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Malcolm Judson 19 August 2021
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Why Signage is an Important Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

There are many clever marketing strategies that a business can use in this modern world, but your signage is still one of the most important and effective. It is the way you make your business stand out, tell people what you do and set out your brand image. Getting it right can be very important as it can tell potential customers a lot about you before they ever step over your threshold.

Clear and effective signage not only makes your business visible, but recognisable too. If people see it often enough you will sink into their consciousness, and they are more likely to think of you when they want what you offer. To get you started, specialist sign makers, Judsons Signs provides their insight on improving your business signage.

Signage and your Branding

Signage helps to expose your business to more people, so it should form a large part of your overall marketing. From colours, design and style, it should work with any other advertising that you run to make sure customers always recognise you.

Your signage should also give a clue as to the type of business that you are. This can be done through the materials and fonts that you use, so it needs some serious thought to make sure it is reflective of what you offer and the type of people that you want to attract.

It can also help to differentiate your business from your competitors by creating a unique brand. The more original you make your signage, the more likely you are to attract attention and therefore customers.

Practical Signage Considerations

Whilst branding is an important consideration, the primary function of your signage is to tell people something. This might go beyond a business name, and instead might include contact details, offers, or tell people about an upcoming event. Therefore, this needs to have the vital combination of being both eye-catching and clear to make sure you get the information you need across.

It is there to tell people what you do and give them a first impression of your business, so this needs to be taken into consideration when putting your design together. Signage comes in many different forms, from static to digital, so it is important to think about how you intend to use it, whether you want to take advantage of the ever-changing nature of digital signs and what space you have available.

The Benefits of Signage

Signage can sometimes be an afterthought for many, but it is important to remember that it is one of the biggest and most important adverts that you can have. As it is there permanently, your outlay for this essential form of marketing only comes once, making it incredibly cost-effective.

It will have a huge number of eyes laid on it every single day, making it one of the most heavily exposed adverts you will have too. Unlike many other forms of advertising, your signage never stops working for you, even when you are closed, so it is an investment that is worth making.

A customer may not be drawn into your business the first time they see you – after all, many of us can be a little wary of the unknown. However, seeing your signage on a regular basis will help to make your business seem familiar over time, leading to them finally visiting you and even recommending you to friends and family.

The importance of your signage should not be underestimated, so it is important that you give it the time, money and consideration that it deserves. It will represent your business for a long time to come and should be a massive part of your marketing strategy to help reinforce your brand and attract new customers.

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