Annie William
Annie William 22 April 2021

Nine Powerful Ways to Improve Your Marketing Team’s Efficiency in the Workplace

Team efficiency has become an umbrella term and causes a high impact on the growth and productivity of your business. Unproductive meetings, minimal to no idea of what other team members are doing, and an unsystematic approach can reduce the team’s efficiency significantly. In this competitive business scenario, it is imperative to improve team efficiency and eliminate all the barriers that make this goal unachievable.

As per the Anatomy of Work index, as many as 71% of employees have experienced burnout in the year 2020 and 87% of employees are working late. When the team’s efficiency increases, all these issues can be sorted out easily. It also enables you and your team to focus more on more productive work. Here are the top nine tips to follow for enhancing project management skills and increasing the efficiency of your team. 

1. Make Meetings Productive

Unnecessary meetings are harmful to your team’s efficiency. The reason is simple - the entire team spends valuable time and puts effort to bring a valuable outcome in every meeting. If meetings remain unproductive then all this time and effort are lost.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a clear agenda and every member should contribute to achieving common goals in every meeting. What’s more, it is necessary to keep all the team members in the loop using a robust task management tool. You can create and share the agenda and define all the objectives before every meeting.  

2. Focus on Real-time Communication

Real-time communication is key to enhance the efficiency of the team. It is necessary to identify various channels for effective communication. Every team has a variety of communication tools, but the purpose of all these tools should be defined properly.

As per an official survey, an average employee uses around 10 apps every day. It makes the employee’s life difficult at the workplace. It is better to plan, track, manage, and communicate tasks using a reliable task management tool. It is better to keep the number of communication tools as low as possible to ensure that your team gets access to all the data they need with ease. 

3. Define Objectives

You need to define the objectives behind every project and the entire team should know about it. While defining objectives, you can consider making a roadmap for the project. It includes seven essential elements including success metrics, stakeholders, budget, milestones, timelines, communication, and goals to be achieved.

The roadmap is essential not only for defining objects but also for knowing the requirements and hurdles of the project in advance. After defining the objectives, your team can attempt to accomplish a larger goal with more efficiency and enthusiasm.

4. Prioritize Tasks Effectively

The rule of thumb for properly prioritizing all the tasks is - you should consider key results for all tasks in hand. It is fairly possible that every day, each employee may have several different tasks to be completed. Out of them, some tasks are more important than others, and project management software can help your team prioritize tasks and track them.

Short-term goals can act as a base for longer-term goals. You need to connect the company’s goals to individual work while prioritizing tasks. Once tasks are prioritized, you can easily allocate them. 

5. Leverage Team’s Strengths

Every employee has a different strength, expertise, and experience. In every team, different people perform different duties to achieve a common goal. For example, a member of your team may conduct research and another member can compile these research findings.

It is, therefore, beneficial for you to know which team excels at specific skills. This can help streamline tasks and your team can accomplish these tasks more efficiently. If your team gets work they find rewarding or challenging, it can perform well. In a way, you can leverage the team’s strength. 

6. Delegate Tasks Properly

After setting the priority and finding the team’s capability, proper delegation of tasks is essential. Proper workload management can improve your team’s efficiency at the workplace and boost happiness. You can easily manage the workload by delete, defer, and diminish lower priority tasks.

For example, you can delete the aspect of a project, which is not useful for achieving the company’s goal. You can also consider delegation of two equally important tasks to another free team member. The team task management software can help you delegate and track all the tasks. 

7. Make a Project Plan

While monitoring or tracking the progress of all the tasks, you can make necessary changes in the project plan to meet the deadline. If it seems from the progress that the project can stretch a little longer, then you can consider changes in the existing plan so that the morale of your team remains intact. It is imperative to avoid burnout or excessive stress to maintain the team’s efficiency. You can reduce the timing of meetings or eliminate meetings to save time.  

8. Collaborate Efficiently

Cross-functional collaboration is essential for enhancing your teams’ efficiency. You need to track the activities of all the teams using the project management software to encourage them to collaborate. A custom team task management tool can increase the visibility of the project while mapping every phase of your projects. You can monitor the progress efficiently and share it with your team to boost teamwork.

9. Meet Deadlines

The most important way to improve your team’s efficiency is meeting all the deadlines. Your teams are used to working in an environment where all the deadlines are met, and therefore, if your project or two miss the deadlines then it can impact your team’s efficiency and productivity. You can use project management software to meet the deadline for every project irrespective of multiple tasks and complexity. 

Concluding Lines

Increasing team efficiency is a need of the hour. Though it is an ongoing and cumbersome task, it is of utmost importance that your team remains efficient for all projects. You can take help from technology and integrate advanced team task management tools to achieve this objective.

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