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Tim Tyler 8 July 2021
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What Should SEO Consultants Deliver?

Many people know the importance and effects of SEO for their website and businesses have hired SEO agencies to work on their sites, but have not had the results they wanted to have. Some of them have even stopped using their domain because it was mismanaged.

Before hiring SEO for your business, you should know what things you have to be looking for. If you tend to ignore the impacts of SEO or do not care about the SEO agency you are working with, your website will stop improving and it cannot be good for your business.

An Explanation of SEO

What is SEO? A lot are familiar with SEO, but on the other hand, many web-owners do not know much about that. It is a necessity to collect adequate information before you start doing SEO on your website. You can even ask the SEO consultants to answer you and then you can choose wisely.

There are some phrases you may not know. Let's start reviewing some of them before we get started with SEO consultant's tips.

What does Impression Mean?

The number of impressions indicates the total times which that page has been viewed by people. Remember it is not about the number of people that have visited the page. It is about the number of times that page has been reviewed. One person can give 100 impressions if they see it 100 times.

What is the Clickthrough Rate?

The number of clicking on links or any parts of your website is called clickthrough rate which its contracted form is CTR.

How do you Calculate CTR?

The number of clicks is divided by the number of impressions and you have the CTR of your website.


SEO is used to give your site visibility and optimize it for search. If your site is not getting more impressions or cannot feel any changes from the time you hired them, you have not chosen the correct SEO team.

Note that time matters when it comes to SEO and its progress. If you have just started to work with them, you should be patient for a while and then question them about the things you were told before.

Targeted traffic

Another important thing you should pay attention to is "targeted traffic". You can use official tools like "Google Analytics" which will tell you how people entered your website, how long they stayed, or where they came from.

As soon as you start using that you will understand what things fascinates your viewers more than anything. And always check your backlinks. Your backlinks may be broken or removed. Ask your agency to do that for you.

Deep Insights

SEO teams have to give a monthly report to their client. That report, which you receive, should contain all of the details you need to know about your website's progress. That is where you can see which parts need to be corrected and fixed.

Sometimes you may want a special part of your website to grow. You can easily tell your partners to work on that page and people will see that. If you are an affiliate, you must be working on your product page and introduce it to different people.


SEO is not something just made by statistics. Search engine optimization is updating every day, so you need to know that SEO is not just uploading some content and providing some backlinks. To improve in SEO, you should be patient and work continuously.

After starting SEO on your website, you will see the impacts and progress on your site. You can be happy about that but never think that is enough. Search engines are updating every day. It means they may consider today's good metrics as bad ones in the future.

Backlink profile

When you have the report written by the team, check the backlink profiles to see where they have placed your link. Sometimes links are put on websites that are not in your niche or even worse, they are low in metrics.

Having these kinds of backlinks can damage your domain. To prevent this from happening, ask them for details about everything they do on your site and pages. This is something that should always happen. Some mistakes are inevitable.

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