Michelle Mcdaniel
Michelle Mcdaniel 8 December 2021

7 Best Online Tools That are Useful for Online Conferences

Do you often lead seminars, conferences, or practice sessions? Fortunately, there are several online resources available to assist you in preparing for meeting facilitation and conducting workshops.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend loads of money to access technology that makes your work as a facilitator easier. In reality, there is a wealth of free online training and conference facilitation tools available to help you get more done while planning or following up on a guided session.

You may utilize various free online workshop tools and conference facilitation software to become more efficient while planning or following up on a guided session. Each device needed to have a fully working free version available without a time restriction so that you could rely on these alternatives in the long run. To know these tools, dive in here:

1. PDFBear

A lot of online tools focus on how to make an aesthetic arrangement of everything. We used to overlook that we also needed tools to save us from unexpected mishaps during online conferences.

One of the most tragic scenarios is having a document presentation that seems incompatible with what you want to exhibit. An example is presenting a PDF document that is wrongfully oriented or rotated. In this case, all you need is a tool that could turn the PDF immediately for you to present it in the online conference appropriately.

Here comes PDFBear’s Rotate PDF Tool. It will never be easier to rotate PDF files, whether single or multiples. But because of this tool, documents may be rotated and applied immediately with a simple display. You can rotate and store your PDFs in your browser, regardless of whether you're using Windows, Mac, or Linux.

With this tool, you can rotate and slant your document at your desired angle. As you save and download it, you may choose to make permanent changes. When you configure and apply changes to PDF files in the browser, the entire process takes place in the cloud. To rotate PDF documents, you don't need any special software.

2. Whereby

It comes in handy when all other options have failed: all you have to do is start a virtual meeting room, provide the URL to your guests, and they may join without having to download any software or create an account. It is just necessary to install a browser extension.

It's a simple video chat program with fewer capabilities than Zoom, but it's really simple to use. The free plan includes unlimited one-on-one meetings and group video conferencing for up to 45 minutes, including breakouts, with one fixed meeting space.

As a result, there's no need to generate new meeting connections every time; the same link will suffice for your entire team to meet at any time.

3. Trello

Trello is a visual and flexible way to organize and collaborate on anything with anybody. Trello is set up in a Kanban-inspired system of boards. You may add cards to the lists and lists to the board. Individual checklists submitted documents or photos, and conversations in the form of comments are all possible on each card.

You may quickly invite coworkers to create their own free Trello account. Trello may be used to connect instead of emails and instant messaging. To stay on track, you may make one board for each task or just have one large board with many listings.

4. Session Lab

SessionLab is a web-based workshop organizer for anyone who facilitates sessions. It has an interface built for the fluid and adaptive process of creating a workshop or conference plan, turning your process design work into an authentic 'flow experience.'

The numerous modules and activities you add to the system become searchable and reusable as you build up your session plan. Color-coding aids in achieving a balanced engagement blend for your session, ensuring that your participants remain interested.

When you're seeking fresh ideas, a public library of facilitation methods has over 500 workshop activities as well as a collection of expert-designed entire workshop templates. SessionLab also allows you to share workshop plans with customers or coworkers and collaborate on them at the same time.

Yes, we're tooting our own trumpet, but it's because we like doing so.

5. Stormz

Stormz is a digital component of professional facilitators that allows them to plan and guide collective intelligence sessions to produce creative ideas, choose the most promising, convert them into practical solutions, and make informed choices.

You can use Stormz to get your participants' feedback on questions you create in the app, develop ideas, and make group choices from laptops, tablets, or phones. Each session can have up to three participants in the free version.

6. Invision

Invision is a software application ideal for remote teams who want to collaborate on the product or functional prototypes online. It comes with a slew of tools to help you with every step of the design process: freehand mode is ideal for adding comments and ideas to a design.

At the same time, Studio is fantastic for building and displaying prototypes with animations and interactions. Individuals and small teams can use Invision's free subscription, which enables up to three active users to work on up to three projects and unlimited freehands.

7. Mentimeter

Mentimeter's online application allows you to construct questions, such as multiple-choice questions, that participants may answer using their mobile devices. The best part is that you can quickly see everyone's thoughts and present the findings to the group in real-time simultaneously.

It increases participant engagement, which is especially essential in a big group session. It has a great user experience on mobile devices, and the free edition allows you to generate two polls and five quiz questions for each presentation.


Tools are simply one part of the answer; while they can make your job simpler, the quality of your meetings will be determined by a well-planned collection of activities. All of these online resources are worthwhile to investigate, and perhaps they will conserve your time and make your facilitation job run more easily.

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