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How To Use A Social Media Wall For Your Virtual Event

Over the course of the past few months, virtual events have grown exponentially. The event world and attendees have quickly adapted to the changes that the pandemic has bought in to our day to day lives.

More than 50% of respondents think all physical events in the near future will have a virtual dimension to them. (Source: 614 Group). The growing virtual events marketing trends will upscale the demand to frequently organize virtual hybrid events in 2021 and beyond.

With the advancements in technologies, organizations around the world are hosting virtual events on a comprehensive virtual event platform. The benefits offered by virtual event technology are far beyond the reach of traditional event formats.

Online sessions are comparatively cost-effective and reduce the unnecessary hassle of various activities from booking travel tickets to accommodation. However, the flexibility offered by virtual events enables attendees to partake in online sessions at once from the comfort of their own spaces!

Embedding social walls in virtual events have surfaced as one of the most effective interactive and engaging features. It helps in boosting engagement levels at an online event via curating all the feeds across social media channels. It enables attendees to collaborate and network seamlessly and foster connections.

Social Media Wall For Virtual Events

A social wall for virtual events offers new realms of interaction and offers enormous benefits. It can be embedded in any virtual event in real-time to achieve optimal results. Social media aggregator works perfectly to amplify maximum attendee engagement.

The engaging feature aggregates content from all social media networks via unique hashtags and curates it in a single place. Social media aggregator is a great feature to drive traffic to virtual events and captures attendee’s attention effortlessly.

But, here is the catch! To achieve the maximum out of social walls in virtual events, one must master the way to utilize the power of social media walls for virtual events.

In this article, we have shared top tips and tricks that help in enticing more audiences by embedding a social wall in virtual events. This article is sure to answer your unresolved queries, so without wasting any time let’s get started!

What is the Need for Social Media Walls in Virtual Events?

As we stepped into the digital era, technological innovations have become a part of our daily lifestyle. Integrating social walls in virtual events is a brilliant move designed by tech freaks.

Embedding a social wall for virtual events makes it convenient for organizers to organize virtual events and amplify engagements with ease and accuracy. Multiple social media walls can be placed at a virtual venue at the most engaging hotspots as per the brand or business requirement.

Tips and Tricks to Attract More Attendees With Social Media Aggregator

1. Accelerate online visibility via social media wall

Utilize the potential of social media walls in virtual events to amplify the reach and revenues. Plan your marketing and promotion strategies smartly and take full advantage of social channels. It is the place where the maximum number of attendees hold their presence. You can plan to showcase all behind the scene from your social networks to achieve optimal results.

Curate all the interesting insights happening backstage on social walls such as test runs done by speakers right before the event and so forth. Amalgamating all the interesting scenarios on a social wall makes people curious about the event leaving them wanting more! When compared to traditional promotional campaigns, aggregators are much more convenient and budget-friendly.

2. Boost communications at an event

Integrating social media walls in your virtual events motivate the formation of an online community among the attendees. By embedding social walls in virtual events you can facilitate your attendees to have discussions with other attendees during breakout sessions. Additionally, the social wall breaks the wall between speakers and attendees to have communications during the event that too without disrupting anyone during online sessions.

3. Utilise social media walls to promote your upcoming event

Get a little creative and innovative to attract your potential target audience. The social wall can be an effective tool to promote your upcoming event. An interactive wall created by social media aggregators can be utilized to promote the upcoming event to a large segment of the audience.

Uploading the sneak peek for the upcoming event allows you to stay connected with your attendees while making them curious about the event. You can even showcase a glimpse of past events to attract a new set of potential attendees. However, it will result in boosting ticket sales for your next event.

4. Integrate holistic ambience

Undoubtedly, social media networks are one of the best platforms to have open interactions with a large spectrum of audiences. However, social media walls help to keep your audience engaged with the curated content integrated from various social networks.

It enables people with similar interests to collaborate and share their thoughts seamlessly. You can even opt to showcase a question asked by an attendee and answer that in a live session. It evokes the interest of more participants and motivates them to ask queries.

5. Benefit from social media aggregators to engage sponsors

Engage exhibitors who have a subsequent following by offering them a paid space in the feed. It will help in pitching for sponsorship deals. The strategic move of showcasing social media feed during live streams in a virtual event helps in grabbing the viewer's attention and enhancing the visibility of sponsors. Incorporating a social wall for virtual events is sure to boost your revenues.


As we all know, the future of the event industry lies within virtual hybrid events. A comprehensive range of virtual event platforms available today enables people to join in virtually at their convenience. Embedding social media walls in virtual events is one of the brilliant features that helps in enhancing the visibility of your event along with boosting communications and amplifying engagements.

In this article, we have summarised the top tricks to utilise the power of social media aggregator to make your virtual event successful.

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