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2021 Best Tool To Embed Facebook Feed On Your Website

Embedding Facebook feeds on your website lets you demonstrate trust on your website by displaying user-generated content such as feedback, testimonials, reviews, hashtag campaigns, and more across the web platforms.

Do you want to insert a Facebook stream on your website, blog, or other online portals, but you are not familiar with the best strategy or tool?

Not to worry. This comprehensive article will give you deep insights into the best available methods that can efficiently embed Facebook feeds on your website.

Before that, did you know? Facebook registered 1.52 billion daily active users and 2.32 billion monthly active participants as of December 2018. To put this in context, it is 30 percent of the global population. That’s startling. It is also a great opportunity to connect your Facebook profile, including your official website, with other front-facing media.

Facebook can act as an essential marketing and engagement instrument, from post likes and photo shares, to page likes and one-on-one messaging. For similar reasons, it becomes important to embed your Facebook page feeds on your website. So as to introduce your social side to visitors and invite interaction, without even steering them off your site.

To get you there, we have a list of tools that requires no serious tech skills.

10 Best Tools To Embed Facebook Feeds On Your Website

1. Tagembed

Tagembed is a powerful WordPress Facebook widget that helps to fetch, curate, customize, and embed Facebook feeds on the WordPress website. This free Facebook widget is responsive and ensures the smooth functioning of your website. You can embed social walls, visual galleries, photo albums or Facebook feeds in a well-curated manner.

With Tagembed Facebook widget, you can enjoy countless features, such as :

  • Advanced content filtering to moderate and delete outdated and useless content.
  • With customization options like templates, themes, color, banners, content styling, etc, you can create engaging and intriguing Facebook feeds.
  • Real-time content updates that sync with your website as it is posted on Facebook.
  • Develop analytics reports to access the efficiency of the widget, which includes active users, likes, engagement, and more.

2. SociableKIT

SociableKIT is a website plugin that displays Facebook posts on your website. It works with the popular CMS or website builders such as WIX, Shopify, Weebly, WordPress etc. With the customization features, you can change the look and feel of the feeds as per your website structure.

SociableKIT is an effective tool that supposedly makes the website more sociable and helps you to embed valuable Facebook assets on your website. It makes it far easier to share the same content over different social media channels, makes you work less, and gets you through double tasks, particularly curated for professional and company websites.

It provides many useful features that enhance your website’s theme. You can easily sync specific content from Facebook to your web platforms. It combines websites and social networks seamlessly, making your feeds look elegant and effective.

3. Snapwidget

Snapwidget is an effective and user-friendly platform for embedding a website with your Facebook pages and imagery. For individuals who want to display their creative expressions, it offers photo gallery widgets. In order to represent your content, you can create all kinds of grids, slideshows, boards, and so on.

It gives you a preview option after choosing the content that you want to embed so that you can see the overall appearance of your website. It also offers advanced settings for pro users, namely custom CSS, analytics, and many more. You can conveniently view your content on other websites with the assistance of SnapWidget. You can set up a free account and take advantage of the services it provides.

4. Elfsight

Elfsight is another social media aggregator that can quickly help you link Facebook images to the website. The Facebook post widget enables you to set the size that is most suitable for you. In case you aren’t satisfied, you can adjust the width and height of your feed located on the layout tab to best suit your content area.

You can use the customization tools such as banners, style, layouts, color, font, theme and more to design an alluring visual gallery. It helps you attract website visitors which makes them stay informed and engaged.

5. is a platform for social media that allows you to incorporate content, evaluate audience participation and take action accordingly. It can serve a good purpose for embedding your website with Facebook videos and photos. This social aggregator transforms standard URLs into exclusive content created by users easily.

It is a rapid way to increase interaction and drive traffic to your website with absolutely no programming needed. It allows you to provide your audience with high-quality content from hundreds of providers via Facebook within a very short period of time and generate amazing previews for any URL on the site.

6. Facebook Buttons

Facebook buttons can be easily installed on your web platform and help your website visitors to share your content with their connections. In terms of traffic, learning how to strategically insert Facebook buttons will make a big difference. You can also use these buttons to draw more users to your brand Facebook page.

  • Like Button: When you are new to Facebook, you should understand that the Facebook Like button is the absolute approval stamp. A perfect way to get your users to connect with your content is to make them like your page.
  • Share Button: When your followers click on the Share button, they can post the data on their timeline, submit it on a friend’s timeline, or share it through Facebook Messenger.
  • Save Button: The Save button can be used by user groups to essentially bookmark an article, post, or page to a list which only they can access. This allows users to revisit what they have saved, share it with their friends, and receive reminders for any page or product updates.

7. EmbedSocial

EmbedSocial lets you sync your Facebook accounts and create feedback automatically with the idea that user-generated content is your new sales tool. It displays UGC from all sorts of social networking channels. It is a social media aggregator that produces the Facebook feed based on individual criteria to insert an entire wall on any website. It makes it more interactive and user-centric for your web platform.

There are various other features that EmbedSocial has to offer, making its use worthwhile. It has a number of templates, designs, templates, content classification on the basis of date, and so forth. You can opt to choose the platform if you want to display an enticing Facebook page or create a photo gallery of any genre.

8. Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon uses a plugin to display Facebook posts, to underline upcoming brand events, to add powerful testimonials to your product listings, to show reliable user-generated content, and even more. 

With Smash Balloon, it becomes easy to view WordPress Facebook feeds which helps increase user interaction on business websites without affecting the pace and performance.

With the content moderation feature, you can moderate what content shows up on the website while restricting unwanted trolls and comments. It also allows customization of feeds before flashing them across the web platforms. You can filter posts by hashtag or account mention.

9. Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social is another plugin that fetches the relevant content from Facebook business pages and displays the feeds on your website in the form of an attractive social wall. It contains what you need to build shortcodes for as many personalised feeds as you want. It is very easy to copy the code to any web page.

With Feed Them Social, you can create Facebook feeds for your company, popular faces, celebrities, friends, connections, or yourself. It helps you bring engagement to your website which results in increased dwell time of your visitors. It is an easy tool that has the potential to fulfill all your requirements to build an attractive web platform.

10. Facebook Embedded Posts

If you are in no mood to use a third-party plugin to sync your Facebook post with your website then you can surely opt for this option. Facebook has its own embedding feature that lets you display the post directly on your web page. All you need to do is locate the post, click on the three dots, and select Embed. You will receive a shortcode. Paste that on your website editor where you want to display it. That’s it!!

The only drawback is that you need to follow the process for every content you want to showcase. It is not possible to fetch the entire feed in a single stream on your website. But, for flashing limited information like your new launches or future events, this feature is the easiest alternative available.

Final Words

Embedding Facebook feeds lets you demonstrate user trust on your website by displaying user-generated content such as feedback, testimonials, reviews, hashtag campaigns, and more across the web platforms. This user-generated content allows you to engage your users for a longer period of time on your website, creating a high likelihood of conversions.

We have included several tools that can save your time and energy to market your brand among potential customers. Hope this helps you in opting for the best strategy for your website.

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