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srija k 12 August 2021

Why SQL is Useful for Marketers and How it is Used in Marketing

With the advent of technology and the usage of software applications, a lot of data has been captured and stored for further processing. Using these data sets, most of the businesses are deriving their decisions based on the data findings and targeting their customers.

The importance of data management and data extraction /data processing has gained huge importance within businesses. A dedicated workforce has been organized to manage and monitor the information so that the businesses can harvest the data that is captured and make data-driven decisions and target their exact customer base. 

The same principle has been implied in the marketing industry and the marketing strategies and campaigns are now being planned based on the data insights. The use of Database Management Systems (DBMS) is not limited to supporting traditional applications but now they are being used for analysis purposes as well. 

What is a Database Management System (DBMS)?

DBMS stands for Database Management System. It is a tool that helps to manage the data in all aspects ( for example: storing of the data, data retrieval, manipulation of the data, data creation, etc).  The primary objective of this tool is to provide a safe, convenient and efficient way of data storing and retrieval of the data.

MYSQL is one such example and it is a relational database management system. All the technology giants like Amazon, Flip kart, and Facebook use MySQL for all of their data management activities. 

To query the data developers use SQL.

Let us Understand SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. 

SQL is a standard database language that is primarily used to perform data creation, data manipulation, and data retrieval activities, predominantly in relational databases. It supports ANSI and ISO standards.

SQL supports other databases like Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, etc.

Needs for Using SQL

In order to view and analyze the data, one has to understand how to use the tools appropriately. SQL training is available online where you can learn from basics and master the query language.

With the help of SQL, one can write specific queries according to the data requirement and execute the queries to extract the information. There are a few standard operations like UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE that can be performed by using SQL. 

Using SQL, one can create new tables and create new databases as per the need. SQL queries can handle a huge amount of data sets without any performance issues. In order to reduce the operational challenges, one has to perform maintenance activities like indexing and database turnings ( we will talk about these items in later articles). 

Role of SQL in Developing Data Insights for Marketing Campaigns

They are two important activities that one has to perform to get data insights on the harvested data.

1. Data availability

2. Data processing / synthesis

With the help of the data that is available, appropriate SQL queries can be written to extract the information which in return supports in designing the marketing campaign. 

For example, A new product is launched which is targeted at teenagers. 

In order to understand the customer base who fall under the teenage category, based on locations/country, appropriate queries can be written and relevant information can be extracted. Using this dataset, the marketers can target this specific group and attain better results.

There are many use cases like the above where different aspects are considered before even setting up a marketing campaign. 

Role of SQL in Marketing/ Digital Marketing

To be successful in Digital Marketing and designing marketing campaigns, having knowledge of SQL is really essential as it helps you to understand and play with the data efficiently and effectively. 

Data analysts can help the business to understand the business data and help to refine and provide suggestions based on the business requirements. Most businesses are now using Google Analytics to track their customers and understand the user behavior and user interactions on their websites/ mobile applications. 

Using SQL one can further analyze these reports further and they are tools like Big Query that are offered for data analysis purposes. 

Benefits of Using SQL for Marketers

These are the top benefits of using SQL for marketers:

  • Able to understand the available data better
  • Helps to extract data
  • Manage and secure the data 
  • Analyze the datasets for understanding the customer patterns - For example: favorite products, repeated products that they have ordered, average basket value, etc
  • Gather data insights for industry-standard KPI ( basically success factors for any business). For example: average basket value, repeated customers, customers per location, customer average time spent on the website, etc. 
  • Data-driven insights will help in taking better decisions
  • Helps in quick decision making based on the facts rather than on assumptions
  • Forecast demand vs supply base on the data insights

SQL is one of the fundamental languages that every individual should learn and master as there are a lot of advantages to it. Having a familiarity with this query language will definitely help you excel in other big data platforms as well.

SQL is really easy to learn and one can master this tool in a few week's time. There are many online resources that are available for SQL training and one has to definitely invest time for learning. 

Learning never stops!!

Author Bio:

I'm Srija Kalavala, a fascinated Technical Content writer currently working at Mindmajix. Interested to know about technology updates. I Can write an article on the following technologies: Database Management, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Cyber Security and SIEM Tools, etc. Get connected with me on Linkedin.

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