Jennifer Hahn Masterson
Jennifer Hahn Masterson 1 September 2021

Effective Visual Marketing Strategies for the Oil and Gas Industry

Marketing your oil and gas business is no laughing matter. Here are some visual strategies to help you in the process.

It’s very hard nowadays to log onto any website on the internet or any social media platform and not get bombarded with visual marketing content. Content of all kinds – animations, promotional videos, photos, posters and infographics are all fighting for your attention and calling you to “click and learn more”.

There’s no product or business which is immune to using visual marketing and this includes the oil and gas industry as well. Effective visual marketing strategies for the oil and gas industry can offer significant help to businesses who wish to create a more solid, interactive and trusting relationship with potential clients.

If this sounds tempting but you’re still wondering how to get started, here are several tips on how to enter the world of visual marketing if you’re working in the oil and gas industry.

SlideShare Presentations

SlideShare presentations are an excellent way to display a huge amount of data or content in an easily digestible manner. Much like a PowerPoint presentation, SlideShares frequently use large text, bullet points and pictures to communicate a message or convey information.

Users have the possibility to rate, share and post comments on the uploaded content and this is what provides highly valuable feedback on the material to the company. One more great feature of SlideShares is Zipcast – similar to well-known podcasts that use audio recordings. As a social web conferencing system, Zipcast enables presenters to upload an audio and video feed through the Internet with another convenient and useful option of an inbuilt chat feature.

Informative Infographics

Quite similar to SlideShares, infographics are a clear and easy way to present complex information and data. Oil and gas industry marketing frequently features a great deal of heavily number-driven data, various ratings, regulations and environmental concerns. This type of material can be quite dry and dull when presented in plain text form.

What infographics enables you to do is to organize and present elaborate data and statistics into straightforward and coherent graphs where anyone can easily see the patterns and trends that are being discussed.

So, whether you have to explain difficult drilling processes or you wish your customers would learn more about hydrogen sulfide removal, infographics would break it down into comprehensible chunks.

Once you have your customers comprehend and digest the information, they are much more likely to be persuaded to approach you and take action in your favor.

Photos and Videos

Among the simplest forms of visual marketing that you can use to your advantage are the videos. These are a great tool to use at any point of your marketing campaign – they’re great to start with, but are also very useful as additional explanatory material at later stages. They’re also very easy to make and extremely effective.

Most customers look for instant information and are rarely bothered to read much, so video material about a product will more likely attract their attention as they deliver a lot of information in a short amount of time. Videos are an awesome method to use when you want to add more flare to your oil and gas marketing.

Social Media Platforms

Social media is where it all happens today. The choice is big and varied - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – just to mention a few of the most popular social media platforms.

Visual content consistently outperforms any other type of material posted online so if you want to be heard and seen, you need to be present on social media. Otherwise, you will be missing out on a huge market and loads of promotional opportunities.

Social media platforms can be used to increase traffic to your website, promote your products and services, or link to other platforms.

High-quality Content

This refers to a broad category, but to put it simply, high-quality, premium content is digital material that is downloaded for a fee such as videos, images, digital stories, webinars, articles and audio books.

These materials can also be used to collect information. You can ask your visitors to provide some basic information before being allowed to access certain downloadable manuals, materials or instructional videos. Such information is priceless and may be used later on for additional promotions and advertising.

All companies strive to stand apart from their competition and have the upper hand on the market, and it’s no different for the oil and gas industry.

As times and trends constantly change, to be able to develop your business and be successful, it’s important to find innovative and advanced ways to connect with your target audience, and if this means incorporating visual and digital marketing into your advertising strategy, that that is the way to go!

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