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maggie Simmons 28 July 2021

Why is Responsive Design Crucial and Google Approved?

Can you remember your phone's tiny version of a desktop where you had to zoom and pinch to view something? Probably not an excellent experience! As a result, Google changed the search engine algorithms back in 2015, which now considers the mobile presence as a ranking indicator. As a result, the date was correctly referred to as Mobilegeddon. This alone may justify the need for responsive design!

In other words, on a smartphone, a website has to be easy to use. And, if not, your brand could lose out on leads and revenue.

Thus, responsive design is essential in web design not to lose clients in any manner. Now, let’s get into the insights of why responsive design is necessary, and Google approved. So, let’s get started!

What do you Mean by a 'Responsive Website?'

A responsive website in web design alters the layout to provide a device-based experience, particularly suitable for mobile viewing.

The design components of a mobile website include:

  • Text that is readable without zoom
  • Sufficient room for tap goals
  • Need not scroll horizontally

To make sure your website has a handheld-based experience, consider why responsive design in mobile solutions is vital.

Responsive web design (RWD) provides a single website system for responding to the device size – using a URL and a single source of content. In addition, a reactive website offers a smooth and flexible display that adjusts by screen size.

What matters is that site design provides an optimum surfing experience. Fundamentally, your website looks beautiful, works properly on the PC, tablet, and browser of your mobile phone.

You should make your website fully optimized for your business!

Advantages of a Mobile Responsive Design

The number one benefit of a responsive style is to ensure the best possible experience on your website for each user on any device. Responsiveness of a website in custom website design is also an excellent means of improving content on your site, ensuring that visitors using a mobile device see all the most basic information.

The Google algorithm change boosts exposure on search engines using a responsive site design – because it's mobile-friendly.

In short, it includes the advantages of adopting a responsive web design agency for your site:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Gains in search engine optimization
  • Easy handling

Consider each of these five advantages in detail so that you can understand a bit more about why you should invest your time in a responsive website.

1. Cost Efficiency

It might be costly to maintain different websites for your mobile and non-mobile audiences. You may save money by adopting reactive design by reducing payments for a mobile site. Then, you just have to invest in a single web design to appeal to everyone.

2. Flexibility

You can update quickly and simply if you have a website with a responsive design. You don't have to bother about changing two web pages. This versatility is a significant benefit if you want to change your design quickly or repair a tip – only once.

3. Enhanced User Experience

For website owners, user experience is vital. You want to make it easy for visitors to encourage them to return to your site. However, it might be unprofessional for your organization when you visit your website with a mobile device that takes time to load or when the photos do not display the correct resolution.

Nobody likes to deal with an unprofessional website. But responsive design, which delivers a far better user experience, might persuade consumers to offer an opportunity for your organization. As zooming and scrolling are removed, the material can be seen faster, and the overall impression is considerably more pleasant for visitors.

4. Gains in Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing search engines or SEO is a method employed by many organizations to improve search page ranks in Google. The nearer you go to the top, the more likely you will be to discover new consumers.

Sensitive design can improve SEO, as Google prefers mobile websites, as noted above. In addition, responsiveness might enable you to enhance results in the search engines together with other SEO variables.

5. Easy-Handling

Most companies, particularly smaller ones, do not have much time to maintain or alter their website design. However, you may make the modifications yourself easily and fast instead of requiring a designer to deal with every area of your website.

Furthermore, additional marketing components will be much easier to handle with just one website. For example, you won't have to ask if you're supposed to link your mobile site to a social media update or whether you want to send the appropriate people to the right site. Reactivity is highly stressful when a business website is managed.

Now, let’s get into why hiring a responsive design agency is important for your business. Read on to know more!

Why does Responsive Design Matter to Business?

  • Boost customer reach on smaller equipment (tablets & smartphones)
  • A continuous experience to boost planning, sales, and conversions
  • Analytics, monitoring, and reporting may all be carried out in one location.
  • Time and cost for management of content on-site is reduced
  • Staying ahead from the competition.

Note that there are two different ways of providing a mobile experience. Dynamic Serving is the first to utilize the same URL but distinct HTML and CSS code. Pages identify and give the correct code to the device on which they are viewed.

The second method is an entirely independent mobile site. Users are routed to a separate mobile URL when they visit on a mobile device.

While the proper measures to optimize mobile users are done, the most beneficial technique relies on every circumstance. So, figure out what works best for your web design and digital marketing agency before you get into the website. 

More than 5.7 billion web searches are performed every day by Google. You may also examine how easily your users can utilize the mobile phone on their page. Google even offers a mobile-friendly test. You just enter a URL page, and you get a score.

The Bottom Line

Your site now requires a good appearance and to work on a laptop, tablet, and browser for your smartphone. This can be helped with a responsive web design.

In this article, the question "what do you mean by a responsive design" is answered. A responsive web design comprises three components: the fluid grid, flexible texts, and media queries.

Recall that a responsive web design is important to your company. It's good for you to:

  • Increase consumer reach on all appliances
  • Keep the user experience constant, increasing retention
  • Consolidate analysis, follow-up, and reporting
  • Reduce onsite content maintenance time and costs
  • Contribute to other brands in your sector

Google drives 96% of mobile searches and suggests responsive design as the ultimate best practice. Why? Since responsive web design is mobile-friendly, it helps boost the exposure of search engines.

More traffic leads to improved lead creation, further transformations, and increased revenue – three significant reasons why responsive web design is important.

If you like this blog, don’t forget to leave your comments in the comment section below!

Author Bio!

Maggie Simmons writes insanely helpful marketing insights. She works as a Marketing Manager at Max Effect Marketing, a leading digital agency located in Denver, Colorado.

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