Vivian Atwater
Vivian Atwater 10 December 2021

What is a Video Monetization Platform?

Video monetization is the process of making money from video content that you (or someone else) have created. The next question is, how do you do that? Well, there’s an app for that! But, seriously, this is where a video monetization platform comes in.

A video monetization platform is simply a service (online) that gives you a set of tools to publish videos, manage your content library, and sell (monetize) your videos!

How Does Monetization Work?

There are three primary ways of making money from video content. The first one is Advertising Video On Demand or AVOD. In this model, advertisers pay you to have their advertisements in your videos. YouTube is the best example of this method. 

The next model is called Transactional Video On Demand or TVOD. A viewer makes a payment for watching a specific video or videos. This model is similar to how the old Cable TV service providers (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, etc.) used to work for viewing movies and events. You pay money to watch a video/movie/show; this is called per-per-view. Most of the TV and CTV service providers still use this method for premium content.

The third model is Subscription Video On Demand or SVOD and typically has the most money-making potential. Viewers pay a fee, usually monthly or annually, to have access to an entire video library or set of channels. Most of the big services (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, HBO GO, etc.) use this method. It provides one of the best CTV monetization avenues because it gives the service providers a constant and very consistent cash flow.


What Else do Video Monetization Platforms Do?

There are many monetization platforms available. All of these services will provide a way to monetize your videos, obviously. We just went over the major methods used to do this. Each monetization platform may offer one or more of these.

They may also provide services that fall into the category of video distribution. These services include things like tools to create, encode, upload, style, deliver, convert, download, edit, store, playback, and manage your video content. 

Additional services that a video monetization platform may offer are security, advanced analytics, integrations with other platforms and websites, branding, and direct messaging to viewers.

When choosing a monetization platform, you will need to carefully assess your needs and make sure the platform you choose has all the things you need. Otherwise, you will need to look for those additional services elsewhere and make sure they work with your monetization platform.

What Video Monetization Platforms are out There?

There are many platforms for video monetization available currently. As mentioned above, you need to assess what each platform gives you and choose wisely. Some popular platforms are YouTube, Facebook, Patreon, Uscreen,, IGTV, Twitch, Thinkific, Wistia, and Vimeo. There are more available, but these are some of the largest and most used. 

When you choose a video monetization platform, make sure that you consider scalability. You want a service provider that has the flexibility to easily and quickly scale up without charging you a lot of money.

Because you know your content is going to blow up! Right? You also want to have the ability to not only monetize your content but also to market and expand your brand and business. Your monetization platform should support all of these things.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get paid for your video content, then you need a video monetization platform. Before you sign up for a service or platform, you must have a strategy and a plan. YouTube is still the biggest game in town, but they are very restrictive, and it takes a huge number of viewers and followers to make money on YouTube. There are many other options for monetizing your videos.

These other platforms are also likely to give you more control over how you manage and distribute your content. Know your audience, have a strategy for getting viewers and select a platform that best fits your strategy and will give you the greatest chance of generating maximum ongoing income.

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