggest” feature can be a reliable way to do this, as they are suggested by YouTube itself. 
Video Title: It is necessary to optimize the title that we give to our videos. The use of focus keywords in the video title clarifies what the video is about and helps us attract potential viewers for our video.
Tags: Tagging is the best SEO feature in YouTube that allows us to directly input relevant keywords to our title that will help our videos get more views. The use of LSI keywords (related keywords to the focus keywords) in an appropriate amount can help us explore more possible options with these tags and broadens its reach.
Encourage subscription: A subscriber is the most engaged viewer of our channel who has chosen to follow us because of our valuable content in the past and has the assurance of new content in future that drives their interest. If the user subscribes to our channel, our videos rank higher on their feed. Also, a channel with high subscribers ranks higher in search results as per YouTube’s algorithm.
Production Scene: Beyond SEO, there lies a quality component that attracts users to our videos. The video effects, the camera placement, a few tips and tricks on video visualization, use of a tripod for stable videos, background selection, optimum lighting, and sound clarity are among the important factors that can make a video stand out in the race and attract users.
Thumbnail: An eye-catching thumbnail is not a ranking factor, yet can induce clicks. We need to make sure that our thumbnail is informative about the video and tells viewers what the video is all about.
Closed Captions and channel link: Closed captions allows us to share our videos with a larger audience including deaf or hearing impaired viewers and viewers who speak another language. Higher engagement, in turn, boosts video search ranking and increases views.
Promotions: Promoting our channel among users on different platforms like social media, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Quora and other platforms will increase views and subscribers on our channel.

A well thought strategic brand management plan can ease the process of our channel promotion. For better reachability, we should try to promote not only video links but channel links. These links not only establish authority on YouTube but give an impression of the authenticity of the content.

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