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10 Mobile App Marketing Strategies We Must Pursue

The main challenge that mobile app developers face after the validation of the app idea is to promote the new app successfully. When it comes to looking for the market, your app faces an uphill task keeping the app's level of complexity in mind.

Once you are done with the development of a mobile app for your business, it's time to introduce the app to the world. However, your work doesn't end here. The mobile app enters a market where the difference between success and failure hinges on whether it can stand out from the crowd.

To facilitate exposure for an app, the mobile app developer should actively promote your product on relevant platforms. Though there are many powerful strategies to boost mobile app downloads, the two that work wonders are – building a website and social media profiles for your app.

The main challenge that mobile app developers face after the validation of the app idea is to promote the new app successfully. When it comes to looking for the market, your app faces an uphill task keeping the app's level of complexity in mind.

Here, in this blog post, we will look at a few of the best tips that will best fit into your existing marketing plan to make your mobile app development a win-win. Have a look:

Design and Define your Homepage

Design and Define

Landing pages are the perfect tool to motivate an individual to navigate your website or an app store to download the app. Design and build your landing page before you launch your app.

Create a simple and easy-to-understand introduction of your app; doesn't matter if it's just one sentence; what matters is that it should be attention-grabbing. For example, these days Tinder is the best example of an app intro that grabs people's attention.

Start a Blog

Start a Blog

Once the mobile app has been developed, start with a content strategy. You should start a blog where you can share the latest updates and write on topics focusing on your core services. This will make you a niche expert. It will also help in creating a buzz about your app, boost online visibility, and develop the users' interest.

It becomes a place where you can speak with customers and share your experiences in the form of a blog post before and after launching the app, this will help engage readers. They'll feel included in the process, and you can get feedback from users' interactions with the posts.

According to Google's SEO algorithm, powerful and unique content increases visitors to your app.

Guest Blogging

Once you have created a blog, you can post a variety of blogs related to the niche your target audience would be most interested in reading. Allow guest blogging on your site as it is a great way to build an audience. The key is to aim for blogs whose audiences are most likely to download your app.

Guest posts shouldn't be promotional, but the topics should be chosen in a way that drives readers to check your mobile app. You can even contribute to other websites and share your knowledge. Make sure you are allowed to add a link to the author's bio. Also, appropriate hyperlinks and call-to-action should be used such as "Download our mobile app today", or "Download the App and Avail the App features".

Use Social Media

Use Social Media

Never ignore the power of social media marketing. Social media is a great marketing ѕtrаtеgу to еngаgе уоur tаrgеt аudiеnсе. Thе bеѕt way tо рrоmоte your mobile app оn ѕосiаl media iѕ by focusing and discussing more their рrоblеmѕ.

Go livе on Facebook and use hashtags, infographics, and posts on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Make vidеоѕ related to your industry аnd роѕt them оn YоuTubе. Connect with influеnсеrѕ аnd request their fоllоwеrѕhiр.

Keep in mind to make yourself share-worthy and click-worthy by posting unique and original content. Be creative about your intro text to engage your audience.

Ask for App Reviews

Submit your app for reviews on blogs and video channels. In addition, you can create your own YouTube channel and post videos on how to use the app to deal with specific problems. This will engage people who are looking for a solution to those problems.

When they see a step-by-step guide on how to use the app for their needs, they will be very much interested in giving it a try. In this way, the potential customers may get converted to users.

Remember that no matter how simple your app seems to be, it might be confusing to some users, even with instructions within your app.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a perfect way to promote a brand's content, share product updates, publicize upcoming events, and offer discounts. Email is considered a good way to get in touch with your target audience whether it is a birthday mail, an event mail, a custom offer, requesting feedback, sharing links, or a personalized content recommendation.

Grow your subscriber list by adding a subscription CTA on blog posts and promotional content on social media.

For example, Uber is one of the fastest-growing apps with a large user base in just three years. 75 million riders take 15 million rides every day, and 21% of all US Androids have the Uber app. All you need to do is tap on a button and get a ride for wherever you want to go. The brand is extremely simple to use and its simplicity reflects in its user acquisition emails, single call-to-action with a simple color theme.

Register for Awards

This is also a great way to promote your apps where you can participate in app awards. It gives you huge exposure, a lot of downloads, and many reviews. Do not always expect to be a winner because everything depends on an app idea. You can even learn new things from the failures.

Try to be more creative and innovative. There are a few popular app award websites like:

  • Appy Awards
  • Appsters Awards
  • Apple Design Awards
  • Best Mobile App Awards
  • Best App Ever Awards
  • The Webby Awards

Build a Community

Build a Community

Build a community by getting in touch with someone who has purchased your app, and ask him or her to give feedback. One of the ways to reach a position in the App Store is to just have more feedback than others in your field.

In addition, you can create a community on your own by adding your clients to Facebook groups, forums, etc. It helps you to make your app popular and better.

You must learn to communicate with your clients in their respective languages according to their locations. The more you communicate with your clients, the higher your chances will be to increase the retention rate. Also, create mailing campaigns targeting the list of clients, based on goals such as the following:

  • Answering mobile app related FAQs
  • Mobile app promotion
  • Mobile app updates
  • Information and updates about your mobile app

This results in more app downloads and a higher number of followers.

Host a Contest or Offer Discounts

Ask your audience to complete a few tasks and tag themselves with contest-specific hashtags on social media to follow the development. Do reward the winners openly.

Also, if you are working with in-app purchases, offer them discounts on a few days, and let your users know the deal or update via pop-up messages, notifications, or your email newsletter.

Approach with a Video

Approach with a Video

Videos are a great way to showcase what all your engaging and well-built app has to offer. For a demo video, a 30-second video with Why, How, and What works wonders.

Video development for your app is outstanding amongst other approaches to tell people how great the app is. For example, Angry Birds does not seem interesting in the models, but a large number of people find it interesting while playing it.

Talk to users in your way through the screens and clear up why people should download your app. Make sure to upload it on Vimeo, YouTube, or any other platform you want. You will, moreover, get some SEO benefit by adding titles or labels to the video with keywords that are related to your apps like iPhone or Android and add a link to the App Store within the portrayal.

Once you are done with the videos, you can leverage social media and other platforms to promote your app like in your blog post, Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, and YouTube channels.


Developing an outstanding app is not just enough. Promotion of your app is very important to gain visibility, but it doesn't have to be that complicated. Always keep the users in mind by paying attention to details. The more visible your app is, the more chances are there to download.

The above-listed marketing tips can really help you to boost and promote your mobile app. Try them out if you will and comment in the section given below if it works for you.

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