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Leads Brand Connect 17 August 2021

How to Create the Best Web Development Strategy for 2022

With around 1.75 billion websites on the internet, out of which 400 million are currently active, the level of competition for clicks and user retention is cut-throat.

By the time you’d have finished reading this, thousands of more websites will have appeared on the web. To stand out amid such a rivalry, it becomes an obligation for every web development company to create websites that outperforms its rivals in every dimension.

Various companies offer services that can help a website gain potential views and clicks. Here are a few strategies that can influence the success of a website in 2022.

User Adaptability

This is a timeless strategy that stands at the base of the prerequisites for a proper website design and development. The need of users keeps changing with time. The ability to simplify the user interface can take the website a long way.

Minimalism attracts more. Making the site extra-appealing by adding unnecessary buttons and baffling designs will only make the users confused and eventually result in a loss for the business. The website should be such that it influences trust in business, is easy to navigate and attracts the users to interact with it. 

Artificial Intelligence and Bots

Artificial intelligence(AI) can take customer service to a whole new level. In the coming years, scientists are anticipating that bots will take over the manual customer serving trends. AI paired with machine learning and big data will be initiating conversations on the website, personalizing the communication, solving user’s issues and helping them navigate the page better.

This will be done by collecting analytical data necessary to improve the portal, deriving valuable insights, use of machine learning to observe the trends and even flattering the users with humour. Payments are expected to take the bot assistance route too. 

Micro-Interaction Animation Clips

These occur in response to the user actions on the site, indicating acknowledgement, can be shown using changing shapes, highlighted texts or changing colours. It has proved beneficial for users as it assists them with visuals guiding them to navigate the site.

The use of bold colours with enticing designs and visuals can make it attractive. It should be as informative as possible and should add value to ease the user experience. 


A short video on the webpage that is attractive as well as informative can make a lasting impression on site visitors. However, using nonsensical or eye-candy videos irrelevant to your business will only lead to distractions and chase away the user.

The video should inspire the page visitors with a definite purpose and uplift the user’s mood. Connecting with the user emotionally through the video is a sure-shot method of business conversions. Besides, we can include the customer testimonials videos about the brand if the informative content for the particular page is a secondary necessity, for example, in marketing websites.

A Video-Header has thus proved to be one of the most effective tools in a company’s web development strategy.

Progressive Web Application (PWA)

An application software that intends to work on any platform that uses a standard-compliant browser that includes both desktop and mobile devices is PWA. These are quicker than usual websites and allow the users to view the content on mobile browsers adapting to the size of the phone or the device that is being used, without compromising on the speed. It has helped a lot of companies expand their user base.

For example, Amazon has its separate personalized mobile application for app users that makes its use on the mobile platform smooth and easy. The use of PWA also reduces the developer’s load with the reduced duration required for the development process. 

Voice Search

Voice search has been rolled out for a while now and will be abundant in most web application platforms in the coming years. This saves the time and effort of the user. Voice search will impact SEO ranking as the search engines will display those words higher which it hears the most.

Voice search is easy and handy and has been a preferable option for most users ever since its rollout. It has boomed in the past couple of years and is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Every web development services provider must enrol a voice search feature in their website to outsmart their competitors.

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