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Mitesh Patel 20 January 2021
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Content Marketing Automation – Things You Should Know To Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

The field of digital marketing automation is growing at lightning speed. If you have yet not started using marketing automation in your business, there is no better time than now. With the help of a wide range of advanced marketing automation tools available today, you can easily offload a few of the most time-consuming tasks and focus on improving your marketing strategy.

Adopting automation for your digital marketing services is not only helpful in improving sales productivity but also helps in scaling your business with minimal resources. However, delivering personalized content is one of the biggest barriers for organizations to automate their marketing strategy.

So, how can automation help you maximize your content’s ROI? What are the simple tricks you can use to automate your content marketing services? Let’s try to figure out answers to these questions!

Different Ways Automation Can Boost Your Content’s ROI

  • Enable a new set of scoring criteria. Using automation tools, you can identify what and how quality leads look like, apply proper scores, and enable a marketing funnel. For the digital marketing services company, this kind of scoring criteria can be useful to accommodate additional parameters like page views, time spends on a specific page, the amount of content downloaded, and more.
  • Promote your content. One of the greatest benefits of automation in content marketing services is that you can easily promote your content with the help of various email marketing campaigns and social media shares within a network. There are several marketing automation systems available in the market that come up with a built-in social sharing feature. This way you can easily schedule your social updates and promote the contents.
  • Leverage intelligence and actionable insights. When it comes to automation of digital marketing services and content automation, there are a few tools available that can help you define rules to automatically perform segmentation and prioritization of the contacts. Once you get the filtered list of contacts, you can kick off automated email marketing and monitor contact interactions. 
  • Incorporate contextual content! You must have visited the Amazon website where it shows content and products based on your past interactions. You can leverage such marketing automation tools to identify individual visitors to your website and deliver altered content based on their browsing history.
  • Improvise your sales process. With the advancement in technology, today a digital marketing consultant can use a myriad of automation tools to improvise the sales process. It is easy to integrate content in the sales process by identifying specific leads and delivering relevant content to the sales representative to avoid any delay in converting the lead into a customer.

A Few Tips to Help You Automate Your Content

  • Think about what you want to automate. It is a very basic tip for a digital marketing consultant when they plan for automating the content. You must have your mind clear about what you want to automate when it comes to content.
  • Always plan to use a content workflow process. There are several tools available in the market that can help you automate the stage, status, and process of the content created. Such tools can be helpful to know when you should create the content and publish it.
  • Don’t forget to share it over social media. You don’t have to spend time sharing your content on social media on your own. Today, if you look at any digital marketing services company, they are using tools to automatically share content from their website to social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. Try to find tools suitable for your needs and use them to get rid of manually sharing the contents on social media.
  • Always try to connect with content marketing platforms. It is always beneficial to connect your website with various content marketing platforms to ensure you relate to the target audience as and when they try to reach you out. There are various tools available that can help you link different content marketing platforms with your website.
  • Make sure you monitor how your content marketing is performing. One of the greatest features of content marketing tools is that you can easily customize them to receive various alerts about how content is performing.
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